Products Refusal Sample Clauses

Products Refusal. All regulations regarding handling of product refusals of the ACI-Maix-Membrane Product are covered in the ACI-Maix Supply Agreement. Written notification will be supplied to Matricel detailing the reason(s) for the refusal of the ACI-Maix-Membrane Product.
Products Refusal. 4.3.1 As referred to in Section 9 of the Agreement.

Related to Products Refusal

  • Additional Products and Services Subject to the allocation of funds, the CPO may add similar equipment, supplies, services, or locations, within the scope of this Agreement, to the list of equipment, supplies, services, or locations to be performed or provided by giving written notification to Contractor. For purposes of this Section, the “Effective Date” means the date specified in the notification from the CPO. As of the Effective Date, each item added is subject to this Agreement, as if it had originally been a part, but the charge for each item starts to accrue only on the Effective Date. In the event the additional equipment, supplies, services, or locations are not identical to the items(s) already under this Agreement, the charges therefor will then be Contractor’s normal and customary charges or rates for the equipment, supplies, services, or locations classified in the Fees and Costs (Exhibit “F”).

  • Right to Refuse to Cross Picket Lines (a) All employees covered by this Agreement shall have the right to refuse to cross a picket line arising out of a dispute as defined in the appropriate legislation. Any employees failing to report for duty shall be considered to be absent without pay.

  • Products and Services General Information The Vendor Agreement (“Agreement”) made and entered into by and between The Interlocal Purchasing System (hereinafter “TIPS”) a government cooperative purchasing program authorized by the Region 8 Education Service Center, having its principal place of business at 0000 XX Xxx 000 Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000 and the TIPS Vendor. This Agreement consists of the provisions set forth below, including provisions of all attachments referenced herein. In the event of a conflict between the provisions set forth below and those contained in any attachment, the provisions set forth shall control unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing and by signature and date on the attachment. A Purchase Order (“PO”), Agreement or Contract is the TIPS Member’s approval providing the authority to proceed with the negotiated delivery order under the Agreement. Special terms and conditions as agreed between the Vendor and TIPS Member should be added as addendums to the Purchase Order, Agreement or Contract. Items such as certificate of insurance, bonding requirements, small or disadvantaged business goals are some, but not all, of the possible addendums.

  • License Terms FAST grants to the Customer a perpetual (except as otherwise provided herein), non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable license (“License”) to use the Licensed Software within the limits for source data volume and queries per second set forth in the Order Form and Schedule A, in object code or other machine executable format and the Documentation during the Term and according to the terms and conditions set out herein. Customer may copy the Licensed Software for back-up or archival purposes, provided that any copy contains all of the original Licensed Software’s proprietary notices. Customer may not: (i) permit other entities or individuals to use the Licensed Software except under the terms listed herein, (ii) modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble (except to the extent applicable laws specifically prohibit such restriction and provided that Customer has first requested from FAST the tools necessary to create interoperable programs), or create derivative works based on the Licensed Software, (iii) copy the Licensed Software (except as specified herein), (iv) export, directly or indirectly, the Licensed Software to any person or entity outside the United States in violation of applicable U.S. export laws, (v) sell, rent, lease, or otherwise transfer rights to the Licensed Software, (vi) remove any proprietary notices or labels on the Licensed Software, (vii) separate, remove or replace any components of the Licensed Software provided by third parties (“Component Software”): use any Component Software independently of the Licensed Software; or use the Licensed Software without the Component Software. If Customer has purchased a Developer’s license (as indicated on the Order Form) Customer may use one copy of the licensed software and the Software Developer’s Kit to develop and test custom enhancements. This also includes support for developers in accordance with Schedule B-1 for so long as the customer is subscribing to Maintenance and Support hereunder. If Customer has purchased a non-production non-development license (as indicated on the Order Form), Customer may use one copy of the licensed software for quality assurance, testing or hot-standby use.

  • New Products You agree to comply with NASD Notice to Members 5-26 recommending best practices for reviewing new products.

  • Existing Products 1. Hardware - Title and ownership of Existing Hardware Product shall pass to Authorized User upon Acceptance.

  • License for Txdot Logo Use DocuSign Envelope ID: A2C96816-AFCF-4B6A-9B51-D8FCE6C6223E DocuSign Envelope ID: 81600B2C-53E9-4E39-BA73-002AB2A7A001

