Remain in Effect Sample Clauses

Remain in Effect. The provisions specified in Article 15, 16 and 17 shall remain in effect after the termination hereof.
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Remain in Effect. The parties confirm that, the representations and warranties under this Article 3 shall remain in effect within 1 year from the Effective Date of Shares Transfer.
Remain in Effect. (a) Except to the extent expressly set forth in this Agreement, all of the provisions of the Credit Agreement and the other Loan Documents are, and shall continue to be, in full force and effect in accordance with their respective terms, and each Loan Party shall remain obligated to comply with all of such Loan Party’s obligations contained in each Loan Document to which such Loan Party is a party. Each Loan Party ratifies and reaffirms the validity, enforceability and binding nature of all such obligations (subject to, and in accordance with, the terms of the Loan Documents applicable to such Loan Party). Without limiting the foregoing, each Loan Party hereby: (i) reaffirms, ratifies, confirms, and acknowledges its obligations under the Loan Documents, and agrees to continue to be bound thereby and perform thereunder; (ii) agrees and acknowledges that the Loan Documents to which it is a party and all of its obligations thereunder are and remain in full force and effect and have not been modified except as set forth herein; (iii) acknowledges that it has reviewed, and hereby consents to, this Agreement, and each Loan Party further acknowledges that its obligations under the Loan Documents to which it is a party are not in any way released, diminished, or impaired by any of the terms or provisions of this Agreement; (iv) acknowledges and agrees that it has no defenses, offsets or counterclaims of any kind or nature whatsoever to its obligations under the Loan Documents and (v) acknowledges and agrees that the Liens granted under the Security Documents in the Collateral are valid, duly perfected Liens, enforceable in accordance with the Security Documents and applicable law.

Related to Remain in Effect

  • Agreement in Effect Except as hereby amended, the Partnership Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

  • Change in Effective Control A Change in Effective Control occurs if, over a twelve (12) month period: (i) a person or group acquires stock representing thirty percent (30%) of the voting power of the corporation; or (ii) a majority of the members of the board of directors of the ultimate parent corporation is replaced by directors not endorsed by the persons who were members of the board before the new directors’ appointment, as defined in Treasury Regulations §1.409A-3(i)(5)(vi).

  • Change in Effective Control of the Company A change in the effective control of the Company which occurs on the date that a majority of members of the Board is replaced during any twelve (12) month period by directors whose appointment or election is not endorsed by a majority of the members of the Board prior to the date of the appointment or election. For purposes of this clause (ii), if any Person is considered to be in effective control of the Company, the acquisition of additional control of the Company by the same Person will not be considered a Change of Control; or

  • When Effective A notice or other communication that is e-mailed is effective when sent provided the sender receives an acknowledgement from the intended recipient (e.g. return receipt, return e-mail, or other written acknowledgement). A notice or other communication that is personally serviced is effective when personally delivered. A notice or other communication that is mailed is effective 3 Business Days after deposit in the United States mail.

  • Flip-in Event (a) Subject to Subsection 3.1(b) and Section 5.1, in the event that prior to the Expiration Time a Flip-in Event shall occur, each Right shall constitute, effective at the close of business on the tenth Trading Day after the Share Acquisition Date, the right to purchase from the Company, upon exercise thereof in accordance with the terms hereof, that number of Shares having an aggregate Market Price on the date of consummation or occurrence of such Flip-in Event equal to twice the Exercise Price for an amount in cash equal to the Exercise Price (such right to be appropriately adjusted in a manner analogous to the applicable adjustment provided for in Section 2.3 in the event that after such consummation or occurrence, an event of a type analogous to any of the events described in Section 2.3 shall have occurred).

  • Termination Effectiveness 36 Section 9.01 Termination............................................................36 Section 9.02 Effect.................................................................37 Section 9.03

