The Task Sample Clauses

The Task. The task as described in the Terms of Reference (Appendix 1) must be performed in accordance with the Contract. Unless otherwise determined, the completed task must be delivered to MFA at Asiatisk Xxxxx 0, XX-0000 Xxxxxxxxxx K. The Consultant must deliver the completed task prior to the deadline for completion of sub-tasks stipulated in the Terms of Reference (Appendix 1).
The Task. 3.1 Requirements in respect of the Consultant's services The Consultant shall be obliged to deliver the services stated in this Contract with appendices. Before signing this Contract, the Consultant shall prepare a descript ion of the solution (Appendix 2) in which the Consultant describes in detail how the task shall be performed and how the requirements in the Customer's description of the task (Appendix 1) shall be met. The Consultant's description of the solution (Appendix 2) shall not imply that requirements stated in the Customer's description of the task (Appendix 1) shall not be met. In the event that the Consultant as part of the performance of the Contract must prepare written material, including notes, reports and publications, such written material shall be edited and proofread before delivery to the Customer.
The Task. ‌ The Spark series of workshops was undertaken to meet the requirement of Task 5.3 in the DiDIY Grant Agreement which states:
The Task 

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  • Authority of Contractor The Contractor shall have no right or authority, express or implied, to commit or otherwise obligate the Company in any manner whatsoever except to the extent specifically provided herein or specifically authorized in writing by the Company.

  • Authority to Bind Contractor The signatory for the Contractor represents that he/she has been duly authorized to execute this Contract on behalf of the Contractor and has obtained all necessary or applicable approvals to make this Contract fully binding upon the Contractor when his/her signature is affixed, and accepted by the State.

  • Independent Contractor; Authority Notwithstanding the Services provided by the Administrator pursuant to this Agreement, the Administrator shall be deemed to be an independent contractor with respect to the Services. The management, policies and operations of the Parties (including the ultimate approval of the making or disposition of the Painting by the Issuer or Masterworks Cayman, and the terms and conditions thereof) shall be the responsibility of the Parties other than the Administrator.

  • Subpoenas Directed to BellSouth Where BellSouth provides resold services for Image Access, or, if applicable under this Agreement, switching, BellSouth shall respond to subpoenas and court ordered requests delivered directly to BellSouth for the purpose of providing call detail records when the targeted telephone numbers belong to Image Access End Users. Billing for such requests will be generated by BellSouth and directed to the law enforcement agency initiating the request. BellSouth shall maintain such information for Image Access End Users for the same length of time it maintains such information for its own End Users.

  • The Contractor A general contractor shall be retained by Tenant to construct the Improvements. Such general contractor (“Contractor”) shall be selected by Tenant from a list of general contractors supplied by Landlord, and Tenant shall deliver to Landlord notice of its selection of the Contractor upon such selection.

  • The Contractor must 16.1.1. treat all Authority Protected Information as confidential and safeguard it accordingly, implementing appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect Authority Protected Information against disclosure;

  • General Contractor A building, construction, or contracting firm with whom Borrower has contracted or may in the future contract with for the construction of the Improvements pursuant to a certain construction contract between them (the "Construction Contract").

  • Fire Safety 9.5.1 Residents found in violation of the following fire safety stipulations not only put themselves at risk but also jeopardizes the safety of the entire community.

  • Contractor If COUNTY elects to renegotiate this Agreement due to reduced or terminated 20 funding, CONTRACTOR shall not be obligated to accept the renegotiated terms.

  • PRIME CONTRACTOR RESPONSIBILITY The contractor will be required to assume prime contractor responsibility for the contract and will be the sole point of contact with regard to all commodities, services and support. The prime contractor may delegate facilitation of contract orders to their “Authorized/Certified Dealers” only. This delegation will in no way relieve the contractor of any contractual obligations set forth in this Contract Award.