  • SOURCE CODE ESCROW FOR LICENSED PRODUCT If Source Code or Source Code escrow is offered by either Contractor or Product manufacturer or developer to any other commercial customers, Contractor shall either: (i) provide Licensee with the Source Code for the Product; or (ii) place the Source Code in a third party escrow arrangement with a designated escrow agent who shall be named and identified to the State, and who shall be directed to release the deposited Source Code in accordance with a standard escrow agreement acceptable to the State; or (iii) will certify to the State that the Product manufacturer/developer has named the State, acting by and through the Authorized User, and the Licensee, as a named beneficiary of an established escrow arrangement with its designated escrow agent who shall be named and identified to the State and Licensee, and who shall be directed to release the deposited Source Code in accordance with the terms of escrow. Source Code, as well as any corrections or enhancements to such source code, shall be updated for each new release of the Product in the same manner as provided above and such updating of escrow shall be certified to the State in writing. Contractor shall identify the escrow agent upon commencement of the Contract term and shall certify annually that the escrow remains in effect in compliance with the terms of this paragraph. The State may release the Source Code to Licensees under this Contract who have licensed Product or obtained services, who may use such copy of the Source Code to maintain the Product. FOR NEGOTIATED CONTRACTS THE FOLLOWING CLAUSES ARE RESERVED BECAUSE BIDDING DOES NOT APPLY: Clauses: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 15, 21, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 36, 49, 50, 52, 54 and 37 I N D E X Paragraph Paragraph A No. Additional Warranties 72 Advertising Results 20 Applicability 1 Assignment 56 Assignment of Claim 66 Audit of Licensed Product Usage 80 Authentication of Facsimile Bids 10 B Bid Contents 12 Bid Evaluation 29 Bid Opening 7 Bid Submission 8 C Changes to Product or Service Offerings 84 Clarification/Revisions 31 Confidential/Trade Secret Materials 14 Conflict of Terms 4 Conditional Bid 30 Contract Xxxxxxxx 62 Contract Creation/Execution 38 Contract Term - Renewal 71 Cooperation with Third Parties 70 D Default - Authorized User 63 Definitions 5 Disqualification for Past Performance 35 Drawings 25 E Emergency Contracts 43 Employees/Subcontractors/Agents 55 Equivalent or Identical Bids 33 Estimated/Specific Quantity Contracts 42 Ethics Compliance 3 Expenses Prior to Contract Execution 19 Extraneous Terms 13 F Facsimile Submissions 9 Freedom of Information Law 16 G Governing Law 2 I Indemnification 74 Indemnification Relating to Third Party Rights 75 Independent Contractor 68 Installation 52 Insurance 77 No. Interest on Late Payments 64 International Bidding 6 L Late Bids 11 Legal Compliance 73 Limitation of Liability 76 M Modification of Contract Terms 40 N No Hardstop/Passive License Monitoring 85 O On-Site Storage 54 Ownership/Title to Project Deliverables 81 P Participation in Centralized Contracts 39 Performance and Responsibility Qualifications 34 Performance/Bid Bond 58 Prevailing Wage Rates Public Works & Building Services Contracts 17 Pricing 24 Procurement Card 27 Product Acceptance 79 Product Delivery 45 Product References 21 Product Substitution 50 Product Version 83 Products Manufactured in Public Institutions 23 Prompt Payment Discounts 32 Proof of License 82 Purchase Orders 44 Q Quantity Changes Prior to Award 36 R Rejected Product 51 Release of Bid Evaluation Materials 15 Re-Weighing Product 49 Remanufactured, Recycled, Recyclable or Recovered Materials 22 Remedies for Breach 65 Repaired or Replaced Product/Components 00 X Xxxxxxx 00 Xxxxxxx/Xxxxx Xxxxxxx 61 Scope Changes 41 Security 69 Site Inspection 26 Shipping/Receipt of Product 47 Software License Grant 78 Source Code Escrow for Licensed Product 86 Subcontractors and Suppliers 57 Suspension of Work 59 T Taxes 18 Termination 60 Timeframe for Offers 37 Title and Risk of Loss 48 Toxic Substances 67 W Weekend and Holiday Deliveries 46 APPENDIX C MINORITY AND WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS ENTERPRISES EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY POLICY STATEMENT I, , the (title) of (Contractor) agree that (Contractor) has adopted the following policies with respect to Contract Number . M/WBE Contractor will make good faith efforts to achieve the M/WBE contract participations goals set by OGS for that area in which the State-funded project is located, by taking the following steps:

  • Third Party Products 9.1 In the event that Third Party Products are included in any delivery of Products or any performance of Services carried out under any Agreement, the terms applied by the Third Party apply instead of the terms of the Agreement for such Third Party Products, including the terms for the Customer’s right to use the Third Party Product. Any claims for redress presented by the Customer due, among other things, to intellectual property infringements, defects, delays, damages or any other consequences arising from the use or implementation of the Third Party Product is the responsibility of such Third Party Product provider and not Pentana Solutions and shall, as such be governed by such Third Party terms and not this Agreement. Pentana Solutions shall in no event and in no respect be liable for defects, delays or damages, whether direct, indirect or consequential caused by Third Party Products.

  • License Period The license granted hereunder shall be effective and terminate as of the dates specified in Schedule D attached hereto, unless sooner terminated or renewed in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof.