NEGOTIATING Sample Clauses

NEGOTIATING. Procedures‌
NEGOTIATING. 24. The Regional District reserves the right to enter into negotiations with the selected preferred Bidder, prior to award of the Agreement, for the purpose of making amendments to the Agreement document as required for the Agreement to be compatible with the project, the schedule and budget, including amendments to the Services included in the Agreement or the manner in which the work will be undertaken.
NEGOTIATING. COMMITTEE‌ 29.01 Prior to the expiry date of the Collective Agreement, and for the thirty (30) calendar days following the expiry date, members of the Bargaining Committee will be compensated for the time spent during regular working hours in negotiating with the Company representatives for renewal of the Collective Agreement. If the parties meet for part of a day, the Bargaining Committee shall be compensated for the full day. The Company will pay the cost of a meeting room during Collective Agreement renewal negotiations.
NEGOTIATING. Procedures‌ Section ADirecting Requests‌ Requests for negotiation meetings from the Association will be made in writing directly to the superintendent. Requests from the superintendent for negotiation meetings will be made in writing directly to the president of the Association.
NEGOTIATING. Team The negotiating team of the Union, to be comprised of not more than three (3) employees, shall be permitted to attend negotiation meetings with the City representatives without loss of pay relative to securing agreement renewal. The date, time and place for negotiating sessions shall be established by mutual agreement between the parties. Upon request, the City may allow additional time off for the purpose of preparing for such meetings.
NEGOTIATING. COMMITTEE‌‌‌ Members of the Union may be represented by a negotiating team consisting of not more than five (5) Stewards. Selection of these employees shall be in any manner determined by the Union. The members of the committee shall be stewards elected by the employees. The Union retains the right to appoint a Chief Steward among the five (5) elected stewards. When bargaining occurs during their normal work shifts, they shall be released for such purposes without loss of time or pay. In no event will the Employer compensate an employee for hours spent for bargaining purposes beyond their normal work shift.
NEGOTIATING. Committee‌ The Home acknowledges the right of the Union to appoint or otherwise select a Negotiating Committee of not more than five (5) employees, it being understood that not more than two (2) such employees shall be from any department. The Home will recognize and deal with the said Committee with respect to any matter, which properly arises from time to time during the term of this Agreement.