Supersede Sample Clauses

Supersede. This Agreement will supersede any rules, regulations or practices of the Employer which will be specifically contrary to or inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement.
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Supersede. This Section 2.16 shall supersede any provisions in Section 11.01 to the contrary.
Supersede. This Contract shall superseded and terminate all previous agreements between the parties.
Supersede. This Agreement shall supersede and substitute for any previous employment or severance agreement between Employee and LCA or LC Management, and is entered into in consideration of the mutual undertakings of the parties, the cancellation of
Supersede. This Agreement shall supersede any present and future state and local laws, along with any applicable rules and regulations, and the invalidity of any provisions of this Agreement by reasons of any such existing or future law or rule or regulation shall not affect the validity of the surviving portions.
Supersede. This Agreement supersedes and replaces in its entirety any existing employment agreement by and between the Employee and the Company as of the date of this Agreement. Both parties acknowledge and agree that this provision does not trigger any termination, expiration or other rights that might be available to Employee under any prior existing employment agreement.
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Supersede. This Agreement, to the extent that it is inconsistent with any other instrument or understanding among the parties governing the affairs of the Company, shall supersede such instrument or understanding to the fullest extent permitted by law. A copy of this Agreement shall be filed at the Company’s principal office.
Supersede. This contract shall supersede any rules, regulations, or practices of the employer which shall be contrary to or inconsistent with terms contained in this contract. The provisions of this contract shall be incorporated into and be considered part of the established policies of the employer.
Supersede. This computer matching agreement (CMA) between the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) supersedes all existing data exchange agreements or memoranda of understanding applicable to the exchange of personal data pertaining to VA disability compensation and pension recipients who have returned to active duty.
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