THE APPLICABLE RULES. The Parties agree to abide and be governed by the Law Society Neutral Evaluation and Determination Rules for the time being in force.


  • Applicable Rules Where a matter relating to investment is governed by this Agreement and simultaneously by the national legislation of either Contracting Party or international obligations existing at present or future by the contracting parties, investors of the other contracting party may avail itself of the provisions that are most favourable.

  • Applicable Rules and Regulations The Account and each transaction therein shall be subject to the terms of this Agreement and to (a) all applicable laws and the regulations, rules and orders (collectively "regulations") of all regulatory and self-regulatory organizations having jurisdiction and (b) the constitution, by-laws, rules, regulations, orders, resolutions, interpretations and customs and usages (collectively "rules") of the market and any associated clearing organization (each an "exchange") on or subject to the rules of which such transaction is executed and/or cleared. The reference in the preceding sentence to exchange rules is solely for DWR's protection and DWR's failure to comply therewith shall not constitute a breach of this Agreement or relieve Customer of any obligation or responsibility under this Agreement. DWR shall not be liable to Customer as a result of any action by DWR, its officers, directors, employees or agents to comply with any rule or regulation.

  • Applicable Regulations If an issue relating to investments is covered both by this Agreement and by the national legislation of one Contracting Party or by international conventions, existing or to be subscribed to by the Parties in the future, the investors of the other Contracting Party shall be entitled to avail themselves of the provisions that are the most favourable to them.

  • Conformance to Applicable Requirements All work prepared by Consultant shall be subject to the approval of City.

  • HOUSE RULES RESIDENT shall comply with all house rules as stated on separate addendum, but which are deemed part of this rental agreement, and a violation of any of the house rules is considered a breach of this agreement.

  • THE RULES 4.1 Schedule 1 to this Agreement which sets out the Rules for the operation of Climate Change Agreements has effect.

  • Compliance with Applicable Regulations In performing its duties hereunder, the Subadviser

  • RULES & REGULATIONS Tenant agrees to comply with all rules and regulations of Landlord. Tenant shall not, and shall ensure that guests and licensees of Tenant shall not, disturb, annoy, endanger, or interfere with other tenants of the building or neighbors, or use the Premises for any unlawful purposes, including, but not limited to, using, manufacturing, selling, storing, or transporting illicit drugs or other contraband, or violate any law or ordinance, or commit a waste or nuisance on or about the Premises.

  • Grant Regulations; Definitions Section 1.01. All provisions of the Special Operations Grant Regulations of ADB, dated 7 February 2005 (the “Grant Regulations”), are hereby made applicable to this Grant Agreement with the same force and effect as if they were fully set forth herein.

  • Loan Regulations; Definitions Section 1.01. All the provisions of the Ordinary Operations Loan Regulations Applicable to LIBOR-Based Loans Made from ADB's Ordinary Capital Resources, dated 1 July 2001 (“Loan Regulations”), are hereby made applicable to this Loan Agreement with the same force and effect as if they were fully set forth herein, subject, however, to the following modifications: