Tree Sample Clauses

Tree. A tree is a (non-empty) 2-3 tree if it satisfies either of the following condi- tions: – the tree is a single node; – the root of the tree is a node of degree 2 or 3, where the children are 2-3 trees of the same height.
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Tree. Xxxxxx is asking permission to remove three gum trees that are located in front of his and Xxxxx’s leasehold *0000 Xxx Xxxxxxx). The trees are on the right of way. Civic gave him permission to remove trees. Meeting Adjourned 7:35 pm. Next meeting: May 6, Tuesday at 7 P.M. Meeting Adjourned 8: P.M. Respectfully Submitted Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Town Secretary Attachment Signed License Agreement follows minutes:
Tree. 13.1. Boundary trees or xxxxxx should not be pruned without the agreement of the Council
Tree. The Heritage Plan as shown on Exhibit “F” shall remain in force as approved. All 16 lots shall comply with the approved Heritage Tree Preservation Plan with required minimum lot setback requirements.
Tree. A tree is a single woody stem of a species presently or prospectively suitable for commercial industrial wood products.
Tree. A woody plant having one erect perennial stem (trunk), at least three inches in diameter, at a point 4- 1/2 feet above the ground, a definitely formed crown of foliage, and mature height of at least 13 feet.

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  • Playground ~ The playground is primarily for the use of children under the age of twelve (12). Any child caught throwing rocks, vandalizing, or hitting or teasing other children will be asked to leave the playground. An adult or appropriate baby-sitter must accompany all children under the age of six (6) years old. Garbage ~ The storage, collection and disposal of refuse and garbage in the recreational camping areas shall be conducted as to create no health hazards, rodent harborage, insect breeding areas, accident or fire hazards, or air pollution. Bag all food garbage in plastic and tie shut before placing in the dumpster, to prevent odor and rodents which are drawn to the garbage area, such as skunks, raccoons etc. Dumpster is for normal daily household garbage, no large boxes, building supplies, carpets etc. Camper is to dispose of this type of garbage elsewhere. Garbage may be placed in dumpsters only. If a dumpster is full, do not place garbage on or around the dumpster, find an empty dumpster to place your garbage into. Bags of garbage may not be set outside your camper for any reason. Disposal or deposit of hazardous or toxic waste is prohibited. No gas, oil, batteries, or car fluids may be deposited into the dumpsters or around the dumpsters. Hazardous materials will not be disposed of by the garbage service. Disposal or deposit of furniture, barbeque grills, washer, dryers, and other large household items are NOT permitted on, in or around the dumpsters. Holding Tanks ~ There is no size restriction on holding tanks, however, they must be opaque XX xxxx/black water approved tanks. The on-site dump station may be used to empty tanks that hold 50 gallons or less. For tanks over 50 gallons Camper must contract with a pumping service to pump and remove tank contents from campground. No dumping of xxxx water onto the ground. Docks ~ Campground does NOT have a lifeguard on duty. The docks are privately owned. In order to be on someone's dock you must receive permission from the dock owner. An adult must accompany all children on the docks after dark. Life jackets are required for young children fishing off docks. Running, diving, and/or horseplay are not allowed on the docks. All debris and toys must be removed from the docks, beach and marina area. Inappropriate behavior, intoxication or shouting on docks is not allowed. Glass is not allowed on the beach area. Jet skies, wave runners, etc. are not permitted in the marina area. Tires cannot be left in the marina area under boats or tied onto docks. Fish House ~ Clean up fish cleaning facility when done with your fish cleaning and bag all fish remains. Fish cleaning house must be kept clean and all fish waste must be put into plastic bags and deposited into dumpster and cover on dumpster closed. No dumping of fish wastes into marina or dog waste stations! Swimming Pool ~ Campers are required to abide by all rules posted in and around the pool area.

  • Trees 1) Any major tree surgery or tree removal over a three (3) inch diameter, which becomes necessary through no fault of the Contractor, will be at the County's expense.

