Payment of Residual Consideration Sample Clauses

Payment of Residual Consideration. The timing of the payment of the Residual Consideration, if any, shall be in the discretion of BCLP GP.
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Payment of Residual Consideration. The timing of the payment of the Residual Consideration, if any, shall be in the discretion of BCLP GP. Residual Consideration shall not be paid to any holder who has not previously surrendered its Certificates in accordance with Section 1.02 hereof.

Related to Payment of Residual Consideration

  • Initial Consideration On the Effective Date, Retrocessionaire shall reimburse Retrocedant for one hundred percent (100%) of any and all unearned premiums paid by Retrocedant under such Inuring Retrocessions net of any applicable unearned ceding commissions paid to Retrocedant thereunder.

  • Payment of Consideration The Purchaser shall, following receipt of the Final Order and immediately prior to the Effective Time, provide (i) the Depositary with sufficient funds to be held in escrow (the terms and conditions of such escrow to be satisfactory to the Company and the Purchaser, acting reasonably) to satisfy the aggregate Consideration payable to the Shareholders, and (ii) the Company with the Funding Loan to satisfy the required payments under the Arrangement to the holders of Options, all as provided in the Plan of Arrangement.

  • Total Consideration The aggregate consideration (the "Consideration") payable by the Surviving Partnership in connection with the merger of the Merged Partnership with and into the Surviving Partnership shall be $9,580,000., subject to adjustments at Closing pursuant to Section 3.9 and costs paid pursuant to Section 3.10(c) and Section 3.11, plus the amount of any tax or other reserves held by the Existing Lender (hereinafter defined).

  • Additional Consideration Retrocessionaire agrees to pay under the Inuring Retrocessions all future premiums Retrocedant is obligated to pay pursuant to the terms of the Inuring Retrocessions to the extent that such premiums are allocable to Retrocessionaire in the manner set forth in Exhibit E hereto, and not otherwise paid by Retrocessionaire and to indemnify Retrocedant for all such premiums paid directly by Retrocedant, net of any ceding commissions and similar amounts paid by Third Party Retrocessionaires to Retrocedant.

  • Purchase Consideration The consideration payable in connection with a purchase transaction shall be debited from the appropriate deposit account of the Portfolio as of the time and date that funds would ordinarily be required to settle the transaction in the applicable market. The Custodian shall promptly recredit the amount at the time that the Portfolio or the Fund notifies the Custodian by Proper Instruction that the transaction has been canceled.

  • Consideration Payment 5.1 In consideration of the Company’s Services, the Client shall pay to the Company the Consideration to be stipulated in the Termsheet and all reasonable out of pocket expenses (if any) in accordance with the commercial terms and payment terms as detailed in the Separate Agreement.

  • No Additional Consideration For the avoidance of doubt, the transfer of any Assets under this Section 2.8 shall be effected without any additional consideration by either party.

  • Settlement Consideration 2. In consideration of the full settlement, satisfaction, compromise and release of the Released Plaintiffs’ Claims, an aggregate $115 million in cash (the “Escrow Amount”) shall be paid on behalf of the Settling Defendants to Freeport by the D&O Carriers. The Settling Defendants shall cause the Escrow Amount to be deposited by the D&O Carriers into an interest-bearing escrow account controlled by an agreed upon representative of Plaintiffs and of the Settling Defendants (the “Escrow Account”) within fifteen (15) business days after the Stipulation is submitted to the Court. Upon the Effective Date, the Escrow Amount, together with any and all interest thereon, shall be paid to Freeport from the Escrow Account. For the avoidance of doubt, the Settling Defendants shall have no obligation to deposit any portion of the Escrow Amount into the Escrow Account but shall have an obligation to take all reasonably available steps to seek to cause the D&O Carriers to deposit the Escrow Amount into the Escrow Account.

  • Stock Consideration 3 subsidiary...................................................................53

  • Allocation of Consideration (i) Subject to Subsection 2.2(d)(ii), the aggregate consideration payable to the Participating Investors and the selling Key Holder shall be allocated based on the number of shares of Capital Stock sold to the Prospective Transferee by each Participating Investor and the selling Key Holder as provided in Subsection 2.2(b), provided that if a Participating Investor wishes to sell Preferred Stock, the price set forth in the Proposed Transfer Notice shall be appropriately adjusted based on the conversion ratio of the Preferred Stock into Common Stock.

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