Probationary Faculty Sample Clauses

Probationary Faculty. 36.01 In the event of decreased enrollment, elimination of programs, changes in course offerings, or a shortage of funds, the University may deem it necessary to reduce the number of Faculty Members. The University recognizes the importance to Faculty Members, their families, and to the community of a stable employment situation and the desirability that it be maintained if possible and therefore, will apply the following procedures in the event it finds it necessary to reduce numbers of Faculty Members.
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Probationary Faculty. For Probationary faculty, failure to confer Tenured status, or denial of promotion of Rank;
Probationary Faculty. Any probationary Faculty Member who has been laid off due to retrenchment shall be placed on a recall list for three (3) years and shall be recalled for positions in the bargaining unit for which the Faculty Member possesses the necessary educational preparation and professional qualifications.
Probationary Faculty. Full-time probationary Faculty Members shall not be laid off as long as part-time, temporary, and term Faculty Members remain in the program area where the layoff occurs. When this clause is used by the University, the University shall provide the appropriate seniority list to implement this clause.
Probationary Faculty. For probationary CHSPH faculty teaching on a semester basis, the first probationary year (Section 5.3.5(a)) must include at least one (1) semester of full- time employment. Notice of nonrenewal for such probationary faculty during the first academic year of service will be provided no later than June 1; notice of nonrenewal for such faculty in their third through sixth years of probation will be provided no later than June 1 for a terminal appointment that expires at the end of the next academic year. Except as provided in this Section, the provisions of Section 5.3 will apply to probationary CHSPH faculty teaching on a semester basis.
Probationary Faculty. Faculty members on a probationary contract may be granted a leave of absence without pay for reasons of health (physical or mental), child care or military service. Faculty members shall be eligible to apply for an authorized leave of absence under this paragraph after one (1) year's service with the College which immediately precedes the authorized effective date of such leave of absence.
Probationary Faculty a newly hired full-time faculty member is on probationary status per College Policy and for a term not to exceed four semesters (not including summer semesters). The parties agree that a full-time faculty member becomes a member of the bargaining unit after a period of one year from the original date of hire at SFCC, pursuant to Article 2.
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Probationary Faculty. Probationary faculty members will be evaluated under Chapter 28B.50 RCW, as currently enacted or hereafter amended and the College’s Tenure Review Process. In addition, probationary faculty will be evaluated according to the process set forth in this Article on an annual basis by the supervising administrator.
Probationary Faculty. An overall satisfactory rating during the first three (3) years shall result in a recommendation to rehire. An overall satisfactory rating during the fourth year shall result in a recommendation to award tenure. Unsatisfactory Evaluations:
Probationary Faculty. An overall unsatisfactory rating may result in an off-cycle evaluation, additional mentoring/training or recommendation not to reemploy/not to award tenure pursuant to provisions in the Education Code. The vice president’s decision regarding an unsatisfactory evaluation will be based on the severity of the noted deficiencies and previous evaluations. The vice president will provide the bargaining unit member an opportunity to meet and discuss the unsatisfactory evaluation.
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