Provider Facilities Sample Clauses

Provider Facilities. This Section 3 refers to the P/DRPs with respect to the Services provided at the following Provider Service Locations (“Provider Facilities”): (i) Pune, India, and (ii) Champaign, Illinois. Provider will provide the P/DRP for the Provider Facilities and supporting documentation within [***] days following the applicable MSSOW Commencement Date and make future modified copies available upon USCC’s request.
Provider Facilities. Provider shall not perform any Services (or allow any Subcontractor to perform Services) from any location that is not a USCC Facility or an approved Provider Service Location.
Provider Facilities. This Agreement shall specifically exclude those services rendered at Provider facilities other than those facilities agreed upon and utilized as of the Effective Date unless otherwise agreed in writing by Cigna.
Provider Facilities. 1. [ * * * ].
Provider Facilities. With respect to Facilities, Provider and all approved subcontractors shall comply with T-Mobile’s security requirements (e.g., protecting both external and internal door access for protected areas such as computer rooms, DASD rooms, and UPS/HVAC rooms) in compliance with the Safeguards. Provider shall establish security processes (1) that are no less rigorous than those in effect at T-Mobile facilities as of the Effective Date, and (2) that meet or exceed T-Mobile’s security requirements as-then practiced by T-Mobile. Security policies in effect as of the Effective Date at T-Mobile facilities shall be provided separately in writing by T-Mobile from time-to-time. Provider and all approved subcontractors of the Provider shall institute and maintain adequate physical and logical security measures and safeguards at the Facilities, at no less a level than required by T-Mobile’s physical security requirements. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing or Provider’s other obligations under the Agreement, Provider shall:
Provider Facilities. District acknowledges that Provider owns and operates other water rights and water, irrigation water, and wastewater facilities to provide water and wastewater services to customers other than the District and District Customers, and in the absence of a written agreement to the contrary, Provider shall have no obligation to use such other water rights or facilities to provide service to the Property or District Customers.
Provider Facilities. (i) The Facilities of Provider or Subcontractors used to perform Services will be set forth in the Facilities Schedules of the SA, and/or in the Orders thereunder.
Provider Facilities. Manager shall assist Provider in expanding the Provider's current facilities in Davidson County. Manager and Provider shall jointly identify and agree upon suitable facilities for the provision of Provider's case management program services in locations other than Provider's current facilities in Davidson County. Manager shall assist Provider in the negotiations to acquire such premises by lease or otherwise. Provider shall be responsible for obtaining such premises by execution of the applicable lease or purchase agreements, and the rental for such acquired premises shall be Provider's cost and expense. To the extent that the landlord provides a separate build-out allowance or includes the cost of build-out in the rental rate, Provider shall be responsible for the cost of such build-out. Manager shall be responsible for the build-out costs in excess of the landlord's allowance and/or the rental component for build-out, as well as furnishing and equipping of such premises, and the cost of such furniture, equipment, and excess build-out shall be Manager's cost and expense. All such premises and the build-out thereof shall be approved by Manager and Provider. The capital necessary for the equipping, furnishing and excess build-out of such facilities shall be provided by Manager in accordance with subparagraph 3.1 above and shall be reimbursed to Manager in accordance with Article V below.
Provider Facilities. Provider shall be responsible for providing the Provider Facilities from which Provider shall provide all Services. In addition to being segregated, the space in the facilities from which Services will be provided for Customer shall be contiguous, unless otherwise agreed to in advance by the Parties or as otherwise approved by Customer. Each facility shall comply with all applicable laws, including but not limited to local health and safety standards, and be at least comparable to other facilities of similar services providers in the same country that house well-managed back-office transactions processing and customer contact operations performing services similar to the Services. Provider shall provide the facilities in time so that the Services may be transitioned to the Provider Facilities in accordance with the Pre-Services Migration Plan, as provided in Schedule 4.2. Provider shall provide space in each facility, at no charge to Customer, for Customer employees and consultants, as requested by Customer and the requirements shall be set forth in the applicable SOW or during the Controlled Migration Period as contemplated in Section 22.3 of the main text of the Agreement. This includes heat, light, power, air conditioning, uninterruptible power supply (if any), and other similar utilities, office space, furniture, secure storage space and equipment staging facilities, telephone service in support of the Services, office support services (including security and janitorial), and coordination of facility access security requirements to be used by Provider in support of the Services. Provider will provide Customer with the same or similar access to Provider’s workplace services, such as parking and cafeteria facilities, if any, as Provider provides to its employees.
Provider Facilities. 1. [ * * * ]