Kind Sample Clauses

Kind. The consideration for the issuance of shares shall consist of money paid, labor done (including services actually performed for the Corporation), or property (tangible or intangible) actually received. Neither promissory notes nor the promise of future services shall constitute payment for shares.
Kind. “Kind” shall have the respective meanings given to such term by the ^‘Standards of identity for dis­ tilled spirits,” set forth in “Regulations 5, Labeling and Advertising of Distilled Spirits” (27 CFR Part 5), issued under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act, and shall be stated in the manner pro­ vided in said part.
Kind. I know that bullying can happen on the internet (cyber-cullying) just like it can in other places. I will remember to use STOP to remind me to Start Telling Other People if I am worried about cyber- bullying. When working, playing or learning online, I promise to be SMART. Stay safe: I won’t give out personal information to people I don’t know. Don’t Meet up : Meeting someone I have only been in touch with online can be dangerous. I will always check with an adult I trust. Accepting files: Accepting emails, files or pictures from people I don’t know can cause problems. Reliable: I must check information before I believe it. Tell Someone : I will tell an adult if someone or something makes me feel worried or uncomfortable.  I will only use the school’s computers and electronic equipment for schoolwork and homework.  I will not use my personal email address or other personal accounts in school when doing school work.  I will not sign up for any online services on a school device unless my teacher has asked me to as part of a school project.  I will only open email attachments if it has been approved by a member of the school staff.  I will only open or delete my files when told to by a member of staff .  I will not tell anyone my passwords.  I will not use other people’s usernames or passwords.  I will only edit or delete my own files and not look at, or change, other people’s files without their permission.  I will make sure that all online contact I make is responsible, polite and sensible. I will be kind and respectful at all times.  I will not bring files into school without permission.  I know that accounts on some websites and social networks, such as Facebook, are not available for children at primary school and will check with my parent/carer about the Age Restrictions on such sites before signing up.  If I see anything that makes me feel upset or unhappy, I will turn off my screen and tell a teacher or another adult in school.  If someone says, asks or posts something about me that makes me feel upset or unhappy then I will turn off my screen and tell a teacher or another adult in school.  I understand that some people on the internet are not who they say they are and some people are not safe to be in contact with. I will not arrange to meet someone I only know on the internet. If someone asks to meet me, I will not reply to them and I will tell a teacher or parent/ carer immediately.  I will not upload images, videos, sounds or words...

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  • Nature Please indicate the nature of the deliverable using one of the following codes R = Report, P = Prototype, D = Demonstrator, O = Other

  • Other The Servicer will furnish to the Borrower, any Managing Agent and the Administrative Agent such other information, documents records or reports respecting the Transferred Loans or the condition or operations, financial or otherwise of the Servicer as the Borrower, such Managing Agent or the Administrative Agent may from time to time reasonably request in order to protect the respective interests of the Borrower, such Managing Agent, the Administrative Agent or the Secured Parties under or as contemplated by this Agreement.

  • Description This Section 7.2 addresses the exchange of traffic between CLEC's network and Qwest's network. Where either Party interconnects and delivers traffic to the other from third parties, each Party shall xxxx such third parties the appropriate charges pursuant to its respective Tariffs or contractual offerings for such third party terminations. Unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties, via an amendment to this Agreement, the Parties will directly exchange traffic between their respective networks without the use of third party transit providers.

  • Type The Partnership is structured as a: (choose one) ☐ - General Partnership (GP). All the Partners agree to hold equal personal responsibility in the Partnership’s liabilities. ☐ - Limited Partnership (LP). The General Partner(s) known as (“General Partner(s)”) agree to bear all responsibility on behalf of the Partnership. All other Partners are limited partners. ☐ - Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Each Partner is liable for their own negligence or wrongful acts, not financial obligations. ☐ - Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP). The General Partner(s) known as (“General Partner(s)”) and limited partners shall have limited liability.

  • No Other Business The Issuer shall not engage in any business other than financing, purchasing, owning, selling and managing the Receivables in the manner contemplated by this Indenture and the other Basic Documents and activities incidental thereto.

  • Advisory Subject to the general supervision of the Trustees and in conformity with the stated policy of the Trustees with respect to the investments of the Trust or of the assets belonging to any Series of Shares of the Trust (as that phrase is defined in subsection (a) of Section 4.2), to manage such investments and assets, make investment decisions with respect thereto, and to place purchase and sale orders for portfolio transactions relating to such investments and assets;

  • Other Business The Member may engage in or possess an interest in other business ventures (unconnected with the Company) of every kind and description, independently or with others. The Company shall not have any rights in or to such independent ventures or the income or profits therefrom by virtue of this Agreement.

  • or ..... ..... (whether or not a Business Day), as the case may be, next preceding such Interest Payment Date. Any such interest not so punctually paid or duly provided for will forthwith cease to be payable to the Holder on such Regular Record Date and may either be paid to the Person in whose name this Security (or one or more Predecessor Securities) is registered at the close of business on a Special Record Date for the payment of such Defaulted Interest to be fixed by the Trustee, notice whereof shall be given to Holders of Securities of this series not less than 10 days prior to such Special Record Date, or be paid at any time in any other lawful manner not inconsistent with the requirements of any securities exchange on which the Securities of this series may be listed, and upon such notice as may be required by such exchange, all as more fully provided in said Indenture].

  • Other Business Interests The Trustees shall devote to the affairs of the Trust (including every Series thereof) such time as may be necessary for the proper performance of their duties hereunder, but neither the Trustees nor the officers, directors, shareholders, partners or employees of the Trustees, if any, shall be expected to devote their full time to the performance of such duties. The Trustees, or any Affiliate, shareholder, officer, director, partner or employee thereof, or any Person owning a legal or beneficial interest therein, may engage in, or possess an interest in, any business or venture other than the Trust or any Series thereof, of any nature and description, independently or with or for the account of others. None of the Trust, any Series thereof or any Shareholder shall have the right to participate or share in such other business or venture or any profit or compensation derived therefrom.

  • Including The word “including” or any variation thereof means “including, without limitation” and shall not be construed to limit any general statement that it follows to the specific or similar items or matters immediately following it.