Stage Sample Clauses

Stage. “Stage” shall mean each stage of the Program as described in Exhibit B.
Stage. Employées permanentes et surnuméraires
Stage. At its sole expense, Buyer shall furnish the stage, and stage lighting, sound and power for the Performance, and Buyer shall provide all stagehands required to assist the setup for and conduct of the Performance and takedown after the Performance.
Stage. 1 When a grievance occurs, the aggrieved firefighter shall first contact the Grievance Committee by submitting the grievance in duplicate, and in writing, signed by the Griever. If the Grievance is accepted by the Grievance Committee, one (1) copy of the grievance shall be forwarded to the Fire Chief within ten (10) working days of the alleged grievance. (1981)
Stage. No person or persons except those directly connected with the Performance, and whose business requires his presence on the stage, shall be allowed thereon.
Stage. 1 The employee may file a grievance in writing with the Department Head or designate. The written grievance, signed by the employee or steward, shall state the nature of the grievance and the redress sought. The Department Head shall give the grievor their decision in writing within ten (10) days of the submission.
Stage. The stage will only be available by prior arrangement and at an additional charge. The stage is only to be assembled, moved or rearranged by those authorised to do so by the management committee.
Stage. 3 The aggrieved firefighter together with the Grievance Committee, may present the grievance to the Chief Administrative Officer and/or their designate who shall render a decision and reason therefore within ten (10) working days of such presentation and failing settlement be referred to arbitration within twenty-five (25) days but not later. (1981)(1998)(2001) (2006)(2017)
Stage. The employee may, within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the Occurrence, take up the with the Grievance Committee. Within a further three days, the Grievance shall, if there be just cause for grievance, notify the Chief in writing, stating the cause or causes for the grievance. Stage Within seven (7) calendar days following receipt of such notification, the Chief, the Grievance Committee and the employee will meet to discuss the grievance. The Chief will, within three days of this meeting, notify the Grievance in writing, of his decision in the matter, ARTICLE GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE Stage In the event the grievance has not been resolved in Stage the Grievance Committee may, within seven (7) calendar days of the receipt of the Chief's decision in notify the Personnel Commissioner in writing, of its desire to pursue the grievance further. Such notice shall specify the Article or Articles of the Collective Agreement or Departmental Rules alleged to have been violated, and the redress sought. The Personnel or his designate, shall arrange a meeting within a further seven (7) calendar days following the receipt of such notification. This meeting will involve the Grievance the employee, should either party desire his presence, the Personnel Commissioner or his designate, the members of the Fire and other representatives of the Employer. The Personnel Commissioner or his designate will notify the Grievance of the Fire Committee's decision in writing within three (3) days of this meeting, Stage In the event the grievance has not been resolved in Stage the Grievance may, within seven (7)calendar days of the receipt of the Fire decision in Stage request, in writing, through the City Clerk, that the matter be taken up by the Grievance and the Council of the City of