Licences Sample Clauses

Licences. PCS has obtained and is in compliance with all licenses, permits, certificates, consents, orders, grants and other authorizations of or from any Governmental Entity necessary to conduct its businesses as they are now being or are proposed to be conducted, other than such permissions the absence of which would, individually or in the aggregate, not have a Material Adverse Effect on PCS.
Licences. The Hirer shall ensure that the Village Hall holds a Performing Society Rights Licence which permits the use of copyright music in any form e.g. record, compact disc, tapes, radio, television or by performers in person. If other licences are required in respect of any activity in the Village Hall the Hirer should ensure that they hold the relevant licence or the Village Hall holds it.
Licences. This Agreement does not itself permit you to use JTT Products. That use is governed by the individual types of usage you select in the course of ordering JTT Products, and the specific type of licence that is identified in your order for that usage, and to which you agree in the course of placing your order (each a “Licence”).
Licences. 6.1 The Hirer shall be responsible for obtaining any licences and for completing any returns that may be required by the Performing Rights Society, Phonographic Performance Limited, The Copyright Licensing Agency Limited and all other similar bodies in connection with the hiring and the Hirer shall indemnify the Council against the consequences of the Hirer’s failure to do so.
Licences. 11.1 The Service Provider shall ensure that all the necessary licences, all other authorisations, permissions, consents, approvals and dispensations which it may require from time to time for the provision of the Services are in place for the Term.
Licences. 1. A licence may only be required for services which are within the scope of the universal service.
Licences. 5.1 Throughout the Term and any renewal, the Compounding and Repackaging Pharmacy shall ensure that its operations are managed, controlled and supervised by a licensee who:
Licences. The Company holds all licences and permits as may be requisite for carrying on the Business in the manner in which it has heretofore been carried on, which licences and permits have been maintained and continue to be in good standing;
Licences. 1.1 The Secretary of State has received, on or before the Start Date, written notice from the XXX, addressed to the Secretary of State and in a form satisfactory to the Secretary of State, which confirms that:
Licences. Each BKAP Subsidiary has obtained all material licences, permissions, authorisations (public or private) and consents (together, Approvals) required for maintaining its corporate existence in good standing and required for carrying on its business substantially in the manner in which it is carried on at the date of this Agreement, in each case in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. These Approvals are in full force and effect, are not limited in duration or subject to any materially unusual or onerous conditions, and have been complied with in all material respects. So far as BKAP is aware, there are no circumstances which indicate that any Approval will or is likely to be revoked or not renewed, in whole or in part, in the ordinary course of events (whether as a result of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement or any of the Transaction Documents or otherwise).