Amendments and Restatements Sample Clauses

Amendments and Restatements. This Agreement amends and restates that certain Amended and Restated Partnership Pledge Agreement dated May 20, 2003, by Pledgor in favor of the Agent (the “Existing Partnership Pledge Agreement”). All rights, benefits, indebtedness, interests, liabilities and obligations of Pledgor and the Agent under the Existing Partnership Pledge Agreement are hereby renewed, amended and restated in their entirety according to the terms and provisions set forth herein, and nothing contained herein shall constitute a novation of the Existing Partnership Pledge Agreement.
Amendments and Restatements. 1.1 The definition of "
Amendments and Restatements. 1. Section 2.1 is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following: “The purchase price payable by Purchaser for the Purchased Assets shall be equal the result of ‘A’ minus ‘B’ whereas: (i) ‘A’ equals the present value, using a discount rate of 18% (i.e. PV18), of the Proved Developed Producing (“PDP”) Reserves with respect to the Purchased Assets as determined by Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc. (“NSAI”) in its reserve report (the “Final NSAI Reserve Report”) issued jointly to the Purchaser and the Sellers, or the Sellers’ agent, dated on or about August 1, 2018, but (a) excluding the Bowie Well(s) referenced therein, and (b) including the P11 Morgan’s Bluff well that was recently recompleted by the Sellers if NSAI allocates PDP value to such well), but on the basis of the reserve values in the Final NSAI Reserve Report being adjusted to reflect the NYMEX strip commodity pricing reported as of 12:00 noon (CT) the day prior to the Closing Date; and (ii) “B” equals five million dollars ($5,000,000); in cash in immediately available funds (the “Purchase Price”). The Final NSAI Reserve Report shall be prepared using the same procedures, protocols, guidelines and standards as NSAI would follow or apply, as applicable, when providing a similar valuation for a company listed on a national stock exchange in the United States of America. Initials: Seller _________ Purchaser _________
Amendments and Restatements. 1. The first line of Section 2.2 shall be amended so that it reads as follows:
Amendments and Restatements. These By-laws may only be amended by the Trustees of the Trust, and no Shareholder vote shall be required for any such amendment. Any officer of the Trust is authorized from time to time to restate these By-laws into a single instrument to reflect all amendments hereto made in accordance with the terms hereof. Adopted as of August 15, 2022
Amendments and Restatements. 1.1 Subclause (g) of the definition of "
Amendments and Restatements 

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  • Amendment and Restatement (a) On the Closing Date, the Existing Credit Agreement shall be amended and restated in its entirety by this Agreement, and the Existing Credit Agreement shall thereafter be of no further force and effect, except that the Borrower, the Administrative Agent and the Lenders agree that (i) Letters of Credit issued and outstanding under the Existing Credit Agreement shall remain outstanding as Letters of Credit hereunder and shall be subject to and governed by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the other Loan Documents and (ii) except as expressly stated herein or amended, the other Loan Documents are ratified and confirmed as remaining unmodified and in full force and effect with respect to all Obligations. This Agreement is not in any way intended to constitute a novation of the obligations and liabilities existing under the Existing Credit Agreement. The Lenders that are lenders under the Existing Credit Agreement hereby waive any requirements for notice of prepayment of Loans (as defined in the Existing Credit Agreement) under the Existing Credit Agreement with respect to the payments made thereunder on the Closing Date.

  • Supplements and Amendments (a) The Company and the Warrant Agent may from time to time supplement or amend this Agreement without the approval of any Holders of Warrant Certificates in order to cure any ambiguity, to correct or supplement any provision contained herein which may be defective or inconsistent with any other provisions herein, or to make any other provisions with regard to matters or questions arising hereunder which the Company and the Warrant Agent may deem necessary or desirable and which shall not adversely affect the interests of the Holders of the Warrants Certificates in any material respect.

  • Amendments, Supplements and Waivers The Company and the Trustee may amend or supplement the Indenture or the Notes or waive compliance with any provision of the Indenture or the Notes in the manner, and subject to the terms, set forth in Section 7.05 and Article 8 of the Indenture.