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Predictions. A phonetic/ morphological reason for lack of predicative adjectives agreement: the erosion of endings found throughout the Germanic and Romance languages. A syntactic reason reason for lack of predicative adjectives agreement: That head-final AdjPs do not have spec-X° agreement, cf. the preceding sections. This syntactic reason does not apply to attributive adjectives. Presupposing that there are no other reasons why adjectives should lack agreement, the following predictions are made:
Predictions. 5.1: Astrologer understand that this is an astrology platform and only astrology services are provided through this platform. Astrologer is responsible for all predictions/advice made by the Astrologer. Astrologer understand and agrees that he will not make any prediction which is unlawful/illegal or against any law. Astrologer must refrain from advising below mentioned list of prediction/advice, which is not exhaustive. Predicting gender/sex of the unborn. Predicting on any matter/game related to gambling. Predicting on any matter which is illegal/unlawful. Predicting on any matter which is beyond Astrologer’️s expertise. Predicting on any matter for which astrologer is not qualified.
Predictions. The RQs will be examined by testing the following predictions: Theories like the Bottleneck Hypothesis (Xxxxxxxxx, 2008) and Syntax-before-morphology (White, 2003) hypothesize that functional morphology is hard to acquire for language learners. The literature on functional morphology showcases this difficulty (Xxxxxxxxx, 2016). Also, data from studies like Xxxxxx (2016), Xxxxxx et al. (2019) and Xxxxxxx (2018) support this view. Accordingly, prediction 1 reflects this perspective because the two groups used in this study are comparable to those that were used in the studies mentioned above.
Predictions. The Subscriber understands that any forecasts or predictions as to the Company’s performance are based on estimates, assumptions and forecasts that the Company believes to be reasonable but that may prove to be materially incorrect, and no assurance is given that actual results will correspond with the results contemplated by the various forecasts.
Predictions. (23) Proposal (final):
Predictions. Before summarizing our findings, we would like to lay out the predictions of the two most important accounts of agreement attraction.

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