No later than March Sample Clauses

No later than March. 1st of each school year, a unit-member shall declare in writing to Human Resources of their intention to retire or to request early retirement incentive Article XIX, if applicable.
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  • Agreement Date This Agreement is valid and binding upon the date set forth in the initial paragraph of this Agreement.

  • No Subsidiaries The Fund has no subsidiaries.

  • Holiday Schedule A. The Employer will determine the number and cate- gories of employees needed for holiday work and a schedule shall be posted as of the Tuesday preceding the service week in which the holiday falls.

  • COMPTROLLER’S REPORT ON CHAPTER 313 AGREEMENTS During the term of this Agreement, both Parties shall provide the Comptroller with all information reasonably necessary for the Comptroller to assess performance under this Agreement for the purpose of issuing the Comptroller’s report, as required by Section 313.032 of the TEXAS TAX CODE.

  • Puts Prior to the Settlement Date During the period from the Bank Closing Date to and including the Business Day immediately preceding the Settlement Date, the Assuming Bank shall be entitled to require the Receiver to purchase any Asset which the Assuming Bank can establish is evidenced by forged or stolen instruments as of the Bank Closing Date; provided, that, the Assuming Bank shall not have the right to require the Receiver to purchase any such Asset with respect to which the Assuming Bank has taken any action referred to in Section 3.4(a)(ii) with respect to such Asset. The Assuming Bank shall transfer all such Assets to the Receiver without recourse, and shall indemnify the Receiver against any and all claims of any Person claiming by, through or under the Assuming Bank with respect to any such Asset, as provided in Section 12.4.

  • QUANTITY CHANGES PRIOR TO AWARD The Commissioner reserves the right, at any time prior to the award of a specific quantity Contract, to alter in good faith the quantities listed in the Bid Specifications. In the event such right is exercised, the lowest responsible Bidder meeting Bid Specifications will be advised of the revised quantities and afforded an opportunity to extend or reduce its Bid price in relation to the changed quantities. Refusal by the low Bidder to so extend or reduce its Bid price may result in the rejection of its Bid and the award of such Contract to the lowest responsible Bidder who accepts the revised qualifications.

  • CERTIFICATION REGARDING BOYCOTTING CERTAIN ENERGY COMPANIES (Texas law as of September 1, 2021) By submitting a proposal to this Solicitation, you certify that you agree, when it is applicable, to the following required by Texas law as of September 1, 2021: If (a) company is not a sole proprietorship; (b) company has ten (10) or more full-time employees; and (c) this contract has a value of $100,000 or more that is to be paid wholly or partly from public funds, the following certification shall apply; otherwise, this certification is not required. Pursuant to Tex. Gov’t Code Ch. 2274 of SB 13 (87th session), the company hereby certifies and verifies that the company, or any wholly owned subsidiary, majority-owned subsidiary, parent company, or affiliate of these entities or business associations, if any, does not boycott energy companies and will not boycott energy companies during the term of the contract. For purposes of this contract, the term “company” shall mean an organization, association, corporation, partnership, joint venture, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, or limited liability company, that exists to make a profit. The term “boycott energy company” shall mean “without an ordinary business purpose, refusing to deal with, terminating business activities with, or otherwise taking any action intended to penalize, inflict economic harm on, or limit commercial relations with a company because the company (a) engages in the exploration, production, utilization, transportation, sale, or manufacturing of fossil fuel-based energy and does not commit or pledge to meet environmental standards beyond applicable federal and state law, or (b) does business with a company described by paragraph (a).” See Tex. Gov’t Code § 809.001(1).

  • Contingent Fee Prohibition The Contractor warrants that it has not employed or retained any person, partnership, corporation, or other entity, other than a bona fide employee, bona fide agent, bona fide salesperson, or commercial selling agency working for the business, to solicit or secure the Contract, and that the business has not paid or agreed to pay any person, partnership, corporation, or other entity, other than a bona fide employee, bona fide agent, bona fide salesperson, or commercial selling agency, any fee or any other consideration contingent on the making of this Contract.

  • CONTINGENT FEE AGREEMENT A. The Attorneys shall advance all expenses in the Litigation. The Client is not liable to pay any of the expenses of the Litigation, whether attorneys' fees or costs. Recovery of costs and other expenses is contingent upon a recovery being obtained. If no recovery is obtained, Client will owe nothing for costs and other expenses. In the event that an order is entered awarding costs and expenses in favor of defendants, Attorneys will be responsible for such costs and expenses, not the Client.

  • Payment of Commission 7 (1) The Company may exercise the power to make payments by way of brokerage or commission conferred by the Law in the manner provided by the Law.

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