Other Business Arrangements Sample Clauses

Other Business Arrangements. On the Closing Date, the Venture shall enter into agreements with various of the Parties and their Affiliates as follows:
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Other Business Arrangements. (a) Consistent with the fiduciary duties of WTI and WTC and applicable law, for so long as WTI is a Member, without the consent of the Board, neither WTI nor any of its Affiliates will acquire, by means of stock or asset purchase, merger or otherwise, or enter into any joint venture or similar arrangement with, any investment manager, the majority of whose income is derived from U .S. small to mid-cap value investment advisory services.
Other Business Arrangements. The Company is not, and will not on Completion be, a party to any joint venture, partnership, syndicate, consortium, or other body or association, whether incorporated or not (other than a recognised trade association).
Other Business Arrangements. The Company is not a party to any material purchasing, manufacturing, trading, marketing, distribution, licensing, agency or other contract, commitment or arrangement which has not been disclosed to the Purchaser, and will not prior to Completion enter into any such contract, commitment or arrangement without the prior written consent of the Purchaser.
Other Business Arrangements. E-LOAN agrees RE/MAX shall have the opportunity to enter into additional agreements with E-LOAN, under terms and conditions mutually agreed to between the parties, for RE/MAX to market and make available to RE/MAX Affiliates and RE/MAX customers other consumer loan products including, but not limited to, car loans, credit cards, and online home insurance and home warranties. E-LOAN further agrees to introduce RE/MAX to other distribution partners with which E-LOAN has a current business relationship at the time of introduction, that provide access to consumers and capital.
Other Business Arrangements 

Related to Other Business Arrangements

  • Business Arrangements Except as disclosed in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Disclosure Package and the Prospectus, neither the Company nor any of its subsidiaries has granted rights to develop, manufacture, produce, assemble, distribute, license, market or sell its products to any other person and is not bound by any agreement that affects the exclusive right of the Company or such subsidiary to develop, manufacture, produce, assemble, distribute, license, market or sell its products.

  • Other Business Ventures The Executive agrees that, so long as he is employed by the Company, he will not own, directly or indirectly, any controlling or substantial stock or other beneficial interest in any business enterprise which is engaged in, or competitive with, any business engaged in by the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Executive may own, directly or indirectly, up to 5% of the outstanding capital stock of any business having a class of capital stock which is traded on any national stock exchange or in the over-the-counter market.

  • Other Businesses Each Member and Manager may engage in any business whatsoever, including a business that is competitive with the business of the Company, and the other Members shall have no interest in such businesses and no claims on account of such businesses, whether such claims arise under the doctrine of “corporate opportunity,” an alleged fiduciary obligation owed to the Company or its members, or otherwise. Without limiting the preceding sentence, the Members acknowledge that the Manager and/or its affiliates intend to sponsor, manage, invest in, and otherwise be associated with other entities and business investing in the same assets classe(es) as the Company, some of which could be competitive with the Company. No Member shall have any claim against the Manager or its affiliates on account of such other entities or businesses.

  • Other Business Activities During the Term, Employee will not, without the prior written consent of the Company, directly or indirectly engage in any other business activities or pursuits whatsoever, except activities in connection with any charitable or civic activities, personal investments and serving as an executor, trustee or in other similar fiduciary capacity; provided, however, that such activities do not interfere with his performance of his responsibilities and obligations pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Certain Arrangements The Company will not consummate or permit to occur any Section 13 Event unless (A) the Principal Party has a sufficient number of authorized, unissued and unreserved Common Shares to permit the exercise in full of the Rights in accordance with this Section 13 and (B) prior thereto the Company and the Principal Party have executed and delivered to the Rights Agent a supplemental agreement confirming that (1) the requirements of this Section 13 will be promptly performed in accordance with their terms, (2) the Principal Party will, upon consummation of such Section 13 Event, assume this Plan in accordance with Section 13(a) and Section 13(b), (3) such Section 13 Event will not result in a default by the Principal Party pursuant to this Plan (as it has been assumed by the Principal Party) and (4) the Principal Party, as soon as practicable after the date of such Section 13 Event and at its own expense, will:

  • Other Business The Member may engage in or possess an interest in other business ventures (unconnected with the Company) of every kind and description, independently or with others. The Company shall not have any rights in or to such independent ventures or the income or profits therefrom by virtue of this Agreement.

  • Other Business and Financial Information The Borrower will deliver to each Lender:

  • Affiliate Arrangements Except as set forth on Schedule II attached hereto, neither such Sponsor nor any anyone related by blood, marriage or adoption to such Sponsor or, to the knowledge of such Sponsor, any Person in which such Sponsor has a direct or indirect legal, contractual or beneficial ownership of 5% or greater is party to, or has any rights with respect to or arising from, any Contract with Acquiror or its Subsidiaries.

  • Other Business Activities of the Holders Each Holder acknowledges that the other Holders may make loans or otherwise extend credit to, and generally engage in any kind of business with, any Borrower Party Affiliate, and receive payments on such other loans or extensions of credit to any Borrower Party Affiliate and otherwise act with respect thereto freely and without accountability, but only if none of the foregoing violate the Mortgage Loan Documents, in the same manner as if this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby were not in effect.

  • Management Arrangements As of the date hereof, other than the Support Agreement and except as previously disclosed to the Company, none of Parent or Merger Sub, or their respective executive officers, directors or affiliates, has entered into any agreement, arrangement or understanding with any of the executive officers, directors or Affiliates of the Company that is currently in effect or would become effective in the future (upon the consummation of the Merger or otherwise) and that would be required to be disclosed under Item 1005(d) of Regulation M-A under the Exchange Act.

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