Treats Sample Clauses

Treats. Throughout the day we like to give our guests complimentary treats unless Wacky Wags is directed by you to Not do so. (Initial) I, as Guardian, ❑do or ❑do not want evening treats for my Pet.
Treats. Bags of treats for pets may be brought from home, or as an add-on activity, Meadowlake can offer your pet a delicious and healthy treat. Meadowlake does not accept rawhide products or items that may present a risk to your pet while lodging.
Treats. From Home: Type: Times a day: 1x 2x 3x No treats DIET: We recommend that you bring your pet’s regular food as abrupt food changes may result in vomiting and diarrhea in some pets. From Home: Type: Times a day: 1x 2x 3x How Much: Maplebrook: IAMS Dry ********************************************************** YOU ARE WELCOME TO PREPAY AT THE TIME OF DROP OFF, HOWEVER PAYMENT IN FULL IS REQUIRED AT TIME OF PICK-UP I have read this agreement and understand its terms and sign it freely. SIGNATURE OF CLIENT/AGENT _ DATE MY EMERGENCY NUMBER(S) Checked in by (staff initials) Charges in Avimark Time
Treats. The Xxxx House offers delicious and healthy treats for all pets at an additional fee. Treats sent from home must be clearly labeled with pets name and may be subject to an additional handling fee if given during a time other than routine meal times.

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