CALL OFF PROCEDURE. 4.1. If the Authority or any Other Contracting Body decides to source any of the Services through this Framework Agreement, then it shall be entitled at any time in its absolute and sole discretion during the Framework Period to award Call Off Contracts for the Services from the Supplier by following Framework Schedule 5 (Call Off Procedure).
CALL OFF PROCEDURE. 6.1. Subject to Paragraphs 1 to 5 above, a Contracting Body may award a Call Off Agreement with the Supplier by sending a draft Call Off Agreement consisting of a Template Order Form and Template Call Off Terms in the form set out in Framework Schedule 4 (Template Order Form and Template Call Off Terms) with any refinements in accordance with paragraph 2.1.2 above. The Parties agree that any document or communication (including any document or communication in the apparent form of a Call Off Agreement) which is not in the form prescribed by this paragraph 6 shall not constitute a Call Off Agreement under this Framework Agreement.
CALL OFF PROCEDURE. 1 Call-Off Arrangements
CALL OFF PROCEDURE. 1. Employee(s) will call (on the work cell Phone) the Transportation Supervisor or Designee between 5:15 and 5:30 AM. If contact is made with the Transportation Supervisor or Designee no other calls need to be made. If no answer, leave message on the Transportation Supervisor or Designee’s Cell phone.
CALL OFF PROCEDURE. 1.1 Whenever Network Rail wishes the Supplier to provide any of the Goods it shall issue a Call-off and/or Purchase Order for such Goods in accordance with the Call-off Procedure detailed in Schedule 1 of this Framework Agreement.
CALL OFF PROCEDURE. 7.3 The Council ordering Services under the Dynamic Purchasing System shall:-
CALL OFF PROCEDURE. An employee who desires to call off from work due to illness, injury or a serious health condition shall call the Sick Line as soon as reasonably practicable, no later than one-half (1/2) hour before the employee’s scheduled starting time.