Retires Sample Clauses

Retires. 8.6 If an employee is promoted or transferred to a job outside of the bargaining unit for more than one (1) year and is later transferred back to a job within the bargaining unit, he/she shall be credited with all seniority prior to the promotion.
Retires. F. If the employee falsifies his employment application and same is discovered within ten (10) years of initial employment.
Retires. 6. Is laid off for twenty-four (24) months or more.
Retires. (c) The Employer shall maintain a seniority list showing the date upon which each employee’s service commenced. An up-to-date seniority list shall be sent to the Union annually not later than March 31st of each year.
Retires. (f) Is continuously laid off for a period equal to the employee's accumulated seniority or eighteen (18) months, whichever is lesser.
Retires. 8. Is convicted or pleads guilty or pleads no contest to any felony or high misdemeanor.
Retires. 16.03 A seniority list shall be posted annually and a copy shall be provided to the union. If there are no objections within thirty (30) days of the posting, the list shall be deemed to be accurate. Seniority lists shall be posted in all workplaces.
Retires c. Absence from the job for two (2) consecutive working days without notification.
Retires. F. 1. The bargaining unit seniority which was accumulated as of the date an employee transfers to a position in the East Lansing School District, outside of the bargaining unit, shall be retained for up to a period of two (2) years. The employee shall have the right to exercise this seniority and bid on a vacant position within the bargaining unit providing the employee possesses the qualifications for thatvacant position.
Retires. 6) Is laid off for thirty-six (36) months or more.