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Please indicate. Set up Pre-Authorized Debit PlanChange of Bank Account No. □ Cancellation Strata Fees Special Levy Frequency and Amount of Debits: A debit, in paper, electronic or other form in the amount of $ on 1st day of each month beginning . (When the budgeted strata fee renews, the amount of this Pre-Authorized Payment will automatically be changed to the new payment amount.)
Please indicate. Any items in this collection not retained by LHEF (duplicate books or periodicals, for example) are to be (check one): Returned to the donor Disposed of at LHEF's discretion Any copyright which the donor possesses to publish or reproduce this material in print, video, film, or other recorded format is reserved by the donor requiring written consent prior to each publication until death whereupon (check one): It is assigned to LHEF, Inc. (recommended) Assigned at this time to LHEF, Inc. Other (as stipulated below or on reverse) LHEF (check one) may may not list my name and a general description this material on the LHA website. I understand that any restrictions that may appear below remain in effect. I understand that all responsibility to obtain publication or reproduction permission rests solely with individual researchers, not with LHEF, Inc. Researchers may take photographs or make photocopies of this material for personal use instead of note taking. LHEF, Inc. may/may not (circle one) provide researchers with my address and phone number for publication permissions. The person/people in this photograph have/have not (circle one) agreed to let their images be published/reproduced. Restrictions: (Please use back of page if more space is needed). Access to this material is restricted as follows: Display of this material by LHEF is restricted as follows: Donor Signature: Received By: Date: (to be filled in by LHEF)
Please indicate if this Payment Request Form reimburses Lessee for any payment orpayments previously made by Lessee: __Yes __No. If this Payment Request Form requests such a reimbursement, the payment or payments for any obligations originally paid by Lessee, for federal income tax purposes, was after __, ____.
Please indicate. Do you need electricity: ( Yes/ No ) ? Only Single Phase available Note: Electricity supply available is restricted and cannot be made freely available. The use of any loose electrical cables over any walkway is strictly prohibited.
Please indicate. □ I (we) intend to fulfill this gift with a single payment of the gift amount pledged above no later than . (mm/dd/yyyy) OR □ I (we) intend to fulfill this gift over the next years (not to exceed 3), with an initiating payment of $ to be made on (date). Subsequent payments, each in the amount of $ will be made on the first day in the month of in year(s) (i.e. 2017/2018/2019). □ Please list my (our) names in acknowledgements or project written materials as: (Please Print) OR □ Please do not use my (our) name in any publications or written materials associated with the North Bay Children’s Center Capital Campaign. In the event that I (we) do not survive during the pledge commitment period stated above, I(we) hereby instruct those managing my (our) estate to pay in full any outstanding amounts remaining in this agreement. This gift agreement is executed in two (2) copies; both of which are deemed as originals. Please return one signed copy to NBCC. Donor Signature Date

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  • Territorial Extension 1. This Convention may be extended, either in its entirety or with any necessary modifications, to either or both of the countries of Surinam or the Netherlands Antilles, if the country concerned imposes taxes substantially similar in character to those to which this Convention applies. Any such extension shall take effect from such date and subject to such modifications and conditions, including conditions as to termination, as may be specified and agreed in notes to be exchanged through diplomatic channels.

  • BASIC TERMS This Article One contains the Basic Terms of this Lease between the Landlord and Tenant named below. Other Articles, Sections and Paragraphs of the Lease referred to in this Article One explain and define the Basic Terms and are to be read in conjunction with the Basic Terms.

  • Term Extension The term of this Employment Agreement (the "Term of this Employment Agreement") will commence as of January 1, 1998, and shall continue through December 31, 2000. On the first and each successive anniversary of the effective date of this Employment Agreement, the Term of this Employment Agreement shall be extended for an additional one (1) year period, unless either party gives notice no later than such anniversary date of such party's intent not to extend the Term of this Employment Agreement. Termination of the Executive's employment pursuant to this Employment Agreement shall be governed by Sections 4 and 5.

  • Specific Terms Whenever used in this Agreement, the following words and phrases, unless the context otherwise requires, shall have the following meanings:

  • CONTRACT TERM - EXTENSION In addition to any stated extension periods in the Contract, any Contract or portion thereof awarded by the Commissioner may be extended by mutual agreement of the Commissioner and the Contractor for an additional period of up to one year. Such extension for up to an additional one-year period may be exercised on a month-to-month basis or in other stated periods of time.

  • RIGHT TO DEVELOP AIRPORT It is covenanted and agreed that Authority reserves the right to further develop or improve the Airport and all landing areas and taxiways as it may see fit, regardless of the desires or views of Company or its subcontractors and without interference or hindrance.

  • Product Specific Terms these terms apply to specific Products referenced in this section.

  • Transfer and Seniority Outside the Bargaining Unit (a) It is understood that an employee shall not be transferred by the Hospital to a position outside the bargaining unit without his consent except in the case of temporary assignments not exceeding six (6) months. This period may be extended a further six (6) months upon the agreement of the employee and the Hospital. Such employees on temporary assignments shall remain members of the bargaining unit.

  • Patent Term Extensions The Parties shall cooperate with each other in gaining patent term extension wherever applicable to any Licensed Product. All filings for such extension shall be made by the Party to whom the responsibility for prosecuting patent is assigned; provided, however, that in the event that the Party to whom the responsibility for such patent is assigned elects not to file for an extension, such Party shall (a) inform the other Party of its intention not to file, (b) grant the other Party the right to file for such extension, and (c) cooperate as necessary to assist the other Party in filing such extension. ***Text Omitted and Filed Separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential Treatment Requested Under