PAG Sample Clauses

PAG. “PAG” shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in the first Paragraph of this Agreement.
PAG. Gilbert PT, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company, d/b/a Pain Associates of Gilbert By: ____________________________________________________ John Eby, Manager DR. SHACKET: ____________________________________________________

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Asset Management BNYM will maintain an inventory of its system components, hardware and software used to provide the Services, and will review and update such inventory in accordance with the ISP.
Inc will pay to the relevant Employees all Excess Employee Contributions held by Inc. at that time.
LLC LLC agrees that it shall at all times during the Term provide Cinemark, at LLC’s own cost except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, with the following:
Executive Director • The Contractor must submit an Appeal to the Commission’s Executive Director within ten (10) working days of receipt of the Commission Agreement Officer’s Dispute Finding. The Appeal must explain why the Commission Agreement Officer’s decision is unacceptable. The Contractor must include the following as attachments to the Appeal: (1) the Contractor Dispute Statement; (2) any supporting documents; and (3) the Dispute Finding.• The Executive Director or his/her designee will meet with the Contractor to review the issues raised.• A written decision signed by the Executive Director or his/her designee will be sent to the Contractor within twenty (20) working days of receipt of the Appeal. The Executive Director may exercise the option of presenting the decision to the Commission at a business meeting.• If the Contractor disagrees with the Executive Director’s decision, it may appeal to the Commission at a regularly scheduled business meeting. The Commission Agreement Officer will inform the Contractor of the procedure for placing the appeal on a Commission Business Meeting Agenda.
General Management The business and affairs of the Company shall be managed by Atlantic Power Transmission, Inc., a Delaware corporation, in its capacity as the sole member and the sole member shall have the fullest right, power and authority to manage, direct and control all of the business and affairs of the Company and to transact business of its behalf.
Mission COMMISSION in partnership with others, strengthens families, communities, and systems of services and supports so that all children in L.A. County enter kindergarten ready to succeed in school and life.
Exit Management The Contractor shall perform its relevant Exit Management obligations as part of the Framework whether applicable on either the expiry or early termination of this Agreement.
S&P Standard & Poor's Corporation, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. If S&P is designated as a Rating Agency in the Preliminary Statement, for purposes of Section 11.5(b) the address for notices to S&P shall be Standard & Poor's, 55 Water Street, 41st Floor, New York, New York 10041, Attention: Mortgage Surveillance Monitoring, or such other address as S&P may hereafter furnish to the Depositor and the Master Servicer. Startup Day: The Closing Date. Stated Principal Balance: As to any Mortgage Loan and Due Date, the unpaid principal balance of such Mortgage Loan as of such Due Date as specified in the amortization schedule at the time relating thereto (before any adjustment to such amortization schedule by reason of any moratorium or similar waiver or grace period) after giving effect to any previous partial Principal Prepayments and Liquidation Proceeds allocable to principal (other than with respect to any Liquidated Mortgage Loan) and to the payment of principal due on such Due Date and irrespective of any delinquency in payment by the related Mortgagor. Streamlined Documentation Mortgage Loan: Any Mortgage Loan originated pursuant to the Seller's Streamlined Loan Documentation Program then in effect. Subordinated Certificates: As specified in the Preliminary Statement. Subordinated Certificate Writedown Amount: As of any Distribution Date, the amount by which (a) the sum of the Class Certificate Balances of all of the Certificates, after giving effect to the distribution of principal and the allocation of Realized Losses in reduction of the Class Certificate Balances of all of the Certificates on such Distribution Date, exceeds (b) the aggregate Pool Principal Balance for both Mortgage Pools on the first day of the month of such Distribution Date less any Deficient Valuations occurring before the Bankruptcy Loss Coverage Amount has been reduced to zero. Subordinated Optimal Principal Amount: With respect to each Mortgage Pool and each Distribution Date, an amount equal to the sum of the following (but in no event greater than the aggregate Class Certificate Balances of the Subordinated Certificates immediately prior to such Distribution Date):
Network Management 33.1 Cooperation. The Parties will work cooperatively in a commercially reasonable manner to install and maintain a reliable network. QuantumShift and CenturyLink will exchange appropriate information (e.g., network information, maintenance contact numbers, escalation procedures, and information required to comply with requirements of law enforcement and national security agencies) to achieve this desired reliability. In addition, the Parties will work cooperatively in a commercially reasonable manner to apply sound network management principles to alleviate or to prevent traffic congestion and to minimize fraud associated with third number billed calls, calling card calls, and other services related to this Agreement. 31.2 Responsibility for Following Standards. QuantumShift recognizes its responsibility to follow the standards that may be agreed to between the Parties and to employ characteristics and methods of operation that will not interfere with or impair the service, network or facilities of CenturyLink or any third parties connected with or involved directly in the network or facilities of CenturyLink. 31.3 Interference or Impairment. The characteristics and methods of operation of any circuits, facilities or equipment of QuantumShift connected to CenturyLink’s network shall not interfere with or impair service over any circuits, facilities or equipment of CenturyLink, its affiliated companies, or its connecting and concurring carriers involved in its services, cause damage to its plant, violate any applicable law or regulation regarding the invasion of privacy of any communications carried over CenturyLink’s facilities or create hazards to the employees of CenturyLink or to the public (with the foregoing hereinafter being collectively referred to as an “Impairment of Service”). If QuantumShift causes an Impairment in Service, CenturyLink shall promptly notify QuantumShift of the nature and location of the problem and that, unless promptly rectified, a temporary discontinuance of the use of any circuit, facility or equipment may be required. The Parties agree to work together to attempt to promptly resolve the Impairment of Service. If QuantumShift is unable to promptly remedy the Impairment of Service, then CenturyLink may, at its option, temporarily discontinue the use of the affected circuit, facility or equipment until the Impairment of Service is remedied. 31.4 Outage Repair Standard. In the event of an outage or trouble in any service being provided by CenturyLink hereunder, QuantumShift will follow CenturyLink’s standard procedures for isolating and clearing the outage or trouble.
Exit Interview Prior to Employment Separation, you shall attend an exit interview if desired by the Company and shall, in any event, inform the Company at the earliest possible time of the identity of your future employer and of the nature of your future employment.