Termination by Agreement Sample Clauses

Termination by Agreement. In the event Practice and Business ------------------------ Manager shall mutually agree in writing, this Management Services Agreement may be terminated on the date specified in such written agreement.
Termination by Agreement. Provider and Service Company may mutually ------------------------ agree to terminate this agreement at any time, such agreement to be in writing and signed by both Parties.
Termination by Agreement. We may agree to terminate this Agreement or any part of it. An agreement to terminate will be effective only if it is in writing and signed by us both.
Termination by Agreement. This Agreement shall terminate if VCG and Illinois and Xxxxxx, prior to the Termination Date, decide that the transaction is undesirable and mutually agree to terminate this Agreement, or at VCG’s option if Illinois and Xxxxxx, after using reasonable efforts, is unable to obtain required approval or consents for the completion of the transaction contemplated hereby.