Stable Sample Clauses

Stable. A medical condition, other than a minor condition, is considered stable if, in the 90 days preceding the insured's scheduled trip departure date, all of the following requirements are met:

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  • PRODUCTIVITY 9.01 The Union and the Employer recognize the mutual value of improving by all proper and reasonable means, the productivity of the individual worker and both will undertake individually and jointly to pro- xxxx such increased productivity.

  • Moody’s Mxxxx’x Investors Service, Inc., or its successors in interest. If Mxxxx’x is designated as a Rating Agency in the Preliminary Statement, for purposes of Section 10.05(b) the address for notices to Moody’s shall be Mxxxx’x Investors Service, Inc., 90 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxx Xxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000, Attention: Residential Loan Monitoring Group, or any other address that Moody’s furnishes to the Depositor and the Servicer.

  • Workforce A. The Contractor shall employ only orderly and competent workers, skilled in the performance of the services which they will perform under the Contract.

  • Ratings No “nationally recognized statistical rating organization” as such term is defined for purposes of Rule 436(g)(2) (i) has imposed (or has informed the Company that it is considering imposing) any condition (financial or otherwise) on the Company’s retaining any rating assigned to the Company or any securities of the Company or (ii) has indicated to the Company that it is considering any of the actions described in Section 7(c)(ii) hereof.

  • Stability Trubion or its designee shall be responsible for conducting all necessary stability testing to comply with cGMP and other applicable regulatory guidelines. Such stability testing shall include testing to validate the lead times for shipment, the shelf life of Bulk Drug, and the Bulk Drug Specifications applicable to shipment, storage and handling of Bulk Drug. Lonza shall prepare all stability samples, and shall sublot stability samples and package and ship stability samples to Trubion, all in accordance with timelines, protocols and procedures agreed upon by Lonza and Trubion and as set forth in the Quality Agreement.

  • Grade TEMPERATURE SCHEDULE The Contractor will be responsible for delivery of straight 1D, straight 2D or straight BioDiesel, or any blend of 1D and 2D or BioDiesel as listed in the IFB specifications. Agencies desiring a mix other than normally required under these specifications must notify the Office of General Services and the Contractor in writing of the specific mix desired. Also, unless the agency specified otherwise when ordering, the Contractor will adhere to the following schedule: Grade/Mix Temperatures Costing Formula #2D/BioDiesel Spring/Summer/Early Fall* (above 20°F ambient). *Early Fall - used up to October Current Contract Price #1D Winter (coldest areas) (sub zero ambient to -40°F) Current Contract Price #2D/BioDiesel/1D Winter Mix: See Low Temperature Operability/Performance Characteristics under Detailed Specifications section Current Contract Price for respective gallon-age of each grade supplied

  • Long Term Upon written request from the Executive Director of AFSCME Council 75 to DAS Labor Relations Unit, one (1) President/designee from an AFSCME Council 75 Central Table participating Agency shall be given release time from his/her position for a period of time up to one (1) year for the performance of Union duties related to the collective bargaining relationship. However, if the Union President/designee or Executive Director requests release time for less than his/her full regular schedule, such release time shall be subject to the Employer’s approval based on the operating needs of the employee’s work unit. AFSCME shall, within thirty (30) days of payment to the employee, reimburse the State for payment of appropriate salary, benefits, paid leave time, pension, and all other employer-related costs. Where this reimbursement is expressly prohibited by law or funding source, the employee shall be granted a leave of absence but the Employer will not be responsible for continuing to pay the employee’s salary and benefits. AFSCME shall indemnify and hold the State harmless against any and all claims, damages, suits, or other forms of liability which may arise out of any action taken or not taken by the State for the purpose of complying with this provision.

  • Levels Service will be made available to Customer via one or more of the following levels:

  • Diversity The Department is dedicated to fostering the continued development and economic growth of small, minority-, veteran-, and women-owned businesses. Participation of a diverse group of Vendors doing business with the State is central to the Department’s effort. To this end, small, minority-, veteran-, and women-owned business enterprises are encouraged to participate in the State’s procurement processes, including as subcontractors under prime contracts. Enterprises that desire to be certified as a small, minority-, veteran-, or women-owned business can request certification information from the Department’s Office of Supplier Diversity, which can be reached at this link: xxxx:// THE REMAINDER OF THIS PAGE IS INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK.

  • Industry Ratings The City will only accept coverage from an insurance carrier who offers proof that it: