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The Funding Agent. SECTION 7.1 Appointment.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 SECTION 7.2
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The Funding Agent. 46 Section 10.01. Appointment.................................................... 46
The Funding Agent the Surety Provider and the Lenders shall have received copies of the certificate of incorporation and by-laws of each of the Seller and Recco certified as of the date hereof as complete and correct copies thereof by its Secretary or Assistant Secretary and (ii) a certificate of the Secretary or an Assistant Secretary of each of the Seller and Recco, certifying the names and true signatures of the officers of the Seller and Recco authorized to sign the Operative Documents to which it is a party.
The Funding Agent 

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  • The Owner Trustee It is expressly understood and agreed by the parties hereto that (i) this Agreement is executed and delivered by Wilmington Trust, National Association on behalf of the Trust not individually or personally but solely as owner trustee of the Trust under the Trust Agreement of the Trust dated the date hereof in the exercise of the powers and authority conferred upon and vested in Wilmington Trust, National Association as owner trustee of the Trust under such Trust Agreement, (ii) each of the representations, undertakings and agreements herein made on the part of the Trust is made and intended not as the personal representation, undertaking or agreement of Wilmington Trust, National Association, but is made and intended for the purpose of binding only the Trust and (iii) nothing herein contained shall be construed as creating any liability on the part of Wilmington Trust, National Association, individually or personally, to perform any covenant or obligation of the Trust, either expressed or implied, contained herein, all such liability, if any, being expressly waived by the parties hereto and by any Person claiming by, through or under the parties hereto.

  • Depositor Structured Asset Securities Corporation, a Delaware corporation having its principal place of business in New York, or its successors in interest.

  • Paying Agent; Authenticating Agent The rights and protections afforded to the Owner Trustee pursuant to this Agreement, including without limitation Articles 7 and 8 hereof, shall also be afforded to the Paying Agent, Authenticating Agent and Certificate Registrar.

  • Successor Funding Agent Each Funding Agent will, upon the direction of the related Investor Group, resign as such Funding Agent. If such Funding Agent shall resign, then the related Investor Group shall appoint an Affiliate of a member of the related Investor Group as a successor funding agent (it being understood that such resignation shall not be effective until such successor is appointed). After any retiring Funding Agent’s resignation hereunder as Funding Agent, subject to the limitations set forth herein, the provisions of Section 9.05 and this Article V shall inure to its benefit as to any actions taken or omitted to be taken by it while it was the Funding Agent under this Agreement.

  • THE DEPOSITOR AND THE MASTER SERVICER SECTION 6.01. Respective Liabilities of the Depositor and the Master Servicer.......................VI-1 SECTION 6.02. Merger or Consolidation of the Depositor or the Master Servicer.......................VI-1 SECTION 6.03. Limitation on Liability of the Depositor, the Sellers, the Master Servicer and Others................................................................................VI-1 SECTION 6.04. Limitation on Resignation of Master Servicer..........................................VI-2 ARTICLE VII DEFAULT

  • The Distribution Agent Parent shall enter into a distribution agent agreement with the Agent or otherwise provide instructions to the Agent regarding the Distribution.

  • The Depositor Section 6.01.

  • Master Servicer The Master Servicer shall supervise, monitor and oversee the obligation of the Servicers to service and administer their respective Loans in accordance with the terms of the applicable Servicing Agreement and shall have full power and authority to do any and all things which it may deem necessary or desirable in connection with such master servicing and administration. In performing its obligations hereunder, the Master Servicer shall act in a manner consistent with Accepted Master Servicing Practices. Furthermore, the Master Servicer shall oversee and consult with each Servicer as necessary from time-to-time to carry out the Master Servicer’s obligations hereunder, shall receive, review and evaluate all reports, information and other data provided to the Master Servicer by each Servicer and shall cause each Servicer to perform and observe the covenants, obligations and conditions to be performed or observed by such Servicer under the applicable Servicing Agreement. The Master Servicer shall independently and separately monitor each Servicer’s servicing activities with respect to each related Loan, reconcile the results of such monitoring with such information provided in the previous sentence on a monthly basis and coordinate corrective adjustments to the Servicers’ and Master Servicer’s records, and based on such reconciled and corrected information, prepare the statements specified in Section 4.3 and any other information and statements required to be provided by the Master Servicer hereunder. The Master Servicer shall reconcile the results of its Loan monitoring with the actual remittances of the Servicers to the Distribution Account pursuant to the applicable Servicing Agreements. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement or any Servicing Agreement to the contrary, the Master Servicer shall not have any duty or obligation to enforce any Credit Risk Management Agreement that a Servicer is a party to (a “Servicer Credit Risk Management Agreement”) or to supervise, monitor or oversee the activities of the Credit Risk Manager under any such Servicer Credit Risk Management Agreement with respect to any action taken or not taken by the applicable Servicer pursuant to a recommendation of the Credit Risk Manager. The Trustee shall furnish the Servicers and the Master Servicer with any limited powers of attorney and other documents in form reasonably acceptable to it necessary or appropriate to enable the Servicers and the Master Servicer to service or master service and administer the related Loans and REO Property. The Trustee shall have no responsibility for any action of the Master Servicer or any Servicer pursuant to any such limited power of attorney and shall be indemnified by the Master Servicer or such Servicer for any cost, liability or expense arising from the misuse thereof by the Master Servicer or such Servicer. The Trustee, the Custodians and the Securities Administrator shall provide access to the records and documentation in possession of the Trustee, the Custodians or the Securities Administrator regarding the related Loans and REO Property and the servicing thereof to the Certificateholders, the FDIC, and the supervisory agents and examiners of the FDIC, such access being afforded only upon reasonable prior written request and during normal business hours at the office of the Trustee, the Custodians or the Securities Administrator; provided, however, that, unless otherwise required by law, none of the Trustee, the Custodians or the Securities Administrator shall be required to provide access to such records and documentation if the provision thereof would violate the legal right to privacy of any Mortgagor. The Trustee, the Custodians and the Securities Administrator shall allow representatives of the above entities to photocopy any of the records and documentation and shall provide equipment for that purpose at a charge that covers the Trustee’s, a Custodian’s or the Securities Administrator’s actual costs. The Trustee shall execute and deliver to the related Servicer or the Master Servicer upon request any court pleadings, requests for trustee’s sale or other documents necessary or desirable and, in each case, provided to the Trustee by such Servicer or Master Servicer to (i) the foreclosure or trustee’s sale with respect to a Mortgaged Property; (ii) any legal action brought to obtain judgment against any Mortgagor on the Mortgage Note or any other Loan Document; (iii) obtain a deficiency judgment against the Mortgagor; or (iv) enforce any other rights or remedies provided by the Mortgage Note or any other Loan Document or otherwise available at law or equity. The Trustee shall have no responsibility for the willful malfeasance or any wrongful or negligent actions taken by the Master Servicer or any Servicer in respect of any document delivered by the Trustee under this paragraph, and the Trustee shall be indemnified by the Master Servicer or such Servicer, as applicable, for any cost, liability or expense arising from the misuse thereof by the Master Servicer or such Servicer.

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