Definition of Policyholder

Policyholder means a person who controls a policy, binder, or oral contract by ownership, premium payment, or otherwise.
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Policyholder means a Person to whom an In Force Policy of insurance has been issued by the Insurance Company.
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Policyholder - means the organization named in the declarations page.
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Examples of Policyholder in a sentence

Any statement made by the Policyholder or Employer to obtain the Group Policy is a representation and not a warranty.
The Policyholder and your Employer act on their own behalf as your agent, and not as our agent.
Indenture is that certain indenture agreement, made between the Policyholder and the Indenture Trustee related to the notes to be supported by this Policy as such agreement may be amended, supplemented or replaced from time to time.
The Policyholder and each transferee and assignee of this Policy, to the extent required by law, agree to provide GLAIC with any properly completed tax forms that are needed for GLAIC to satisfy its tax reporting obligations with respect to amounts held under this Policy.
If no Call Date is indicated in an Accumulation Fund Schedule, GLAIC will pay to the Policyholder the Fund Balance prior to the Stated Maturity Date only to the extent provided in Section 3.2. Deposit Amount is the amount GLAIC credits to the Accumulation Fund on the Deposit Date as set forth in the Accumulation Fund Schedule.

More definitions of Policyholder

Policyholder means the holder of a Policy. 6329483.01-New York Server 6A Draft November 16, 2000 - 7:48 pm
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