New Roads Sample Clauses

New Roads. There shall be no construction of new roads, trails or walkways without the prior written approval of the Holder and Third-Parties, including of the manner in which they are constructed.
New Roads. (a) The New Roads will be located on (and will be included as part of) the Property. The New Roads will provide: (i) Buyer and the general public w ith pedestrian and vehicular access to and from the Property and (y) Foster Creek Road and (z) Tanner Ford Boulevard; and (ii) Seller and the general public with pedestrian and vehicular (but not construction vehicles on any portion of the New Roads other than "NEW ROAD A" as shown on the Preliminary Site Layout Plan during the period of Buyer's construction of a new school on the Property) access to and from Seller's Remaining Property located within Bowen, subject to the terms and conditions of the Road Agreement and the Access/Utility Easement.
New Roads. Pacific Lumber, Scotia Pacific and Salmon Creek, and their respective Related Persons, shall each have the right to construct such new roads over the lands of the other parties as are reasonably necessary, advisable or desirable to carry out any of the Purposes. All new roads shall be constructed so as to minimize any adverse affects on the land and otherwise in accordance with the provisions of Section 9(b) hereof. Before constructing any new road on the property of another party to this Agreement, Pacific Lumber, Scotia Pacific and Salmon Creek shall each obtain the approval of such party, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. If the burdened landowner objects to the proposed location of the new road, such owner shall propose an alternative location for construction of the proposed road, which alternative location shall not, in any material respect, increase the cost of constructing the road or decrease the usefulness of the road to the benefited party.
New Roads. Operator may construct new roads on the Land to the extent necessary for the Operations and other activities conducted pursuant to the Lease and this Agreement subject to the conditions described below. Any new roads shall be located to cause the least interference with Owner’s current or identified future uses of the Land. Operator shall obtain Owner’s written consent prior to construction of any new road. Operator shall maintain and make any necessary repairs to any new road at Operator’s sole cost and expense until the Operations are completed, including any reclamation requirements. Any new road constructed by Operator shall not exceed forty (40) feet in width during the construction phase and shall be limited to twenty-two (22) feet in width for the traveled surface. Any portion of the Land that is disturbed during construction of a road which is not included within the traveled surface shall be reclaimed within ninety (90) days after construction of the new road is completed.
New Roads. Any new roads constructed by or for Operator shall be limited to twenty (20) feet in width for the actually traveled roadbed, together with a reasonable width, not to exceed fifteen (15) feet from the edge of the actually traveled roadbed for fills, shoulders and crosses. No permanent roads will be constructed unless absolutely necessary and Owner consents to the construction and location of the road. Operator shall annually maintain existing and newly constructed roads used by Operator to the satisfaction of Owner, which maintenance may include shaling, ditching, graveling, blading, installing and cleaning culverts, and spraying for noxious weeds.

Related to New Roads

Directory Assistance Service shall provide up to two listing requests per call. If available and if requested by Louisville Telephone's end user. BellSouth shall provide caller-optional directory assistance call completion service at rates contained in Exhibit E to one of the provided listings.
New Jobs Any new job or jobs created by technological or mechanization changes shall be offered to present employees capable of being trained to perform the new or changed job and the Employer will provide such training. During training, the employee will maintain his/her rate. It is understood that the training herein referred to is on the job and not to exceed sixty (60) days. Certain specialized technical jobs may require additional and off-site training. An employee whose job is eliminated, if any, and who cannot be placed in a job of equal grade shall receive saved grade until such time as that employee fails to bid or apply for a position in the employee’s former wage level. The obligation hereinabove set forth shall not be construed to, in any way, abridge the right of the Employer to make such changes.
Directory Assistance Service 8.3.1 Directory Assistance Service provides local end user telephone number listings with the option to complete the call at the caller's direction separate and distinct from local switching.
Directory Listings 15.1.1 CBT, as publisher of its White Pages, will include Primary Listings of CLEC’s resale directory customers in its White Pages, and shall cause its publisher to include primary listings of CLEC’s directory customers in its Publisher’s Yellow Pages Directories under the following terms and conditions:
Dark Fiber Loop Dark Fiber Loop is an unused optical transmission facility without attached signal regeneration, multiplexing, aggregation or other electronics that connects two points within BellSouth’s network. Dark Fiber Loops may be strands of optical fiber existing in aerial or underground structure. BellSouth will not provide line terminating elements, regeneration or other electronics necessary for Momentum to utilize Dark Fiber Loops.
Scope of Interconnection Service 1.3.1 The NYISO will provide Energy Resource Interconnection Service and Capacity Resource Interconnection Service to Interconnection Customer at the Point of Interconnection, subject to the requirements in Attachment 5.
Branding for Operator Call Processing and Directory Assistance 10.4.1 BellSouth's branding feature provides a definable announcement to Global Connection end users using Directory Assistance (DA)/Operator Call Processing (OCP) prior to placing such end users in queue or connecting them to an available operator or automated operator system. This feature allows Global Connection to have its calls custom branded with Global Connection’s name on whose behalf BellSouth is providing Directory Assistance and/or Operator Call Processing. Rates for the branding features are set forth in this Attachment.
Directory Assistance Service Updates BellSouth shall update end user listings changes daily. These changes include:
Application to the Office of Rail and Road ORR shall have the right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce directly such rights as have been granted to it under this contract.
Provisioning of High Frequency Spectrum and Splitter Space 3.2.1 BellSouth will provide Momentum with access to the High Frequency Spectrum as follows: