Outstanding Voting Shares Sample Clauses

Outstanding Voting Shares. (a) For purposes of this Agreement, in determining the percentage of outstanding Voting Shares with respect to which a Person is or is deemed to be the Beneficial Owner, all unissued Voting Shares of which such person is deemed to be the Beneficial Owner shall be deemed to be outstanding.
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Outstanding Voting Shares. The Liquidator (if other than the Board of Directors) shall agree not to resign at any time without 15 days’ prior notice and may be removed at any time, with or without cause, by notice of removal approved by holders of a majority of the Outstanding Voting Shares. Upon dissolution, removal or resignation of the Liquidator, a successor and substitute Liquidator (who shall have and succeed to all rights, powers and duties of the original Liquidator) shall within 30 days thereafter be approved by holders of a majority of the Outstanding Voting Shares. The right to approve a successor or substitute Liquidator in the manner provided herein shall be deemed to refer also to any such successor or substitute Liquidator approved in the manner herein provided. Except as expressly provided in this Article X, the Liquidator approved in the manner provided herein shall have and may exercise, without further authorization or consent of any of the parties hereto, all of the powers conferred upon the Board of Directors under the terms of this Agreement (but subject to all of the applicable limitations, contractual and otherwise, upon the exercise of such powers, other than the limitation on sale set forth in Section 7.3(b)) necessary or appropriate to carry out the duties and functions of the Liquidator hereunder for and during the period of time required to complete the winding up and liquidation of the Company as provided for herein.

Related to Outstanding Voting Shares

  • Outstanding Shares On the Closing Date, Pubco shall have no more than 55,000,000 common shares issued and outstanding in the capital of Pubco after giving effect to issuance of the Pubco Shares and the share cancellations described in this Agreement.

  • Outstanding Common Stock The number of shares of Common Stock at any time outstanding shall (A) not include any shares thereof then directly or indirectly owned or held by or for the account of the Issuer or any of its Subsidiaries, and (B) be deemed to include all shares of Common Stock then issuable upon conversion, exercise or exchange of any then outstanding Common Stock Equivalents or any other evidences of Indebtedness, shares of Capital Stock or other Securities which are or may be at any time convertible into or exchangeable for shares of Common Stock or Other Common Stock.

  • Calculation of Number and Percentage of Beneficial Ownership of Outstanding Voting Shares For purposes of this Agreement, the percentage of Voting Shares Beneficially Owned by any Person, shall be and be deemed to be the product (expressed as a percentage) determined by the formula: 100 x A/B where:

  • Capitalization; Voting Rights (a) The Company’s authorized capital stock, as of immediately prior to the Closing, is composed of (i) 10,000,000 shares of Common Stock, with 100,000 shares having been issued and currently outstanding, and (ii) 1,000,000 convertible preferred stock, including 45,000 shares that have been designated as Series A Convertible Preferred Stock, of which 35,484.07 shares have been issued and are presently outstanding.

  • Outstanding Stock All issued and outstanding shares of capital stock and equity interests in the Company have been duly authorized and validly issued and are fully paid and non-assessable.

  • Ownership of Outstanding Shares Without the prior approval of ExchangeCo and the prior approval of the holders of the Exchangeable Shares given in accordance with Section 10.2 of the Share Provisions, Parent covenants and agrees in favour of ExchangeCo that, as long as any outstanding Exchangeable Shares are owned by any person or entity other than Parent or any of its Affiliates, Parent will be and remain the direct or indirect beneficial owner of all issued and outstanding voting shares in the capital of ExchangeCo.

  • Outstanding Warrants The Warrants outstanding at any time are all Warrants evidenced on all Warrant Certificates authenticated by the Warrant Agent except for those canceled by it and those delivered to it for cancellation. A Warrant ceases to be outstanding if the Company or an Affiliate of the Company holds the Warrant. If a Warrant Certificate is replaced pursuant to Section 2.06, the Warrants evidenced thereby cease to be outstanding unless the Warrant Agent and the Company receive proof satisfactory to them that the replaced Warrant Certificate is held by a bona fide purchaser.

  • Calculation of Number of Outstanding Shares of Common Stock For purposes of Section 5.05(A), the number of shares of Common Stock outstanding at any time will (i) include shares issuable in respect of scrip certificates issued in lieu of fractions of shares of Common Stock; and (ii) exclude shares of Common Stock held in the Company’s treasury (unless the Company pays any dividend or makes any distribution on shares of Common Stock held in its treasury).

  • Class B Common Stock 2 Closing........................................................................5

  • Cash Dividends; Voting Rights Unless an Event of Default has occurred and the Administrative Agent has given notice to the Pledgors of the Administrative Agent’s intent to exercise its corresponding rights pursuant to Section 7 hereof, the Pledgors shall be permitted to receive all cash dividends, to the extent permitted in the Credit Agreement, in respect of the Pledged Stock and to exercise all voting and corporate rights with respect to the Pledged Stock; provided, however, that no vote shall be cast or corporate right exercised or other action taken which, in the Administrative Agent’s reasonable judgment, would impair the Collateral or which would be inconsistent with or result in any violation of any provision of the Credit Agreement, this Pledge Agreement or any other Credit Document.

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