  • Millwright Xxxxx be to assist and work under the direction and instructions I or A. He will work alone at times performing assignments in keeping with his training. During the course of his year, training must become proficient in good practices in the areas of fitting, aligning, lubricating and the operation of all shop tools and machines. In addition to the foregoing, he will be exposed to and the process of learning techniques required in trouble shooting key production machinery, pipe fitting, basic welding and machining but not be expected to display a high degree of proficiency in these areas at this point. Millwright Must be capable of performing the tasks of fittings, aligning, lubricating an able to operate all shop tools and machines. Must under direction become proficient in basic welding and pipe fitting as well as dismantling and reassembly of plant equipment. Under direction,will continueto develop skills in trouble shooting all plant equipment and improve his skills at machining part and be exposed to basic principles of hydraulics and pneumatic. He may work alone frequently, but occasionally will require direction and instructions form Millwright I or A. Millwright 11: be capable, without direction of fitting, aligning and lubrication and taking apart and reassembling plant equipment. In addition, is expected to be able to weld, operate shop tools and do pipe fitting as required. Must under direction, become proficient at effective methods of trouble shooting and repairing hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical faults in plant machinery. I: Must be capable without direction of performing all practices under Xxxxxxxxxx Must under directionbecomeproficient at reading and understanding blueprints, all phases of installing new equipment, laying out hydraulic and mechanical drives and meet speed and power requirements correctly. Xxxxxxxxxx "A": Must he capable without direction, of performing all under Xxxxxxxxxx X, and Must take full responsibility for work done by himself or his assistant. Must he in possession of a Millwright Certificate or a Machinist Certificate or Welder Certificate. Millwrightspresently employed in this classification will not be required to have a Certificate.

  • TREE TRIMMING The Licensee shall have authority to trim trees upon and overhanging public streets, alleys, sidewalks and ways and places of the Town so as to prevent the branches of such trees from coming in contact with the wires, cables and equipment of the Licensee, in accordance with applicable state law and any Town bylaws/ordinances and regulations.

  • Summer The UFF may designate three (3) employees to receive a thirteen week .25 FTE summer released time assignment however, no more than one employee per 15 employees per department/unit be designated to receive such released time. The UFF shall provide the University with a list of the designees no later than April 7th of the academic year preceding the summer term. All other provisions contained in Article 3.4 above, except 3.4A and 3.4B above, shall apply to summer released time.

  • Dewatering 4.7.1 Where a part of a site is affected by surface water following a period of rain, thus rendering some areas unsafe for productive work, consistent with the Employer’s obligations under the OH&S Act, all non- trades employees shall assist in ‘dewatering’ their own work site or area if it is so affected. Such work to be paid at single time rates. Productive work will continue in areas not so affected.

  • meminta nasihat daripada Pihak Xxxxxx dalam semua perkara berkenaan dengan jualan lelongan, termasuk Syarat-syarat Jualan (iii) membuat carian Hakmilik Xxxxx xxxxxx rasmi di Pejabat Tanah xxx/atau xxxx-xxxx Pihak-pihak Berkuasa yang berkenaan xxx (iv) membuat pertanyaan dengan Pihak Berkuasa yang berkenaan samada jualan ini terbuka kepada semua bangsa atau kaum Bumiputra Warganegara Malaysia sahaja atau melayu sahaja xxx juga mengenai persetujuan untuk jualan ini sebelum jualan lelong.Penawar yang berjaya (“Pembeli”) dikehendaki dengan segera memohon xxx mendapatkan kebenaran pindahmilik (jika ada) daripada Pihak Pemaju xxx/atau Pihak Tuanpunya xxx/atau Pihak Berkuasa Negeri atau badan-badan berkenaan (v) memeriksa xxx memastikan samada jualan ini dikenakan cukai. BUTIR-BUTIR HARTANAH : HAKMILIK : Hakmilik strata bagi hartanah ini masih belum dikeluarkan oleh pihak berkuasa. NO. HAKMILIK INDUK / NO. LOT : Geran 203771, Lot 106 Seksyen 3 PEKAN/DAERAH/NEGERI : Pekan Batu Tiga / Petaling / Selangor Darul Ehsan PEGANGAN : Selama-lamanya KELUASAN LANTAI : 93.65 meter persegi (1,008 kaki persegi) PEMAJU : Shanghai Realty (M) Sdn Bhd (350799-U) XXXXXXXX XXX : Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Bin Xxxxxx BEBANAN : Diserahhak kepada RHB Islamic Bank Berhad (200501003283/680329-V) LOKASI XXX PERIHAL HARTANAH Hartanah tersebut terletak di Pangsapuri Indahria, Xx. 0, Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxx-Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00, 00000 Xxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx. Hartanah tersebut adalah sebuah unit pangsapuri dikenali sebagai Xxxxx Pemaju No. P5-2-11, Tingkat No. 2, Bangunan No. P5, berserta dengan Xxxxx Aksesori No. GRD-07, Pangsapuri Indahria xxx mempunyai alamat surat-menyurat di Unit No. P5-02-11, Pangsapuri Indahria, Xx. 0, Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxx-Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00, 00000 Xxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx. HARGA RIZAB: Harta ini dijual “keadaan seperti mana sediada” dengan harga rizab sebanyak RM 270,000.00 (RINGGIT MALAYSIA: DUA RATUS XXX TUJUH PULUH RIBU SAHAJA) xxx tertakluk kepada syarat-syarat Jualan xxx melalui penyerahan hakkan dari Pemegang Serahak, tertakluk kepada kelulusan di perolehi oleh pihak Pembeli daripada pihak berkuasa, jika ada, termasuk semua terma, syarat xxx perjanjian yang dikenakan xxx mungkin dikenakan oleh Pihak Berkuasa yang berkenaan. Pembeli bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya untuk memperolehi xxx mematuhi syarat- syarat berkenaan daripada Pihak Berkuasa yang berkenaan, jika ada xxx semua xxx xxx perbelanjaan ditanggung xxx dibayar oleh Xxxxx Xxxxxxx.Pembeli atas talian (online) juga tertakluk kepada terma-terma xxx syarat-syarat terkandung dalam Pembeli yang berminat adalah dikehendaki mendeposit kepada Pelelong 10% daripada harga rizab dalam bentuk Bank Draf atau Cashier’s Order di atas nama RHB Islamic Bank Berhad sebelum lelongan awam xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx bersama-sama dengan segala cukai jualan xxx perkhidmatan (SST) xxx/atau cukai yang menggantikan SST hendaklah dibayar dalam tempoh sembilan puluh (90) hari dari tarikh lelongan kepada RHB Islamic Bank Berhad melalui XXXXXX. Butir-butir pembayaran melalui XXXXXX, xxxx berhubung dengan Tetuan T. Rajagopalu & Co. Untuk maklumat lanjut, xxxx berhubung dengan TETUAN T. RAJAGOPALU & CO, Solicitors for Assignee herein whose address is at Xxxxx 0-0, Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx, 00000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. Tel: 00-0000000 / Fax: 00-0000000 [Ruj: RG/RHB/0339/2023/SYAFIQAH(yusof)], peguamcara bagi pihak pemegang xxxxx xxx atau pelelong yang tersebut dibawah. RAJAN AUCTIONEERS SDN. BHD. X. XXXXX Xx.00X,Xxxxxxx Xxxx,Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx, ( Xxxxxxxx Berlesen ) 41000 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. H/P: 000-0000000 Tel: 00-00000000 / Fax : 00-00000000 H/P: 012-2738109 Ruj Kami: RA/RHBI/TRC/NS/4220-24(fz) CONDITIONS OF SALE

  • Tennis Head Boys 10 Head Girls 10 Head Boys 12 Head Girls 12 Assistant Boys 8 Assistant Boys 8 Assistant Girls 8 Assistant Girls 8 7th & 8th Grade Boys 7 7th & 8th Grade Girls 7 lleyball Varsity Girls 11 Assistant Girls 8 8th Grade Girls 6 7th Grade Girls 6 Track Vo ACTIVITY SUPPLEMENTALS POSITION % OF BASE Art Guild – High School 3 Art Guild – Middle School 3 Band Director 17 Band Director–Assistant 10 Spanish Club 3 Italian Club 3 French Club 3 Future Teachers of America 3 Computer Club 3 National Xxxxx Xxxxxxx 3 Students Against Drunk Drivers (SADD) 3 Students for the Environment (Science) 3 Student Council Advisor 3 Key Club 3 Class Sponsors--Senior 3 Class Sponsors--Junior 3 Class Sponsors-- Junior 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher-Kdg 6 Department Head/Lead Teacher-1st grade 6 Department Head/Lead Teacher-2nd grade 6 Department Head/Lead Teacher-3rd grade 6 Department Head/Lead Teacher-4th grade 6 Department Head/Lead Teacher-5th grade 6 Department Head/Lead Teacher-Art Department (K-12) 3 Panda 3 Middle School Drama 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher-Language Arts High School 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher- Language Arts Middle School 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher- Foreign Language (9-12) 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher- Math High School 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher- Math Middle School 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher-Music (K-12) 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher-Physical Education (K-12) 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher-Science High School 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher- Science Middle School 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher- Social Studies High School 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher- Social Studies Middle School 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher-Technology (K-12) 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher-Vocational (9- 12) 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher-Exceptional Children *Paid by IDEA Funds (K-8) 3 Department Head/Lead Teacher – Exception Children *Paid by IDEA Funds (9-12) 3 Mock Trial 3 Drama Coach 8 Drama Coach-Assistant 5 Drill-Line Advisor 4 Elementary Instrumental -Intermediate 3 English Festival Advisor –Middle School 3 English Festival Advisor –High School 3 English Festival Advisor –High School 3 Majorette Advisor 6 Music - High School (Instrumental) 3 Music - Middle School (Instrumental) 5 Music - Middle School (Vocal) 3 Prep Bowl Advisor – Niles Middle School Sixth Grade 5 Prep Bowl Advisor – Niles Middle School 5 Prep Bowl Advisor – XxXxxxxx High School 5 Robotics (7-12) 5 Speech & Debate Coach 15 Speech & Debate Coach - Assistant 8 Speech & Debate Coach - Assistant 8 Vocal Director – High School 6 WEB Program Middle School 8 Annual/Yearbook High School 4 Annual/Yearbook Middle School 4 Newspaper Niles High School 4 Newspaper Middle School 4 AM/PM Supervisor Monitor – NMS (1 hour per day half hour in AM and half hour in PM) $17 per hour Detention Monitor – Niles Middle School $17 per hour Detention Monitor – XxXxxxxx High School $17 per hour Detention Monitor – Primary $17 per hour Detention Monitor – Intermediate $17 per hour 8.04 Supplemental Contract Guidelines 8.041 Definition

  • Slope Portions of an accessible route with running slopes steeper than 1:20 are ramps and shall comply with 4.8. The cross slope of an accessible route shall not be steeper than 1:48  See Figure 1 for required compliance  Near Unit #612: o grind, relevel or repour concrete curb ramp to 8.33% grade or less on slope

  • Glazing All new and replacement exterior windows shall have sealed, low emmissivity, insulating glass units which are manufactured by members of SIGMA and IGCC. Sealed insulating glass shall meet ASTM E774, class B. Glass shall be hermetically dual sealed, inert gas filled, double pane units with exterior 3/16” bronze float glass (IoE second surface), ½” air space, and interior 3/16” clear float glass. Insulated panels, if used, shall be 1” laminated panels equal to Xxxxx Industries architectural panels with a porcelain fused-on finish. Wired or clear fire-rated glass shall be UL approved. Safety glass shall be tempered or laminated, and shall meet ANSI 297.1 standard.

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