Selection of Agreed Structure Sample Clauses

Related to Selection of Agreed Structure

  • Implementation of Agreement If <<customer_name>> is a facilities based provider or a facilities based and resale provider, this section shall apply. Within 60 days of the execution of this Agreement, the Parties may adopt a schedule for the implementation of the Agreement. The schedule shall state with specificity time frames for submission of including but not limited to, network design, interconnection points, collocation arrangement requests, pre-sales testing and full operational time frames for the business and residential markets. An implementation template which may be used for the implementation schedule is contained in Attachment 10 of this Agreement.

  • Construction of Agreement The parties mutually acknowledge that they and their attorneys have participated in the preparation and negotiation of this Agreement. In cases of uncertainty this Agreement shall be construed without regard to which of the parties caused the uncertainty to exist.

  • Operation of Agreement This Agreement will be effective and binding immediately upon its execution, but, anything in this Agreement to the contrary notwithstanding, this Agreement will not be operative unless and until a Change in Control occurs. Upon the occurrence of a Change in Control at any time during the Term, without further action, this Agreement shall become immediately operative.

  • Adoption of Agreements BellSouth shall make available, pursuant to 47 USC § 252 and the FCC rules and regulations regarding such availability, to <<customer_name>> any interconnection, service, or network element provided under any other agreement filed and approved pursuant to 47 USC § 252, provided a minimum of six months remains on the term of such Agreement. The Parties shall adopt all rates, terms and conditions concerning such other interconnection, service or network element and any other rates, terms and conditions that are legitimately related to or were negotiated in exchange for or in conjunction with the interconnection, service or network element being adopted. The adopted interconnection, service, or network element and agreement shall apply to the same states as such other agreement. The term of the adopted agreement or provisions shall expire on the same date as set forth in the agreement which was adopted.

  • Inspection of Agreement A copy of this Agreement shall be available at all reasonable times at the principal corporate trust office of the Warrant Agent for inspection by the holder of any Warrant Certificate. The Warrant Agent may require such holder to submit his Warrant Certificate for inspection by it.

  • PUBLICATION OF AGREEMENT Under SOPPA, the School District must publish the Company’s name and business address, a copy of the Agreement and this Addendum, and a list of any subcontractors to whom School District Data may be disclosed. The Company agrees to provide to the School District prior to execution of the Agreement and this Addendum the name, business address, and list of subcontractors to be published. The Company acknowledges that if there are provisions of the Agreement other than those required to be included in the Agreement and this Addendum by SOPPA that the Company would like redacted before publication, the Company must submit a request in writing to the School District prior to execution of the Agreement and this Addendum. Only if the School District agrees to such redaction prior to the execution of the Agreement and this Addendum shall the redaction be made prior to publication.

  • Application of Agreement If the Company has secured work outside of the County of Cumberland, an employee whom normally works within the County of Cumberland:

  • Distribution of Agreement The Employer agrees to make available to each employee a copy of this Agreement and to provide a copy of the same Agreement to all new employees entering the employment of the Employer.

  • Reproduction of Agreement This Agreement shall be reproduced by the UNION with the cost to be shared between the BOARD and the UNION. The BOARD shall distribute the Agreement to each person who is or becomes a bargaining unit employee during its effective term. The initial delivery to the units shall be completed as soon as possible, but no later than twenty school days after the printed Agreements have been delivered to the BOARD. The UNION shall submit to the Office of Em- ployee Engagement a list by unit number of all parcels delivered to the warehouse facility of the BOARD. Three thousand seven hundred fifty copies of said Agreement shall be delivered to the Office of Employee Engagement.

  • Modification of Agreement This Agreement may be modified, amended, suspended or terminated, and any terms or conditions may be waived, but only by a written instrument executed by the parties hereto.