Local Sponsor Sample Clauses

Local Sponsor. Local Sponsor" shall mean any individual or ------------- entity desiring to use the Network, as hereafter defined, to receive and/or disseminate advertising or information, which agrees to pay fees to the Joint Venture for the right to so use the Network and/or for the right of others to use the Network, and which does not meet the definition of National Sponsor, as hereafter defined.
Local Sponsor. Local Sponsor" shall mean any individual or entity desiring to use a Network to receive and/or disseminate information from or to a particular group of Network users and who or which agrees to pay fees to a Network for the right to use a Network.

Related to Local Sponsor

  • Sponsor Any Person which (i) is directly or indirectly instrumental in organizing, wholly or in part, the Corporation, (ii) will control, manage or participate in the management of the Corporation, and any Affiliate of any such Person, (iii) takes the initiative, directly or indirectly, in founding or organizing the Corporation, either alone or in conjunction with one or more other Persons, (iv) receives a material participation in the Corporation in connection with the founding or organizing of the business of the Corporation, in consideration of services or property, or both services and property, (v) has a substantial number of relationships and contacts with the Corporation, (vi) possesses significant rights to control Properties, (vii) receives fees for providing services to the Corporation which are paid on a basis that is not customary in the industry, or (viii) provides goods or services to the Corporation on a basis which was not negotiated at arm’s-length with the Corporation. “Sponsor” does not include any Person whose only relationship with the Corporation is that of an independent property manager and whose only compensation is as such, or wholly independent third parties such as attorneys, accountants and underwriters whose only compensation is for professional services.

  • Sponsors The Contest sponsor is Metroland Media Group Ltd. (“Sponsor”).

  • Staff Nurse A registered nurse who is responsible for the direct and indirect nursing care of the patient.

  • State Employee Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) During the life of this Agreement, the Employer agrees to offer a Group Insurance Program that includes health, dental, life, and disability coverages equivalent to existing coverages, subject to the provisions of this Article. All insurance eligible employees will be provided with a Summary Plan Description (SPD) called “Your Employee Benefits”. Such SPD shall be provided no less than biennially and prior to the beginning of the insurance year. New insurance eligible employees shall receive a SPD within thirty (30) days of their date of eligibility.

  • Local Bargaining Committee The Hospital agrees to recognize a negotiating committee comprised of hospital employee representatives of the Union for the purpose of negotiating a renewal agreement (as set out in the Local Provisions Appendix). The Hospital agrees to pay members of the negotiating committee for straight time wages lost from their regularly scheduled working hours spent in direct negotiations for a renewal agreement, up to but not including arbitration. Nothing in this provision is intended to preclude the Union negotiating committee from having the assistance of any representatives of the Canadian Union of Public Employees when negotiating with the Hospital.

  • Board of Education If the grievant is not satisfied with the disposition made by the superintendent, or if no disposition has been made within the above-stated time limits, then the grievant shall complete Grievance Report Form, Step III within seven (7) school days after receiving the disposition of the superintendent or his/her designee or after the above-stated time limits have expired, and submit the grievance to the Board by filing a copy with the President of the Board and the superintendent or, upon mutual written agreement of the Board and the Association, to arbitration before an impartial arbitrator as hereinafter provided. If the grievance is submitted to the Board, the Board at its next regularly-scheduled meeting, or subsequent meeting as agreed by the grievant, shall meet with the grievant, the Association representative, and the superintendent and/or his/her designee, to review such grievance in executive session or give such grievance the consideration as it shall deem appropriate. The disposition by the Board shall be made to the grievant by completing Grievance Report Form, Step III, within seven (7) days of the meeting. A notification of such disposition shall be furnished the grievant, the Association, and the immediate supervisor.

  • Business Auto (i) Coverage shall be at least as broad as the Insurance Services Office Business Auto Coverage form covering Automobile Liability, code 1 “any auto”.

  • Board of Trustees 2.1.1 The Board of Trustees will be comprised of 9 voting members that include 5 CUPE employee representatives and 4 employer representatives, including the Crown. The Board of Trustees will include among its members 2 independent experts, 1 appointed by the employer representatives and 1 appointed by the employee representatives. CUPE will be responsible for the appointment and termination of the employee Trustees, and the employer representatives will be responsible for the appointment and termination of the employer Trustees.

  • BOARD OF EDUCATION RIGHTS 3.1 The Board, on its own behalf and on behalf of the electors of the District, hereby retains and reserves unto itself, without limitation, all powers, rights, authority, duties, and responsibilities conferred upon and vested in it by the Laws and Constitution of the State of Michigan, and/or the United States, including, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the right to:

  • Educational Program Section 1: Nurses covered by this Agreement will receive the university fee authorization program and dependent fee authorization program as currently in effect and as may be determined during the term of this agreement.