Problem Sample Clauses

Problem. Any error, bug, or malfunction that makes any feature of the Inktomi Search Engine perform unpredictably or to otherwise become intermittently unavailable, or that causes the Inktomi Search Engine to have a material degradation in response time performance.
Problem. Company is unwilling to insure title without exception as to possible loss under said policy because of certain underwriting problems, (herein the underwriting problems), to wit:
Problem. Problem" means any error, or any actual or perceived failure or functional impairment that causes reduced functionality to the Product. Problems are assigned a classification at the time of 3Com's initial contact with Seller. Problem classifications may be changed based upon new information or customer situation. Problems are classified by 3Com according to Severity level, based upon Technical and/or Customer Sensitivity as follows:
Problem. Any error, bug, or malfunction that makes any feature of the Ask Jeeves Service perform unpredictably or otherwise become intermittently available, or that causes the Service to have a material degradation in response time performance.
Problem. 20 The focus of this project is to investigate the effects of large-scale offshore wind farms on wind 21 stress reduction and its potential impacts to California upwelling and coastal nutrient delivery.
Problem. This study was premised on the idea that there is a critical need for the inclusion of eliminating racism content within the public health curriculum. Among the indicators of this need is the recent rise in racial tensions in the United States (Williams & Wines, 2016). In addition – and specific to the policies and practice of public health – research has shown racism to be a catalyst in the creation and perpetuation of health disparities among people of color (Frenk, 2014; Thomas, 2001). Race based health disparities also have a significant impact on the nation due to corresponding health care costs (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013; Kaiser Family Foundation, 2016) as well as the expected shift in US demographics that reflect an increase in the population of people of color (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2016). In addition, research shows that racism does not just negatively impact outcomes for people of color but for all of society including Caucasians (Lee et al., 2015). An additional consideration is the historical impact that racism has played in establishing and contributing to the current state of health disparities (Feagin & Bennefield, 2014). In spite of the magnitude of the aforementioned issues, close examination of the public health community reveals a slow and/or hesitant effort to research, discuss, and openly embrace the reality of the relationship between racism and health (García & Sharif, 2015). However, as more public health stakeholders have taken note and legitimized the issue, it has become important to consider how, if at all, the public health academic community has considered this issue. As a whole, the public health community’s hesitance to acknowledge and move forward the concept and terminology of racism as well as racism’s role in health outcomes is reflected in governing public health educational organizations and institutions (Taboada, 2011). There is also a tendency among the academic community to use “white framing” (Feagin & Bennefield, 2014) language and overarching terminology like “cultural competency” (Bull & Miller, 2008; Taboada, 2011) and efforts like “community service learning” (Taboada, 2011) without fully accepting and addressing their inability to reduce and eliminate racism not to mention their potential to contribute to and perpetuate racism (Bull & Miller, 2008; Kumagai & Lypson, 2009; Taboada, 2011). In addressing these problems, the primary purpose and design of this study was to research wheth...
Problem. CLASSIFICATION Licensor shall respond to and use its reasonable commercial efforts to resolve problems in accordance with the severity levels indicated below, which severity levels shall be determined in good faith by Licensee. SEVERITY PROBLEM RESOLUTION LEVEL DESCRIPTION RESPONSE TIME TARGET -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Mission-Critical Impact- Licensed Software or System [***] [***]
Problem. IDENTIFICATION In the multi-party cloud authentication causes vulnerable to an ephemeral secret leakage attack and proposed an enhanced scheme to withstand this attack. As the vehicle anonymity and hash function are public, the real identity of Impact Factor: 6.252 IJARSCT IS N (Online) 2581-9429 S International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Communication and Technology (IJARSCT) Volume 2, Issue 6, June 2022 the CSP is revealed to the authenticated vehicle. Thus, the scheme cannot withstand an ephemeral secret leakage attack. The existing schemes cannot prevent impersonation and man-in-the-middle attacks. In a vehicular network environment, real-time data are transmitted via wireless channels, which can lead to security and privacy issues. To avoid illegal access by adversaries, vehicle authentication and key agreement mechanism has been considered as one of the promising security measures in vehicular network environments. Besides, most of the solutions focus on authentication between one vehicle and one CSP. In such strategies, the implementation of efficient authentication for multiple vehicles and CSPs simultaneously is usually challenging. Further, they are also subjected to performance limitations due to the overhead incurred.
Problem. 23 In 2016, Cleantech San Diego and project partners were awarded $5 million to develop the San 24 Diego Regional Energy Innovation Network—now the Southern California Energy Innovation