TO BE SUPPLIED Sample Clauses

TO BE SUPPLIED. BY THE BORROWER ------------------------------


  • Information to be Supplied (a) The Registration Statement will, at the time the Registration Statement is filed with the SEC and at the time it becomes effective under the Securities Act, not contain any untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state any material fact required to be stated therein or necessary in order to make the statements therein not misleading.

  • Documents to be Furnished The following documents, including any amendments thereto, will be provided contemporaneously with the execution of the Agreement to the Custodian by the Trust:

  • Records to be supplied by Trust The Trust shall furnish to Distributor copies of all information, financial statements and other papers which Distributor may reasonably request for use in connection with the distribution of the Shares, and this shall include, but shall not be limited to, one certified copy, upon request by Distributor, of all financial statements prepared for the Trust by independent public accountants.

  • Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale Packaging materials and containers in which a good is packaged for retail sale shall, if classified with the good they contain, be disregarded in determining whether all the non-originating materials used in the production of the good undergo the applicable change in tariff classification set out in the Annex IV.03.

  • Packing Materials and Containers for Shipment Packing materials and containers in which a good is packed for shipment shall be disregarded in determining whether:

  • Information to be Furnished If Tenant desires at any time to Sublet the Premises or any portion thereof, it shall first notify Landlord of its desire to do so and shall submit in writing to Landlord: (i) the name of the proposed Subtenant; (ii) the nature of the proposed Subtenant's business to be carried on in the Premises; (iii) the terms and provisions of the proposed Sublet and a copy of the proposed Sublet form containing a description of the subject premises; and (iv) such financial information, including financial statements, as Landlord may reasonably request concerning the proposed Subtenant.

  • POPULATION TO BE SERVED A. In accordance with the Contract, Contractor is required, within the limits of the Contractor’s service capacity, to serve individuals who meet the financial and clinical eligibility criteria for Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (SED) children and adolescents eligible for services as described in the DARHMA manual.

  • Services to be Furnished by Landlord A. Landlord agrees to furnish Tenant with the following services: (1) Water service for use in the lavatories on each floor on which the Premises are located; (2) Heat and air conditioning in season during Normal Business Hours, at such temperatures and in such amounts as are standard for comparable buildings or as required by governmental authority. Tenant, upon such advance notice as is reasonably required by Landlord, shall have the right to receive HVAC service during hours other than Normal Business Hours. Tenant shall pay Landlord the standard charge for the additional service as reasonably determined by Landlord from time to time; (3) Maintenance and repair of the Property as described in Section IX.B.; (4)

  • INFORMATION TO BE FURNISHED BY THE TRUST The Trust has furnished to Ultimus the following:

  • Assets to be Sold Upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, at the Closing, Seller shall sell, convey, assign, transfer and deliver to Buyer, and Buyer shall purchase and acquire from Seller, free and clear of any encumbrances other than any permitted herein, all of Seller's right, title and interest in and to all of Seller's property and assets, real, personal or mixed, tangible and intangible, of every kind and description, wherever located, including the following (the "Assets"):