Modified Rotational Assignment Sample Clauses

Modified Rotational Assignment. (a) The modified rotational cycle is based on a four (4) week cycle as follows, three (3) weeks work and one (1) week off, (twenty-one (21) consecutive Days worked and seven (7) consecutive Days off).
Modified Rotational Assignment a) If a suitable volunteer for a modified rotational assignment is not found, management may Draft appropriately qualified individuals to carry out the assignment. Drafted Members shall not be required to remain on a modified rotational cycle for longer than twenty-eight

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  • Additional Assignments The Contractor further agrees to, and if applicable, cause each of its employees to, execute, acknowledge, and deliver all applications, specifications, oaths, assignments, and all other instruments which the City might reasonably deem necessary in order to apply for and obtain copyright protection, mask work registration, trademark registration and/or protection, letters patent, or any similar rights in any and all countries and in order to assign and convey to the City, its successors, assigns and nominees, the sole and exclusive right, title, and interest in and to the deliverables. The Contractor’s obligations to execute, acknowledge, and deliver (or cause to be executed, acknowledged, and delivered) instruments or papers such as those described in this Paragraph 38 a., b., and c. shall continue after the termination of this Contract with respect to such deliverables. In the event the City should not seek to obtain copyright protection, mask work registration or patent protection for any of the deliverables, but should desire to keep the same secret, the Contractor agrees to treat the same as Confidential Information under the terms of Paragraph 37 above.

  • Additional Assignors It is understood and agreed that any Subsidiary Guarantor that desires to become an Assignor hereunder, or is required to execute a counterpart of this Agreement after the Effective Date pursuant to the requirements of the Credit Agreement or any other Credit Document, shall become an Assignor hereunder by executing a counterpart hereof and delivering same to the Collateral Agent, or by executing a joinder agreement in form and substance satisfactory to the Collateral Agent, (y) delivering supplements to Annexes A through F, inclusive, and H through K, inclusive, hereto as are necessary to cause such Annexes to be complete and accurate with respect to such additional Assignor on such date and (z) taking all actions as specified in this Agreement as would have been taken by such Assignor had it been an original party to this Agreement, in each case with all documents required above to be delivered to the Collateral Agent and with all documents and actions required above to be taken to the reasonable satisfaction of the Collateral Agent.

  • Lawful Assignment No Receivable was originated in, or is subject to the laws of, any jurisdiction the laws of which would make unlawful, void or voidable the sale, transfer and assignment of such Receivable under this Agreement or pursuant to transfers of the Notes.

  • Shift Assignment Should the University elect to establish a shift on any other schedule than the regular day shift (Monday through Friday) or to assign employees to work on any such shift, the employee(s) with the most seniority in the classification affected or to be assigned on such shift shall have preference in moving to such shift. If an insufficient number of employees in the classification elect to move to such shift, then the employee(s) with the least seniority in the classification shall be assigned to such shift. If positions or shifts are reduced or eliminated or movement of personnel to other shifts is required, then the seniority of the affected employee will prevail in the selection of shift, provided the affected employee can do the required work. Such shift preference is only applicable within the employee's classification.

  • Change of Control; Assignment and Subcontracting Except as set forth in this Section 7.5, neither party may assign any of its rights and obligations under this Agreement without the prior written approval of the other party, which approval will not be unreasonably withheld. For purposes of this Section 7.5, a direct or indirect change of control of Registry Operator or any subcontracting arrangement that relates to any Critical Function (as identified in Section 6 of Specification 10) for the TLD (a “Material Subcontracting Arrangement”) shall be deemed an assignment.

