Description and Selection of Services Sample Clauses

Description and Selection of Services. Wacky Wags and Guardian agree that the services to be provided under this Agreement and the documents incorporated herein by this reference (the “Services”) and paid by Guardian, shall be as follows:
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Related to Description and Selection of Services

  • Description of Services (a) Services Provided on an Ongoing Basis, If Applicable.

  • General Description of Services The A-E will be contacted by COUNTY Project Management staff on an “as-needed” basis as projects arise to provide A-E for professional services. Requirements will be discussed by both Parties and A-E shall prepare a written Scope Statement that will include the specific work to be performed, including the costs and time required to complete the project/task. Orange COUNTY Project Management staff will then review the A-E’s Scope Statement, proceed with negotiation of task costs and when satisfied, issue a Contract Task Order (CTO) against this CONTRACT. The A-E shall serve as lead of a design team that may include other construction design professionals working together to ensure that the original design is carried through to the finished product, with no alterations in materials or design that would lead to safety issues or compromise the quality of the building or building component. Other team members who may be retained by the lead to support a project as a consultant may include but are not limited to landscape architects, lighting designers, data consultants, security consultants, controls engineers, commissioning consultants, traffic engineers, surveyors, estimators, special inspection, etc. The A-E shall be responsible for the preparation of comprehensive building assessments, designs, drawings, specifications, cost estimates, and reports within the scope of the Contract Task Order (CTO). In the preparation of construction drawings and specification, the A-E shall also responsible for:

  • Detailed Description of Services / Statement of Work Describe fully the services that Contractor will provide, or add and attach Exhibit B to this Agreement.

  • Modification of Services Credit Union reserves the right to modify the Service from time to time without making prior notice to Member, provided, however, that Credit Union will give you at least thirty (30) days notice prior to making any modifications to the Service that would materially alter their functionality.

  • Location of Services Subcontractor will provide the Services at the following address(es): _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

  • Description of Service BellSouth shall make available to <<customer_name>> loop makeup (LMU) data for BellSouth's network facilities. This section addresses LMU as a preordering transaction, distinct from <<customer_name>> ordering any other service(s). Loop Makeup Service Inquiries (LMUSI) for preordering loop makeup are likewise unique from other preordering functions with associated service inquiries (SI) as described in this Agreement.

  • Supply of Services 3.1 In consideration of the amounts due under this Agreement, the Supplier shall, from the date set out in the Purchase Order or Award Letter, provide the Services to the Customer for the Term, in accordance with the terms and conditions with this Agreement.

  • Authorization of Services a. The Contractor and its subcontractors shall have in place, and follow, written authorization policies and procedures.

  • Coordination of Services Consultant agrees to work closely with City staff in the performance of Services and shall be available to City’s staff, consultants and other staff at all reasonable times.

  • TERMS OF PROVISION OF SERVICES 2.1. The Contractor performs work for the Customer at his own risk and personally. At the same time, the Contractor has the right, with the consent of the Customer, to involve other persons (subcontractors) in the performance of work, remaining responsible to the Customer for the result of their work. Involvement of other persons (subcontractors) in the performance of works must be carried out in full accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

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