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  • Proof of Compliance Contractor shall provide the Board with all of the following: 1) proof that a valid occupancy permit for school usage has been obtained; 2) proof that an Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Management Plan has been completed, 3) Contracted Program Annual Budget for 2020-2021, 4) Program Annual Budget Expenditures Report for 2019-2020, if Contractor was under contract with MPS during that period, 5) proof of all insurance required under this Contract, 6) Contractor’s 2020-2021 calendar for the Educational Program, and 7) all other items required and set forth in the Contract Compliance Checklist attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Appendix K.

  • INSURANCE AND PROOF OF FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Contractor understands and agrees that financial responsibility for claims or damages to any person, or to Contractor’s employees and agents, shall rest with the Contractor. Contractor and its subcontractors shall effect and maintain any insurance coverage, including, but not limited to, Workers’ Compensation, Employers’ Liability, General Liability, Contractual Liability, Automobile Liability and Umbrella Liability to support such financial obligations. The indemnification obligation, however, shall not be reduced in any way by existence or non-existence, limitation, amount or type of damages, compensation, or benefits payable under Workers’ Compensation laws or other insurance provisions. The minimum limits of insurance required of the Contractor by MPS shall be: Workers’ Compensation Statutory Limits Employers’ Liability $100,000 per occurrence General Liability $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate Auto Liability $1,000,000 per occurrence Umbrella (excess) Liability $1,000,000 per occurrence The Milwaukee Board of School Directors shall be named as an additional insured under Contractor’s and subcontractors’ general liability insurance and umbrella liability insurance. Evidence of all required insurances of Contractor shall be submitted electronically to MPS via its third party vendor, EXIGIS Risk Management Services. Waivers and exceptions to the above limits will be in the sole discretion of MPS and shall be recorded in the EXIGIS system, which records are incorporated into this Contract by reference. The certificate of insurance or policies of insurance evidencing all coverages shall include a statement that MPS shall be afforded a thirty (30) day written notice of cancellation, non-renewal or material change by any of Contractor’s insurers providing the coverages required by MPS for the duration of this Contract.

  • Proof of WSIA Coverage Unless the HSP puts into effect and maintains Employers Liability and Voluntary Compensation as set out above, the HSP will provide the Funder with a valid Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997 (“WSIA”) Clearance Certificate and any renewal replacements, and will pay all amounts required to be paid to maintain a valid WSIA Clearance Certificate throughout the term of this Agreement.

  • Proof of Coverage Within thirty (30) calendar days of execution of this Agreement, and upon renewal or reissuance of coverage thereafter, Vendor must provide current and properly completed in-force certificates of insurance to Citizens that evidence the coverages required in Sections 10.1. and 10.2. The certificates for Commercial General Liability, Umbrella Liability and Professional Liability insurance certificates must correctly identify the type of work Vendor is providing to Citizens under this Agreement. The agent signing the certificate must hold an active Insurance General Lines Agent license (issued within the United States). Vendor shall provide copies of its policies upon request by Citizens.

  • Financial Viability and Regulatory Compliance 4.6.1 The Contractor warrants and represents that its corporate entity is in good standing with all applicable federal, state, and local licensing authorities and that it possesses all requisite licenses to perform the services required by this contract. The Contractor further warrants and represents that it owes no outstanding delinquent federal, state, or local taxes or business assessments.

  • Financial Reporting Requirements The Charter School shall follow the financial requirements of the Charter Schools Section of the Department’s Financial Management for Georgia Local Units of Administration Manual. The Charter School shall submit all information required by the State Accounting Office for inclusion in the State of Georgia Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

  • Statement of Grievance The grievance shall contain a statement of:

  • Financial Management; Financial Reports; Audits 1. The Recipient shall ensure that a financial management system is maintained in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.07 of the Standard Conditions.

  • Failure to Maintain Financial Viability The System Agency may terminate the Contract if, in its sole discretion, the System Agency has a good faith belief that Grantee no longer maintains the financial viability required to complete the services and Deliverables, or otherwise fully perform its responsibilities under the Contract.

  • Financial Stability The Contractor shall meet and comply with all requirements located in Title 27, Articles 1 through 15, of the Indiana Code. This includes, but is not limited to, the requirements pertaining to financial solvency, reinsurance and policy contracts, as well as administration of these processes. FSSA and the Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI) will monitor the Contractor’s financial performance. FSSA will include IDOI findings in their monitoring activities. FSSA shall be copied on required filings with IDOI, and the required filings shall break out financial information for the Hoosier Healthwise line of business separately. The financial performance reporting requirements are listed in Section 9.1 and are further described in the Hoosier Healthwise MCE Reporting Manual, which shall be provided following the Contract award date.

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