  • CONTRACT EXHIBIT I PREFERRED PRICING AFFIDAVIT This preferred-pricing affidavit is entered into in accordance with section 216.0113, F.S., and as required by Contract No. 80101507-21-STC-ITSA (“Contract”) between (“Contractor”) and the Department of Management Services. As the person authorized by Contractor to sign this affidavit, I attest that the Contractor is in full compliance with the preferred-pricing clause of the Contract. Contractor’s Name: By: Signature Printed Name/Title Date: STATE OF COUNTY OF Sworn to (or affirmed) and subscribed before me this day of , by . Signature of Notary Vendor Name: FEIN# Vendor’s Authorized Representative Name and Title: Address: City, State, and Zip code: Phone Number: ( ) - E-mail: CORPORATE SEAL (IF APPLICABLE) (Print, Type, or Stamp Commissioned Name of Notary Public) [Check One] Personally Known OR Produced the following I.D. JOB FAMILY: APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT‌ Job Title: Director, Systems and Programming Job#: 1200 General Characteristics Responsible for the full systems development life cycle management of projects/programs. Provides direction for technical and business resources. Actively participates in long-range strategy planning and manages policy development to address complex business issues, provides leadership to cross-functional teams. Serves as the primary point of contact from project/program inception to delivery. Defines and develops project management infrastructure, manages a methodology driven quality plan, monitors and controls the quality of the deliverable, as well as manages the project completion process through customer acceptance. Works with business unit managers and forms alliances on projects, operational decisions, scheduling requirements/conflicts and vendor contract clarification.

  • Deed; Xxxx of Sale; Assignment To the extent required and permitted by applicable law, this Agreement shall also constitute a “deed,” “xxxx of sale” or “assignment” of the assets and interests referenced herein.

  • Collateral Assignment To secure repayment to the Corporation of the amount of the premiums on the Policy paid by it hereunder, the Trust has contemporaneously herewith assigned the Policy to the Corporation as collateral, under a form acceptable to the Insurer for such assignments. The collateral assignment of the Policy to the Corporation hereunder shall not be terminated, altered or amended by the Trust without the express written consent of the Corporation. The parties hereto agree to take all action necessary to cause such collateral assignment to conform to the provisions of this Agreement.

  • Lien; Valid Assignment Subject to the Standard Qualifications, each assignment of Mortgage and assignment of Assignment of Leases to the Trust Fund constitutes a legal, valid and binding assignment to the Trust Fund. Each related Mortgage and Assignment of Leases is freely assignable without the consent of the related Mortgagor. Each related Mortgage is a legal, valid and enforceable first lien on the related Mortgagor’s fee (or if identified on the Mortgage Loan Schedule, leasehold) interest in the Mortgaged Property in the principal amount of such Mortgage Loan or allocated loan amount (subject only to Permitted Encumbrances (as defined below) and the exceptions to paragraph (6) set forth on Exhibit C (each such exception, a “Title Exception”)), except as the enforcement thereof may be limited by the Standard Qualifications. Such Mortgaged Property (subject to and excepting Permitted Encumbrances and the Title Exceptions) as of origination was, and as of the Cut-Off Date, to the Seller’s knowledge, is free and clear of any recorded mechanics’ liens, recorded materialmen’s liens and other recorded encumbrances which are prior to or equal with the lien of the related Mortgage, except those which are bonded over, escrowed for or insured against by a lender’s title insurance policy (as described below), and, to the Seller’s knowledge and subject to the rights of tenants (as tenants only) (subject to and excepting Permitted Encumbrances and the Title Exceptions), no rights exist which under law could give rise to any such lien or encumbrance that would be prior to or equal with the lien of the related Mortgage, except those which are bonded over, escrowed for or insured against by a lender’s title insurance policy (as described below). Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, no representation is made as to the perfection of any security interest in rents or other personal property to the extent that possession or control of such items or actions other than the filing of Uniform Commercial Code financing statements is required in order to effect such perfection.

  • SUBCONTRACTS - ASSIGNMENT Contractor shall not subcontract or assign this Agreement, or any part thereof, or interest therein, directly or indirectly, voluntarily or involuntarily, to any person without obtaining the prior written consent by County. Contractor remains legally responsible for the performance of all contract terms including work performed by third parties under subcontracts. Any subcontracting will be subject to all applicable provisions of this Agreement. Contractor shall be held responsible by County for the performance of any subcontractor whether approved by County or not. Contractor hereby assigns to the County all rights, title, and interest in and to all causes of action it may have under Section 4 of the Xxxxxxx Act (15 U.S.C. Sec.