Provide the other Party Sample Clauses

Provide the other Party with an opportunity to share information that would assist in the preparation of the documents listed in section 6.1.2 and with an opportunity to review and comment on drafts of such documents.
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  • Services Provided by Attorneys Any services to be provided by a law firm or attorney must be reviewed and approved in writing in advance by the City Attorney. No invoices for services provided by law firms or attorneys, including, without limitation, as subcontractors of Contractor, will be paid unless the provider received advance written approval from the City Attorney.

  • Obligation to Provide Information Each party’s obligation to provide information shall be as follows:

  • Services Provided by Party A 1.1 Party B hereby appoints Party A as Party B’s exclusive services provider to provide Party B with comprehensive technical support, consulting services and other services during the term of this Agreement, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including but not limited to the follows:

  • Agreement to Provide Information Intermediary agrees to provide the Fund, upon written request, the taxpayer identification number (“TIN”), the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (“ITIN”), or other government-issued identifier (“GII”), if known, of any or all Shareholder(s) of the account and the amount, date, name or other identifier of any investment professional(s) associated with the Shareholder(s) or account (if known), and transaction type (purchase, redemption, transfer, or exchange) of every purchase, redemption, transfer, or exchange of Shares held through each account maintained by the Intermediary during the period covered by the request.

  • Provide Information Inform FTA immediately of any information it receives from any source alleging a violation of the prohibitions listed in section 4(f)(4) of this Master Agreement; and

  • Indemnity to be Provided If the Trust requests the Custodian to take any action with respect to Securities, which may, in the opinion of the Custodian, result in the Custodian or its nominee becoming liable for the payment of money or incurring liability of some other form, the Custodian shall not be required to take such action until the Trust shall have provided indemnity therefor to the Custodian in an amount and form satisfactory to the Custodian.

  • Indemnification by the Custodian The Custodian agrees to indemnify the Issuer, the Owner Trustee, the Trust Collateral Agent and the Trustee for any and all liabilities, obligations, losses, damage, payments, costs or expenses of any kind whatsoever (including the fees and expenses of counsel) that may be imposed on, incurred or asserted against the Issuer, the Owner Trustee, the Trust Collateral Agent and the Trustee and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, attorneys and successors and assigns as the result of any act or omission in any way relating to the maintenance and custody by the Custodian of the Receivable Files; provided, however, that the Custodian shall not be liable for any portion of any such liabilities, obligations, losses, damages, payments or costs or expenses due to the Issuer’s, the Owner Trustee’s, the Trust Collateral Agent’s or the Trustee’s or the officers’, directors’, employees’ and agents’ thereof own willful misfeasance, bad faith or gross negligence. In no event shall the Custodian be liable to any third party for acts or omissions of the Custodian.

  • Information to be Provided by the Servicer (a) At the request of the Administrator, acting on behalf of the Issuer, for the purpose of satisfying its reporting obligation under the Exchange Act with respect to any class of asset-backed securities, the Servicer shall (or shall cause each Subservicer to) (i) notify the Issuer and the Administrator in writing of any material litigation or governmental proceedings pending against the Servicer or any Subservicer and (ii) provide to the Issuer and the Administrator a description of such proceedings.

  • Indemnity to the Security Agent (a) Each Obligor shall promptly indemnify the Security Agent and every Receiver and Delegate against any cost, loss or liability incurred by any of them as a result of:

  • Indemnity to the Agent The Borrower shall promptly indemnify the Agent against any cost, loss or liability incurred by the Agent (acting reasonably) as a result of: