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UCC Definitions. The uncapitalized terms "account," "account debtor," "chattel paper," "document," "warehouse receipt," "bill of lading," "document of txxxx," "instrument," "inventory," "equipment," "general intangible," "money," "proceeds," "products" and "purchase money security interest" as used in Section 1.02 or elsewhere in this Agreement shall have the meanings ascribed thereto in the UCC.
UCC Definitions means the terms "inventory", "documents", "equipment", "accounts", "account debtors", "instruments", "chattel paper", "general intangibles", "deposit accounts", "proceeds", and "good faith", when used in this Agreement or any writing executed in connection with or referred to in this Agreement, that shall have the same meanings as are provided in the UCC in effect on the date of this Agreement for such terms (notwithstanding any other or different statutory definitions in any other state(s) in which any inventory or lessor or lessee may be located); provided that the term "deposit accounts" shall include certificates of deposit and any other credit balances of any nature in or with any financial institution.

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  • Section 1.1. UCC Definitions 2 Section 1.2. Other Definitions 2 Section 1.3. Rules of Construction 11 ARTICLE 2.

  • UCC Definitions- All capitalized terms or other applicable terms not defined herein shall have that meaning as set forth in the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”), as adopted in the State of Texas.

  • Section 1.1. UCC Definitions 2 Section 1.2. Other Definitions 2 Section 1.3. Rules of Construction 16 ARTICLE 2.

  • Section 1.1 UCC Definitions The following terms which are defined in the Uniform Commercial Code are used herein as so defined: Accounts, Chattel Paper, Commercial Tort Claims, Commodity Accounts, Deposit Accounts, Documents, Electronic Chattel Paper, Equipment, Financial Assets, Instruments, Inventory, Investment Property, Letter-of-Credit Rights, Money, Payment Intangibles, Promissory Notes, Records, Security, Securities Accounts, Security Entitlements, Supporting Obligations and Tangible Chattel Paper.

  • UCC Definitions.........................................................................

  • Section 1.1. UCC Definitions 2 Section 1.2. Other Definitions 2 Section 1.3. Rules of Construction 14 ARTICLE 2.

  • DEFINITIONS 1 Section 1.1. Loan Agreement Definitions 1 Section 1.2. UCC Definitions 1 SECTION 2.

  • Frey 521 Restatement, Second, Contracts § 205 528 Pre-2001 UCC Article 1, §§ 1–201(19), 1–203, UCC § 2–103(1)(b) 528 2001 Version of Article 1, § 1–201(20) 528 Note on the UCC Definitions of Good Faith 529 CISG Art.

  • SECTION 1 DEFINITIONS 1 1.1 UCC Definitions 1 1.2 Accounting Definitions and Financial Statements 1 1.3 Certain Defined Terms 2 1.4 Other Definitional Provisions 21 1.5 Construction 22 SECTION 2 LOAN AND COLLATERAL 22 2.1 Loan 22 2.2 Increase in Maximum Credit Amount and Commitments.

  • DEFINITIONS 1 Section 1.01 Defined Terms 1 Section 1.02 Rules of Interpretation 3 Section 1.03 UCC Definitions 3 ARTICLE II.

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UCC Definitions all other capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have that meaning as set forth in the UCC as enacted in the State of California.

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  • FBF Definitions means the definitions set out in the 2007 FBF Master Agreement relating to transactions on forward financial instruments as supplemented by the Technical Schedules (Additifs Techniques) as published by the Fédération Bancaire Française (together the "FBF Master Agreement"), unless otherwise specified in the relevant Final Terms.

  • Definitions As used in this appendix, “Software” means a specific NetIQ software product for which You have Purchase Documentation issued to You by NetIQ or NetIQ’s agent. Unless defined in this appendix, capitalized terms have the meaning given in the parent Agreement. • STANDARD TERMS: Use the Software family headers and the product and license type tags below to locate the Product Use Rights terms applicable to the Software. Your usage of the Software must be consistent with such terms and with the unit count on Your purchase documentation. Product use rights terms below for other license types or products do not apply to You. • LIMITED USE RESTRICTIONS: Notwithstanding the standard terms below, Your rights may be limited by restrictions which were part of Your Software license acquisition. If such restrictions apply to Your license, then You must apply the restrictions in the broadest possible manner in interpreting Your product and license type rights below.

  • Certain Defined Terms As used in this Agreement, the term "Prospectus" means the applicable Portfolio's prospectus and related statement of additional information, whether in paper format or electronic format, included in the Portfolio's then currently effective registration statement (or post-effective amendment thereto), and any information that we or the Portfolio may issue to you as a supplement to such prospectus or statement of additional information (a "sticker"), all as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933. 2.

  • Defined Terms As set forth in the Plan, unless otherwise defined in this Agreement Participant: [Name] Grant Date: [Date] Number of SARs: [·] Definition of SAR: Each SAR entitles you to receive, upon exercise, an amount equal to (i) the Fair Market Value of 1 Share on the date of exercise minus (ii) the Exercise Price per SAR (the “Appreciation Value”). Exercise Price per SAR: $[·], which is the Fair Market Value as of the Grant Date Original Expiration Date: [·] years from the Grant Date (or earlier if your Separation from Service occurs before this Expiration Date; see Exercise after Separation from Service below) Exercisability: The SARs will become exercisable as follows, as long as you do not have a Separation from Service before the applicable [date/event]: [Date/Event] % of SARs Exercisable* [—] [·] % *Any resultant fractional SARs will not become exercisable and will instead be subject to the next applicable [date/event]. Exercise after Separation from Service: Separation from Service for any reason other than Disability, death, or Cause: any unexercisable SARs expire immediately and any exercisable SARs remain exercisable for [·] after your Separation from Service for any reason other than Disability, death, or Cause. Separation from Service due to Disability or death: exercisable SARs remain exercisable for [·] after your Separation from Service due to your Disability or death. Separation from Service for Cause: all SARs (including any exercisable and unexercisable SARs) expire immediately upon your Separation from Service for Cause. Notwithstanding anything else in this Agreement, the SARs may not be exercised after the Original Expiration Date set forth above.

  • Other Definitional Provisions set forth in Section 1.2 of the Basic Servicing Agreement are incorporated by reference into this 20 - Servicing Supplement.

  • Master Definitions Schedule means the amended and restated schedule of definitions relating to the Programme originally dated the Programme Effective Date and as most recently amended and restated on 18 December 2020 (as further amended, supplemented and/or replaced from time to time).

  • definition of Monthly Advance" in Article I is hereby amended in its entirety to read as follows:

  • The definition of Servicing Fee" set forth in Section 1.01 of the Pooling Agreement is hereby amended and restated to read as follows:

  • 2006 ISDA Definitions means, in relation to a Series of Notes, the 2006 ISDA Definitions (as supplemented, amended and updated as at the date of issue of the first Tranche of the Notes of such Series) as published by ISDA (copies of which may be obtained from ISDA at www.isda.org);

  • (1) DEFINITION.—In this subsection, the term eligible countermeasure’ means—

  • ISDA Definitions means the 2006 ISDA Definitions published by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. or any successor thereto, as amended or supplemented from time to time, or any successor definitional booklet for interest rate derivatives published from time to time by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. or such successor thereto.

  • Terms of Reference (TORs) means the Terms of Reference that explains the objectives, scope of work, activities, and tasks to be performed, respective responsibilities of the Procuring Entity and the Consultant, and expected results and deliverables of the assignment.

  • (a) DEFINITION.—In this section, the term covered base closure area' means a base closure area that, on or before the date of enactment of this Act [Jan. 2, 2013], was treated as a HUBZone for purposes of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 631 et seq.) pursuant to section 152(a)(2) of the Small Business Reauthorization and Manufacturing Assistance Act of 2004 [Pub. L. 108–447] (15 U.S.C. 632 note).

  • Terms of Reference (TOR means the document included in the RFP as Section 5 which explains the objectives, scope of work, activities, tasks to be performed, respective responsibilities of the Client and the Consultant, and expected results and deliverables of the Assignment/job.

  • Definition means the interpretation given by any written law to a word or expression;

  • the first supplementary agreement means the agreement of which a copy is set out in the Second Schedule;

  • Glossary means this current section of the Agreement.

  • (b) As used in this section, claim' means a bill or an invoice submitted to a governmental entity for goods or services.

  • Terms Incorporated by Reference means the Non-Cleared Swap Agreement(s) governing the Trade memorialized in the Trade Communication.

  • Defined Person" shall mean and include an individual, a partnership, a joint venture, a corporation, a trust, an unincorporated organization and a government or other department or agency thereof.

  • 101 ( Outstanding") (a)(1)(A)....................................... 502, 512 (a)(1)(B)....................................... 513 (b)....................................... 508 Section 317(a)(1)....................................... 503 (a)(2)....................................... 504 Section 318(a)....................................... 111 (c).......................................

  • Additional Clauses means the additional Clauses in Call Off Schedule 14 (Alternative and/or Additional Clauses) and any other additional Clauses set out in the Call Off Order Form or elsewhere in this Call Off Contract;

  • Restructuring Effective Date means the later of: (i) the date on which all of the Conditions Precedent (other than Clause 5.1(d) of the Restructuring Agreement) are fulfilled or waived; and (ii) the Scheme Effective Date.

  • Preliminary Statement has the meaning set forth in Section 3.3(a).

  • Appendix A means Appendix A to this Agreement, which is hereby incorporated herein and made a part hereof. Appendix A describes the performance factor and goals with respect to the Internal Performance Units.

  • the First Variation Agreement means the agreement a copy of which is set forth in the Second Schedule;