ON THE DAY Sample Clauses

ON THE DAY.Β 5.1 For the Photo Booth at least 60 minutes is required for setting up and 45 minutes to dismantle our booth equipment. Love letters require 30 minutes for setting up and 15 minutes to dismantle. This must be taken into account when planning any arrangements. If required an earlier set up time can be made by arrangement for example; before your guests arrive or before the wedding breakfast, additional charges may apply.

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  • Nonbusiness Days In any case where any payment or action is due under any Loan Document on a day which is not a Business Day, such payment or action may be delayed until the next-succeeding Business Day, but interest and fees shall continue to accrue in respect of any payment to which it is applicable until such payment is in fact made; provided that, if, in the case of any such payment in respect of a Eurodollar Rate Borrowing, the next-succeeding Business Day is in the next calendar month, then such payment shall be made on the next-preceding Business Day.

  • Day Unless otherwise stated, reference to the terms "day," "days," "month," or "months" mean calendar day, calendar days, calendar month, and calendar months, respectively.

  • Business Day For purposes of this Agreement, β€œ

  • Christmas Day 10.1.12 Three (3) additional days as determined by the Office to be scheduled by July 1st for the following twelve (12) months.

  • Determination Date The Business Day immediately preceding the related Remittance Date.

  • Notices of Record Date In the event of any taking by the Company of a record of the holders of any class of securities for the purpose of determining the holders thereof who are entitled to receive any dividend (other than a cash dividend which is the same as cash dividends paid in previous quarters) or other distribution, the Company shall mail to the Holder, at least ten (10) days prior to the date specified herein, a notice specifying the date on which any such record is to be taken for the purpose of such dividend or distribution.

  • Time of Receipt A notice or other communication is effective upon delivery to the other party if it is personally delivered or sent by fax. Notice sent by mail or Federal Express is effective upon the second work day after the date it was sent, as evidenced by a postmark or similar indicia, or upon actual delivery.

  • Notice of Record Date In the event:

  • Memorial Day 5. Independence Day

  • Notices of Record Date, Etc In the event of: