Fees Payable by Claimant Sample Clauses

Fees Payable by Claimant. Except for fees payable by the City pursuant to Section 10 of this Contract, the Contractor shall charge the following fees at the rates specified in Exhibit 5. No fee or rate other than the fees and rates specifically provided in this Contract may be charged. In the event a vehicle is impounded during one contract period and redeemed in a subsequent contract period, the applicable rates shall be the rates in effect at the time SPD authorized the impound.

Related to Fees Payable by Claimant

  • Fees Payable by Manager Manager will pay Subadviser a monthly fee computed at an annual rate of 0.05% (5 basis points) of the average daily net assets of the Portfolio (computed in the manner set forth in the Trust's Declaration of Trust) throughout the month. Subadviser's fee shall be computed monthly, and within twelve business days of the end of each calendar month, Manager shall transmit to Subadviser the fee for the previous month. Payment shall be made in federal funds wired to a bank account designated by Subadviser. If this Agreement becomes effective or terminates before the end of any month, the fee (if any) for the period from the effective date to the end of such month or from the beginning of such month to the date of termination, as the case may be, shall be prorated according to the proportion which such period bears to the full month in which such effectiveness or termination occurs.

  • Fees Payable All fees and charges (other than interest charges) that are, or may become payable in connection with the Loan are set out in the Specific Terms.

  • Fees Payment Client agrees to pay JAGGAER all of the fees agreed to in the Purchase Documents. Fees for the JAGGAER Applications and Services will be invoiced in accordance with the terms of the Purchase Document. Unless otherwise stated in the Purchase Document, all payments shall be made in United States dollars no later than thirty (30) days after the date of invoice, payable in full, without reduction for any offset, withholding or other claims (except with respect to charges then under reasonable and good faith dispute as evidenced in a writing promptly sent by Client to JAGGAER prior to the payment due date). All payments not received when due shall accrue interest at a rate per month of one and one- half percent (1.5%) (excluding reasonably disputed payments). Payment obligations are non-cancellable and, except as set forth in Sections 5.3, 6.1 and 7.1 below, all fees are non-refundable. Client shall remit payment via electronic funds transfer to the account designated in the invoice.

  • Fees Payments See Appendix "A" Appendix "A" pricing is for standard project and may change based on client negotiations, which will be discussed in advance. Payment is made to Nikoways within 30 days of ABJ’s receipt of payment from the Client. If ABJ Equipment is not maintained properly, and ABJ Drones incurs any expenses to inspect and/or fix any ABJ Equipment that has been in the care of Drone Contrast there will be a charge back to Drone Contrast to cover all the expenses.

  • Indemnity Claims A claim for indemnification for any matter not involving a third-party claim may be asserted by notice to the party from whom indemnification is sought.

  • Expenses Payable in Advance Expenses incurred in defending or investigating a threatened or pending action, suit or proceeding may be paid by the corporation in advance of the final disposition of such action, suit or proceeding as authorized by the Board of Directors upon receipt of an undertaking by or on behalf of the director, officer or employee to repay such amount if it shall ultimately be determined that he is not entitled to be indemnified by the corporation as authorized in this Article VIII.

  • Claims Payment The Reinsurer will be liable to the Company for the benefits reinsured and the reinsurance will not exceed the Company's contractual liability under the terms of its policies. The payment of death claims by the Reinsurer will be in one lump sum regardless of the mode of settlement under the original policy. The Reinsurer's share of interest, which is based on the death proceeds paid by the Company, will be payable in addition to the death claim settlement. The Reinsurer will pay to the Company premiums at the rate applicable to the original policy on any policy approved for a waiver of premium claim, provided always that the waiver of premium benefit applicable to such benefits has been reinsured under this Agreement.

  • Our Liability to You 7.1 We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the Treatment Centre and the provision of the Medical Services are appropriate to the needs and requirements of the Client and that they are as described in the Treatment Order.

  • Termination by Borrower Upon at least sixty (60) days prior written notice to Lender, Borrower may, at its option, terminate this Agreement; provided, however, no such termination shall be effective until Borrower has paid all of the Obligations in immediately available funds and all Letters of Credit and LC Guaranties have expired or have been cash collateralized to Lender's satisfaction. Any notice of termination given by Borrower shall be irrevocable unless Lender otherwise agrees in writing, and Lender shall have no obligation to make any Loans or issue or procure any Letters of Credit or LC Guaranties on or after the termination date stated in such notice. Borrower may elect to terminate this Agreement in its entirety only. No section of this Agreement or type of Loan available hereunder may be terminated singly.

  • Expenses Payable by the Company The Company will pay all expenses incident to the performance of its obligations under this Agreement, including (i) the preparation, printing and filing of the Registration Statement (including financial statements and exhibits) as originally filed and of each amendment thereto, (ii) the preparation, printing and delivery to the Sales Agent of this Agreement and such other documents as may be required in connection with the offering, purchase, sale, issuance or delivery of the Shares, (iii) the preparation, issuance and delivery of the certificate or certificates for the Shares, (iv) the fees and disbursements of the Company’s counsel, accountants and other advisors, (v) the qualification of the Shares under securities laws in accordance with the provisions of Section 4(h) hereof, (vi) the printing and delivery to the Sales Agent of copies of each Issuer Free Writing Prospectus and of the Prospectus and any amendments or supplements thereto, (vii) the preparation, printing and delivery to the Sales Agent of copies of any Blue Sky survey and any supplement thereto, (viii) the costs and expenses of the Company relating to investor presentations on any “road show” undertaken in connection with the marketing of the Shares, including without limitation, expenses associated with the production of road show slides and graphics, fees and expenses of any consultants engaged in connection with the road show presentations, travel and lodging expenses of the Sales Agent and officers of the Company and any such consultants, and the cost of aircraft and other transportation chartered in connection with the road show and (ix) the reasonable documented out-of-pocket expenses of the Sales Agent, including the reasonable fees and disbursements of counsel for the Sales Agent, in connection with the negotiation, execution and delivery of this Agreement and the performance of its obligations hereunder during the Commitment Period, it being understood that the Company shall be required to pay the fees and disbursements of only one counsel for the Sales Agent and the Other Sales Agents.