  • Change in Ownership of a Substantial Portion of the Company’s Assets A change in the ownership of a substantial portion of the Company’s assets which occurs on the date that any Person acquires (or has acquired during the twelve (12) month period ending on the date of the most recent acquisition by such Person or Persons) assets from the Company that have a total gross fair market value equal to or more than fifty percent (50%) of the total gross fair market value of all of the assets of the Company immediately prior to such acquisition or acquisitions; provided, however, that for purposes of this subsection (c), the following will not constitute a change in the ownership of a substantial portion of the Company’s assets: (i) a transfer to an entity that is controlled by the Company’s stockholders immediately after the transfer, or (ii) a transfer of assets by the Company to: (A) a stockholder of the Company (immediately before the asset transfer) in exchange for or with respect to the Company’s stock, (B) an entity, fifty percent (50%) or more of the total value or voting power of which is owned, directly or indirectly, by the Company, (C) a Person, that owns, directly or indirectly, fifty percent (50%) or more of the total value or voting power of all the outstanding stock of the Company, or (D) an entity, at least fifty percent (50%) of the total value or voting power of which is owned, directly or indirectly, by a Person described in this subsection (c)(ii)(C). For purposes of this subsection (c), gross fair market value means the value of the assets of the Company, or the value of the assets being disposed of, determined without regard to any liabilities associated with such assets. For purposes of this definition, persons will be considered to be acting as a group if they are owners of a corporation that enters into a merger, consolidation, purchase or acquisition of stock, or similar business transaction with the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a transaction will not be deemed a Change in Control unless the transaction qualifies as a change in control event within the meaning of Section 409A. Further and for the avoidance of doubt, a transaction will not constitute a Change in Control if: (x) its sole purpose is to change the jurisdiction of the Company’s incorporation, or (y) its sole purpose is to create a holding company that will be owned in substantially the same proportions by the persons who held the Company’s securities immediately before such transaction.

  • Following a Change in Control If, within thirty-six (36) months following a Change in Control, the Executive (i) is terminated without Cause, or (ii) resigns for Good Reason (as defined and qualified in Section 9(f) above), then the Executive will be entitled to receive (i) all Base Salary and benefits to be paid or provided to the Executive under this Agreement through the Date of Termination, (ii) the amount of any cash bonus related to any year ending before the Date of Termination that has been earned but remains unpaid, (iii) an amount equal to two hundred ninety-nine percent (299%) of the Adjusted Bonus Amount, (iv) an amount equal to two hundred ninety-nine percent (299%) of the Executive’s Base Salary, (v) notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any equity incentive plan or agreement, all equity incentive awards which are then outstanding, to the extent not then vested, shall vest, (vi) health insurance benefits substantially commensurate with the Company’s standard health insurance benefits for the Executive and the Executive’s spouse and dependents through the third anniversary of the Date of Termination; provided, however, that such continued benefits shall terminate on the date or dates Executive receives substantially similar coverage and benefits, without waiting period or pre-existing condition limitations, under the plans and programs of a subsequent employer (such coverage and benefits to be determined on a coverage-by-coverage or benefit-by-benefit basis); provided further, that any continued health insurance benefits which are provided under this Agreement (including benefits under Section 9(m)) shall run concurrently with any continuation coverage that the Executive or the Executive’s spouse and dependents are entitled to under COBRA and any rights (including the length of coverage) that the Executive and the Executive’s spouse and dependents may be entitled to under COBRA shall not be increased (or extended) due to any continued health insurance benefits which may be provided to the Executive and the Executive’s spouse or dependents pursuant to this Agreement, and (vii) any other unpaid benefits to which the Executive is otherwise entitled under any plan, policy or program of the Company applicable to the Executive as of the Date of Termination (such benefits shall be paid in accordance with the provisions of the applicable arrangements). The amounts referred to in clauses (i) through (iv) above will collectively be referred to as the “Change in Control Severance Amount.” The Change in Control Severance Amount will be paid to the Executive in a lump sum no later than sixty (60) days following the Date of Termination, with the date of such payment determined by the Company in its sole discretion. The Executive agrees to execute, deliver and not revoke a general release in the form attached as Exhibit A. Payments pursuant to this Section 9(h) will be made in lieu of, and not in addition to, any payment pursuant to any other paragraph of this Section 9.

  • Am I Eligible to Contribute to a Traditional IRA? Employees with compensation income and self-employed individuals with earned income are eligible to contribute to a Traditional IRA. (For convenience, all future references to compensation are deemed to mean “earned income” in the case of a self-employed individual.) Employers may also contribute to Traditional IRAs established for the benefit of their employees. In addition, you may establish a Traditional IRA to receive rollover contributions and transfers from the trustee or Custodian of another Traditional IRA or the Custodian or trustee of certain other retirement plans.

  • Termination Following a Change in Control (a) In the event of the occurrence of a Change in Control, the Executive's employment may be terminated by the Company or a Subsidiary during the Severance Period and the Executive shall be entitled to the benefits provided by Section 4 unless such termination is the result of the occurrence of one or more of the following events: