Town Service Sample Clauses

Town Service. Service to facilities owned and/or operated by the Town shall be provided at no cost to the Town. Service shall be at a frequency and container size specified by the Town. Facilities for which weekly services shall be provided at no cost includes, but are not limited to, Town Parks, Town Hall, Police Department, Recreation Center, Library, and any other facilities later indicatedor acquired by the Town during the term of this Contract. Service to Redwine Park and Shamrock Park shall include furnishing to each park one eight (8) yard dumpster. Company shall provide 65 gallon single stream recycling carts and weekly service to Shamrock Park, Redwine Park, and Handley Park. In addition to the regular services, the Company shall include furnishing three (3) twelve (12) yard dumpsters at locations specified by the Town for Founders Day weekend. These are to be delivered the Wednesday prior to Founders Day weekend and picked up the Wednesday following the Founders Day weekend.