PDC Sample Clauses

PDC while proposing the various technologies, will ensure that the technologies are compliant to various statutory requirements/norms.
PDC. Request, Acquisition and Fruition: a general view 223
PDC. End of the year. Many teams are going to State. Seemed to be a good year.• All teams should have adequate ice time to prepare for State.• Mite jamboree – went really well. Had just under 400 kids within 2 days. Parents really stepped up and helped out. Seemed to be ahead of schedule. Positive feedback. Raffles seemed to go well. Photo booth seemed to do well and we will receive 10% of all sales. Great job to everyone. For next
PDC. (i) If any or all of PDC is not sold within 2 years of closing, the unsold portion of PDC will be monetized, with the stockholders receiving (i) their pro rata share of the net proceeds of PDC or its assets that have been sold plus (ii) their pro rata share of the fair market value of the unsold portion of PDC as determined by a nationally recognized real estate appraiser (the “PDC monetization date”; the “PDC monetization event” shall be the date on which stockholders receive their pro rata share of the fair market value of PDC).
PDC. (i) has complied and has caused all of its employees, agents, representatives, contractors, invitees and other third parties to comply, with all Environmental Laws with respect to the Properties. PDC expressly warrants, represents and agrees that no Hazardous Substances (as hereinafter defined) have been generated, stored or handled on, under, or about the Properties, either by PDC or any of its employees, agents, representatives, contractors, invitees or other third parties in violation of any Environmental Law, and further agrees that no Hazardous Substance have been treated, released or disposed of on, under or about the Properties. Further, PDC shall promptly notify FRG upon becoming aware of any proceeding, inquiry or notice from any third party, including any Governmental Authority, with respect to the use or presence of any Hazardous Substances on the Properties, or the migration thereof to or from other property.
PDC consequent upon acceptance of appropriate technology, will continue to assist in further processes of deployment including documentations viz. conduct evaluations and required analytics for the smooth and accurate functioning of the technology.
PDC. Abbreviation for Point of Demand Connection. For a more detailed description, see section 3.2.16.
PDC. The PDC meeting that was scheduled for Dec. 16th was postponed due to the weather. It has been rescheduled for Jan. 9th.
PDC. A Professional Development Council (PDC) shall be established to meet with the Superintendent. The purpose of the council shall be to provide direction and organization for district staff inservice, develop the District Professional Development Plan and monitor inservice activities for the certified staff of USD 271. Teacher representation shall be in accordance with the District Professional Development Plan. Representation will consist of teachers, administrators, and board members, the majority of which shall be teachers. Building representatives will be nominated and voted on by the teachers in their respective building.
PDC while working out various PPP Models, should also indicate the requirement of manpower (Faculty, Technical, & Support staff) for deploying the technology.