Other Outstanding Obligations Sample Clauses

Other Outstanding Obligations. Unless required to be paid sooner hereunder, any and all Obligations in addition to the amounts due under the Note shall be due and payable in full upon the Maturity Date.
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Other Outstanding Obligations. 7. If I default on any of the payments specified in this agreement, then without detracting from the Operator's right to take any of the actions listed in section 11 herein, I shall be charged linked arrears interest at the rate of 0.25% for each week in arrears, in addition to the linkage of the payments as specified in the agreement, starting from the date on which the payments were due until the date of their actual payment.

Related to Other Outstanding Obligations

  • Outstanding Obligations Borrower shall have no obligations as of the date of this Agreement except those approved by HUD in writing and, except for those approved obligations, the Land has been paid for in full (or if the Land is subject to a leasehold interest, it must be subject to a HUD-approved lease), and is free from any liens or purchase money obligations, except as approved by HUD. As of the date hereof, all contractual obligations relating to the Project have been fully disclosed to HUD.

  • Funding Obligations 6.1 Grantee acknowledges that HHSC’s obligation for payment, in consideration of full and satisfactory performance of activities described in this Contract, is limited to monies received from the Administration on Aging (“AoA”), the State, and any other funding source.

  • Payment of Outstanding Indebtedness, etc The Administrative Agent shall have received evidence that immediately after the making of the Loans on the Closing Date, all Indebtedness under the Existing Credit Agreement and any other Indebtedness not permitted by Section 7.04, together with all interest, all payment premiums and all other amounts due and payable with respect thereto, shall be paid in full from the proceeds of the initial Credit Event, and the commitments in respect of such Indebtedness shall be permanently terminated, and all Liens securing payment of any such Indebtedness shall be released and the Administrative Agent shall have received all payoff and release letters, Uniform Commercial Code Form UCC-3 termination statements or other instruments or agreements as may be suitable or appropriate in connection with the release of any such Liens.

  • No Outstanding Loans or Other Indebtedness Except as described in the Prospectus, there are no outstanding loans, advances (except normal advances for business expenses in the ordinary course of business) or guarantees or indebtedness by the Company to or for the benefit of any of the officers or directors of the Company or any of the members of any of them.

  • Outstanding Indebtedness Neither the Company nor any of its Subsidiaries has outstanding any Indebtedness except as permitted by paragraph 6B. There exists no default under the provisions of any instrument evidencing such Indebtedness or of any agreement relating thereto.

  • MAXIMUM OBLIGATION ‌ The total Maximum Obligation of County to the Subrecipient for the cost of services provided in accordance with this Contract is $ 350,000, with individual Maximum Obligation budgets for each Fiscal Year as further detailed in the Budget Schedule, identified and incorporated herein by this reference as Attachment “C”.

  • No Outstanding Charges There are no defaults in complying with the terms of the Mortgage, and all taxes, governmental assessments, insurance premiums, water, sewer and municipal charges, leasehold payments or ground rents which previously became due and owing have been paid, or an escrow of funds has been established in an amount sufficient to pay for every such item which remains unpaid and which has been assessed but is not yet due and payable. The Seller has not advanced funds, or induced, solicited or knowingly received any advance of funds by a party other than the Mortgagor, directly or indirectly, for the payment of any amount required under the Mortgage Loan, except for interest accruing from the date of the Mortgage Note or date of disbursement of the Mortgage Loan proceeds, whichever is earlier, to the day which precedes by one month the related Due Date of the first installment of principal and interest;

  • Ventures, Subsidiaries and Affiliates; Outstanding Stock and Indebtedness Except as set forth in Disclosure Schedule (3.8), as of the Closing Date, no Credit Party has any Subsidiaries, is engaged in any joint venture or partnership with any other Person, or is an Affiliate of any other Person. All of the issued and outstanding Stock of each Credit Party is owned by each of the Stockholders and in the amounts set forth in Disclosure Schedule (3.8). Except as set forth in Disclosure Schedule (3.8), there are no outstanding rights to purchase, options, warrants or similar rights or agreements pursuant to which any Credit Party may be required to issue, sell, repurchase or redeem any of its Stock or other equity securities or any Stock or other equity securities of its Subsidiaries. All outstanding Indebtedness and Guaranteed Indebtedness of each Credit Party as of the Closing Date (except for the Obligations) is described in Section 6.3 (including Disclosure Schedule (6.3)).

  • Reallocation of Pro Rata Share to Reduce Fronting Exposure During any period in which any Revolving Credit Lender is a Defaulting Lender, for purposes of computing the amount of the obligation of each Revolving Credit Lender that is a Non-Defaulting Lender to acquire, refinance or fund participations in Letters of Credit or Swing Line Loans pursuant to Section 2.03, the “Pro Rata Share” of each Non-Defaulting Lender’s Revolving Credit Loans and L/C Obligations shall be computed without giving effect to the Revolving Credit Commitment of that Defaulting Lender; provided that (i) each such reallocation shall be given effect only if, at the date the applicable Revolving Credit Lender becomes a Defaulting Lender, no Default or Event of Default has occurred and is continuing; and (ii) the aggregate obligation of each Non-Defaulting Lender to acquire, refinance or fund participations in Letters of Credit and Swing Line Loans shall not exceed the positive difference, if any, of (1) the Revolving Credit Commitment of that Non-Defaulting Lender minus (2) the aggregate Outstanding Amount of the Revolving Credit Loans of that Non-Defaulting Lender. No reallocation hereunder shall constitute a waiver or release of any claim of any party hereunder against a Defaulting Lender arising from that Lender having become a Defaulting Lender, including any claim of a Non-Defaulting Lender as a result of such Non-Defaulting Lender’s increased exposure following such reallocation. If the allocation described in this clause (iv) cannot, or can only partially, be effected, the Borrower shall, without prejudice to any right or remedy available to it hereunder or under law, (x) first, prepay Swing Line Loans in an amount equal to the Swing Line Lenders’ Fronting Exposure and (y) second, Cash Collateralize the L/C Issuers’ Fronting Exposure in accordance with the procedures satisfactory to such L/C Issuer (in its sole discretion).

  • Outstanding Debt CONTRACTOR shall have no outstanding debt with COUNTY, or shall be in the process of resolving outstanding debt to ADMINISTRATOR’s satisfaction, prior to entering into and during the term of this Agreement.