Markers Sample Clauses

Markers. All Facilities Remove existing pavement markers in preparation for paving. Repair any pavement damage due to existing pavement marker removal prior to the end of the work day. Dispose of existing pavement markers as directed by the Engineer. No direct payment will be made for this work as it will be incidental to the paving operation. Install permanent pavement markers within 60 calendar days after completing the resurfacing on each map. Pavement markers shall be installed in accordance with Standard Drawing 1205.12 and Standard Drawings 1250.01 through 1253.01 of the 2018 Roadway Standard Drawings and Sections 1250 through 1253 of the 2018 Standard Specifications.
Markers. 1. Authorization from the Municipality to place or remove a Marker may be provided:
Markers. To place and replace, during inspections authorized above, small markers to identify boundaries, corners, and other reference points on the Property. Grantor shall not remove such markers without notice to Grantee and without Xxxxxxx’s consent, which will not be unreasonably denied, as provided in Section 4 below.
Markers. Project markers in form and size satisfactory to VCTC, identifying the Facility and its owners, will be installed and constantly maintained by and at the expense of LICENSEE or SUBLICENSEE at such locations as VCTC shall designate. Such markers shall be relocated or removed upon request of VCTC without expense to VCTC. Absence of markers in or about the License Property and VCTC Property does not constitute a warranty by VCTC of the absence of subsurface installations.
Markers. 29.01 (a) The Board recognizes that the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association is the sole authority to bargain for all Markers of credit courses employed by the Board in the Adult Day School Programme, Continuing Education Night or Summer School Programme. It is understood that Article 29.01 is the only Article of this Collective Agreement that applies to Markers.
Markers. Buyer shall purchase the Markers for each Property from the applicable Seller pursuant to the procedures set forth in this Section 4.2 for the face amount of such Markers. The Markers are not included in the Purchase Price and the purchase price therefor shall be in addition to the Purchase Price.
Markers. Buyer shall purchase the Markers for the Casino from Sellers at the face amount of such Markers as set forth in the Estimated Operations Statement.
Markers. The County has located and marked, or otherwise designated all sale boundaries that abut County land under the jurisdiction of the Xxxxxxx County Land Department. Purchaser has gone over the boundary lines on the ground, knows where they are and agrees to confine cutting to the forest products conveyed within such boundaries.
Markers. The parties agree that the rates for Markers will be as follows: July 1, 2004 July 1, 2005 July 1, 2006 Hourly 26.68 26.68 27.31 These rates are inclusive of vacation pay and paid holiday pay.
Markers. In addition to any markers required by law, at the request of MWDSLS, Questar Gas shall install markers identifying the location of Feeder Line 6 and related appurtenances at the Crossing’s boundaries, or other locations where MWDSLS may reasonably designate. Markers shall be installed at the sole cost and expense of Questar Gas. Questar Gas shall install and/or erect any marker or sign that may be required under this Section within thirty (30) days after receiving written instructions from MWDSLS.