Impound with Direct Tow to City Facility Sample Clauses

Impound with Direct Tow to City Facility. SPD directs the Contractor to tow the vehicle from the location of the impound to a City facility. The City will pay the fees for the impound and additional services associated with the tow from the location of the impound to the City facility.

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  • Cost Responsibility for Interconnection Facilities and Distribution Upgrades 4.1 Interconnection Facilities 4.2 Distribution Upgrades

  • Modification of the Small Generating Facility The Interconnection Customer must receive written authorization from the NYISO and Connecting Transmission Owner before making any change to the Small Generating Facility that may have a material impact on the safety or reliability of the New York State Transmission System or the Distribution System. Such authorization shall not be unreasonably withheld. Modifications shall be done in accordance with Good Utility Practice. If the Interconnection Customer makes such modification without the prior written authorization of the NYISO and Connecting Transmission Owner, the Connecting Transmission Owner shall have the right to temporarily disconnect the Small Generating Facility. If disconnected, the Small Generating Facility will not be reconnected until the unauthorized modifications are authorized or removed.

  • Purpose of Interconnection Facilities Except as may be required by Applicable Laws and Regulations, or as otherwise agreed to among the Parties, the Interconnection Facilities shall be constructed for the sole purpose of interconnecting the Large Generating Facility to the Participating TO’s Transmission System and shall be used for no other purpose.

  • Access to Facility 13.1 Each Party shall ensure that its facilities are secured at all times.

  • File Management and Record Retention relating to CRF Eligible Persons or Households Grantee must maintain a separate file for every applicant, Eligible Person, or Household, regardless of whether the request was approved or denied.

  • Treatment of Unallowable Costs Previously Submitted for Payment Defendants further agree that within 90 days of the Effective Date of this Agreement they shall identify to applicable Medicare and TRICARE fiscal intermediaries, carriers, and/or contractors, and Medicaid and FEHBP fiscal agents, any Unallowable Costs (as defined in this Paragraph) included in payments previously sought from the United States, or any State Medicaid program, including, but not limited to, payments sought in any cost reports, cost statements, information reports, or payment requests already submitted by Defendants or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates, and shall request, and agree, that such cost reports, cost statements, information reports, or payment requests, even if already settled, be adjusted to account for the effect of the inclusion of the Unallowable Costs. Defendants agree that the United States, at a minimum, shall be entitled to recoup from Defendants any overpayment plus applicable interest and penalties as a result of the inclusion of such Unallowable Costs on previously-submitted cost reports, information reports, cost statements, or requests for payment. Any payments due after the adjustments have been made shall be paid to the United States pursuant to the direction of the Department of Justice and/or the affected agencies. The United States reserves its rights to disagree with any calculations submitted by Defendants or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates on the effect of inclusion of Unallowable Costs (as defined in this Paragraph) on Defendants or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates’ cost reports, cost statements, or information reports.

  • Construction Phase - Administration of the Construction Contract 1.6.1 The Construction Phase shall commence with the acceptance of the Construction Manager’s Guaranteed Maximum Price (or acceptance of a partial Guaranteed Maximum Price for a stage or phase) and issuance of a Notice to Proceed with Construction Services and terminate sixty (60) days after Final Payment to the Contractor is made, or when all of Architect/Engineer’s services have been satisfactorily performed, whichever occurs later.

  • Agreement with Respect to Leased Data Processing Equipment (a) The Receiver hereby grants to the Assuming Bank an exclusive option for the period of ninety (90) days commencing the day after Bank Closing to accept an assignment from the Receiver of any or all Data Processing Leases to the extent that such Data Processing Leases can be assigned.

  • Conditions to Xxxxx’x Obligations The obligations of Xxxxx hereunder with respect to a Placement will be subject to the continuing accuracy and completeness of the representations and warranties made by the Company herein, to the due performance by the Company of its obligations hereunder, to the completion by Xxxxx of a due diligence review satisfactory to Xxxxx in its reasonable judgment, and to the continuing satisfaction (or waiver by Xxxxx in its sole discretion) of the following additional conditions: