TREATS Sample Clauses

TREATS. If you achieve an overallgreenweekly driving score at 12.00 on Monday you will receive a treat code or voucher via the Better Driver App. Treats will automatically become available on 12pm each Monday and will be redeemable for 168 hours, after which the offer will expire and you will be unable to redeem your treat. We hold no responsibility for treats which you have failed to redeem. Treats will be selected from offers provided by our selected treat partners, these partners and offers may change with- out us giving any prior notice to you. You may not exchange your treat for an alternative offer. Treats are offered on a one per policy basis, if you have named drivers on your policy they will contribute towards your overall weekly score however will not be entitled to a treat. By claiming treats you will be agreeing to the terms of our selected treat partners and may be required to visit the websites of these partners and other third parties, we are not responsible for these terms or the content of any third party website and you should read their terms of use and any conditions carefully before agreeing to them.
TREATS. Bags of treats for pets may be brought from home, or as an add-on activity, Meadowlake can offer your pet a delicious and healthy treat. Meadowlake does not accept rawhide products or items that may present a risk to your pet while lodging.

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Treatment of Confidential Information (A) Each party agrees that at all times during and after the terms of this Agreement, it shall use, handle, collect, maintain, and safeguard Confidential Information in accordance with (1) the confidentiality and non-disclosure requirements of this Agreement; (2) the GLB Act, as applicable and as it may be amended; and (3) such other Applicable Law, whether in effect now or in the future.
Disclosure of Material Information The Company covenants and agrees that neither it nor any other person acting on its behalf has provided or will provide any Purchaser or its agents or counsel with any information that the Company believes constitutes material non-public information, unless prior thereto such Purchaser shall have executed a written agreement regarding the confidentiality and use of such information. The Company understands and confirms that each Purchaser shall be relying on the foregoing representations in effecting transactions in securities of the Company.
Ownership of Confidential Information All Confidential Information shall be and shall remain the property of the party which supplied it to the other party.
Personal Information Each party shall comply with their respective obligations under applicable data protection legislation. HPE does not intend to have access to personally identifiable information (“PII”) of Customer in providing services. To the extent HPE has access to Customer PII stored on a system or device of Customer, such access will likely be incidental and Customer will remain the data controller of Customer PII at all times. HPE will use any PII to which it has access strictly for purposes of delivering the services ordered.
Membership Information The Employer agrees to provide to the Union twice a year, within the first week of the months of February and July, a list of all union members, their current job categories, and employee status, known to the Employer. As an alternative to providing a written list and provided that the Union's computer system is compatible with the Employer's computer system, the above-noted lists may be supplied to the Union on a computer tape/disk or by modem. Where the information is not supplied through the foregoing method, the Employer shall supply the requested information on hard copy.
Trade Secrets and Confidential Information The Executive represents and warrants that: (i) the Executive is not subject to any legal or contractual duty or agreement that would prevent or prohibit the Executive from performing the Executive’s Duties for the Company or otherwise complying with this Agreement, and (ii) the Executive is not in breach of any legal or contractual duty or agreement, including any agreement concerning trade secrets or confidential information owned by any other party. The Executive agrees that the Executive will not: (1) use, disclose, or reverse engineer the Trade Secrets or the Confidential Information for any purpose other than the Company’s Business, except as authorized in writing by the Company; (2) during the Executive’s employment with the Company, use, disclose, or reverse engineer (a) any confidential information or trade secrets of any former employer or third party, or (b) any works of authorship developed in whole or in part by the Executive during any former employment or for any other party, unless authorized in writing by the former employer or third party; or (3) upon the Executive’s resignation or termination (a) retain Trade Secrets or Confidential Information, including any copies existing in any form (including electronic form), which are in the Executive’s possession or control, or (b) destroy, delete, or alter the Trade Secrets or Confidential Information without the Company’s written consent. The obligations under this subsection A shall: (I) with regard to the Trade Secrets, remain in effect as long as the information constitutes a trade secret under applicable law, and (II) with regard to the Confidential Information, remain in effect during the Restricted Period. The confidentiality, property, and proprietary rights protections available in this Agreement are in addition to, and not exclusive of, any and all other rights to which the Company is entitled under federal and state law, including, but not limited to, rights provided under copyright laws, trade secret and confidential information laws, and laws concerning fiduciary duties.
Member Information a. ODM, or its designee, will provide membership notices, informational materials, and instructional materials to members and eligible individuals in a manner and format that may be easily understood. At least annually, ODM or its designee will provide current MCP members with an open enrollment notice which describes the managed care program and includes information on the MCP options in the service area and other information regarding the managed care program as specified in 42 CFR 438.10.
Furnish Information It shall be a condition precedent to the obligations of the Company to take any action pursuant to this Section 2 with respect to the Registrable Securities of any selling Holder that such Holder shall furnish to the Company such information regarding itself, the Registrable Securities held by it, and the intended method of disposition of such securities as is reasonably required to effect the registration of such Holder’s Registrable Securities.
Protected Health Information Protected Health Information" shall have the same meaning as the term "protected health information" in 45 CFR 160.103, limited to the information created or received by Business Associate from or on behalf of Covered Entity.
Disclosure of Confidential Information Any Finance Party may disclose: