Interactive Sample Clauses

Interactive. TESC and Playboy agree to negotiate in good faith to transmit a Playboy interactive product. TESC agrees that it shall not treat Playboy less favorably with respect to an interactive product than it treats other providers of Adult programming with respect interactive products.
Interactive. 1.1.1. [***]
Interactive. The Contractor shall be responsible for activities related to Internet that may include but are not limited to: creative development of the CVB website graphics and promotions; website maintenance, smart acquisition strategies; SEO, SEM, programming HTML, reviewing and evaluating all Internet-related media proposals; gaining knowledge of website users through research ad web-based surveys; co- promotional opportunities and placing Internet advertising for The CVB materials. The Contractor must collaborate with the CVB on all aspects of the development process. Contractor shall provide ongoing advice to the CVB regarding effective interactive marketing and promotions to include but not limited to online, social media mobile, pay per click advertising, collaborations with social medial influencers, and blog editorials.
Interactive. Touch-Screen Directory A touch-screen directory can provide custom information catered to the visitor’s input/requests. This could include overall mapping, direct routes to their destination, language services, hospital information, and an emergency call button. Interactive Mobile App
Interactive. 1.1.1. [***] American Airlines Inc. and Gogo LLC Confidential and Proprietary Information 120
Interactive the project will make an effort to listen to and incorporate feedback from its target groups and beneficiaries in order to increase interest in its activities and achievements and fine- tune its messages. Targeted: a generic approach to communication could lead to important target groups not being addressed. The project will customise its communication efforts for each target group identified in order to ensure that the message reaches the relevant actors.

Related to Interactive

  • Internet Services Transfer Agent shall make available to Fund and Shareholders, through its web sites, including but not limited to (collectively, “Web Site”), online access to certain Account and Shareholder information and certain transaction capabilities (“Internet Services”), subject to Transfer Agent’s security procedures and the terms and conditions set forth herein and on the Web Site. Transfer Agent provides Internet Services “as is,” on an “as available” basis, and hereby specifically disclaims any and all representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding such Internet Services, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and implied warranties arising from course of dealing or course of performance. Transfer Agent shall at all times use reasonable care in performing Internet Services under this Agreement.

  • Online Payments may be made online from the Money Matters tab in the Licensee’s Cal Poly Portal or at xxxx:// Online payments can be made with either eCheck (with no added convenience fee) or credit card (with an added 2.75% convenience fee). Online payments received after 5:00 pm will be recorded as paid the following business day. If there are any problems making a payment online, contact the University Student Accounts Office at (000) 000-0000 or by email to

  • Internet Service In the event that internet is required during your stay, please verify that the Property selected provides the service. Rules of the House: In the event there are rules specific to your Property either required by the Owner or if applicable from an HOA, they will be posted at the home and your compliance is necessary. Rental Unit for Sale: Occasionally a Property may go on the market for sale. In such cases Agent reserves the right to show the Property to potential buyers. Agent will make every effort to schedule the showing at a time that is convenient for Tenant, so as not to interrupt your vacation. Tenant’s cooperation is appreciated. Consumable Products: Paper products, laundry/dish detergent, personal toiletry items and food staples are not included in the Properties. Linens: Linens are included with all Properties for reservations up to 2 days or more. If linens and towels are damaged or missing there will be an added fee to replace and/or clean those items. Linens and towels should only be used for sleeping in and drying off. Damaged or missing bath towels are $25, hand towels are $15, wash cloths are $10, sheets are $30, pillow cases are $15, and bath mats are $20. Damaged items might include makeup, blood stains, excessive dirt, tanning lotion, and human waste.

  • Network PHARMACY is a retail, mail order or specialty pharmacy that has a contract to accept our pharmacy allowance for prescription drugs and diabetic equipment or supplies covered under this plan. NETWORK PROVIDER is a provider that has entered into a contract with us or other Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans. For pediatric dental care services, network provider is a dentist that has entered into a contract with us or participates in the Dental Coast to Coast Network. For pediatric vision hardware services, a network provider is a provider that has entered into a contract with EyeMed, our vision care service manager.

  • Interface A defined set of transmission facilities that separate Load Zones and that separate the NYCA from adjacent Control Areas. Investor-Owned Transmission Owners. A Transmission Owner that is owned by private investors. At the present time these include: Central Xxxxxx Gas & Electric Corporation, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., New York State Electric & Gas Corporation, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc., and Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation.

  • Data Services In lieu of any other rates or discounts, the Customer will receive a discount equal to 10% for the following Data Services: Access: Standard VBSIII Guide local loop charges for DS0, DS-1 and DS-3 Network Services Local Access Service. Classifications, Practices and Regulations:

  • Video This restriction includes, but is not limited to, use of the Beat and/or New Song in television, commercials, film/movies, theatrical works, video games, and in any other form on the Internet which is not expressly permitted herein.

  • Internet Use Customer understands that use of Services is subject to HomeWorks Acceptable Internet Use Policy, which may be amended from time to time. This policy can be found at online at or by contacting HomeWorks Connect. Customer assumes all responsibility and liability for the security of information on personal devices, including but not limited to computer, and information transmitted or received through the Services. HomeWorks assumes no responsibility and disclaims any liability for the security of any information on Customer’s personal devices, or the security or accuracy of any information or data transmitted or received through the Services. HomeWorks has no responsibility and disclaims any liability for unauthorized access by third persons to Customer personal devices, files, or data or any loss or destruction of files or data.

  • Programming The Consultant must: within 14 days of the Award Date, prepare a program of the Services which must: be based upon the Commonwealth's Program; and contain the details required by the Contract (including the Milestones) and which the Commonwealth's Representative otherwise reasonably directs; update the program periodically at least at intervals of no less than that specified in the Contract Particulars to take account of: changes to the program; changes to the Commonwealth's Program; or delays which may have occurred; give the Commonwealth's Representative copies of all programs for approval; and provide all programs in a format compatible with the software described in the Contract Particulars.

  • Network Management 60.1 CLEC and CenturyLink will exchange appropriate information (e.g., network information, maintenance contact numbers, escalation procedures, and information required to comply with requirements of law enforcement and national security agencies) for network management purposes. In addition, the Parties will apply sound network management principles to alleviate or to prevent traffic congestion and to minimize fraud associated with third number billed calls, calling card calls, and other services related to this Agreement.