Inservice Days Sample Clauses

Inservice Days. Paraprofessionals may participate in inservice days at the request of an Administrator. The paraprofessional must be given at least thirty (30) days prior notice of the inservice. Paraprofessionals will be compensated at their per diem rate.
Inservice Days. On teacher inservice days, a Bilingual Resource Specialist shall, at his/her option:
Inservice Days. 1. The following inservice days shall not be used as instructional days unless mutually agreed by the District and the Association:
Inservice Days. Twelve hours per year shall be provided for in­service meetings outside of instructional time. Dates for such meetings shall be by mutual consent of the Association and the Board or its representatives. Additional inservice time may be scheduled in place of instructional time at the employer’s discretion.
Inservice Days. Scheduling of professional development activities shall be done by mutual agreement between the Association and the Board. Planning and Implementation of professional development activities shall be the responsibility of building school improvement committees.

Related to Inservice Days

  • Sick Leave Days Subject to paragraphs C9.1 d) i-vi below, full-time Teachers will be allocated eleven (11) sick days at one hundred percent (100%) salary in each school year. Teachers who are less than full-time shall have their sick leave allocation pro-rated.

  • Employment Eligibility Verification As required by IC § 22-5-1.7, the Contractor swears or affirms under the penalties of perjury that the Contractor does not knowingly employ an unauthorized alien. The Contractor further agrees that: