Implementing Sample Clauses

Implementing. Once the overall environmental policy (Code) and objectives are in place, the egg producer should then systematically implement needed critical management programs and related Best Management Practices (BMPs) and carry out planned tasks/activities to make the plan work. The producer should also ensure that responsibilities for implementing the EMS are clearly defined and that employees are provided with the necessary training to ensure that can carry out these responsibilities. As part of the XL project, UEP and the other stakeholders have identified a series of critical management programs that need to be addressed by each facility. These critical management programs include such things as odor control, fly and rodent control, dead bird proposal, etc. A list of these programs is included as Appendix B. Facilities should also ensure that they are using the appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs) to ensure the effectiveness of each critical management program. These BMPs could be based on the Model General Permit for this XL Project, state permits, or separate BMP Guidance developed by UEP. Checking As the EMS is implemented, the facility needs to monitor and periodically audit the EMS to ensure that critical management programs and BMPs are properly implemented, and ensure that the facility is meeting or making acceptable progress toward meeting its objectives and targets, including compliance with regulatory requirements. Egg producers should keep records to document how critical management programs and BMPs were being implemented, changes to any of these programs, and completion of planned tasks and activities necessary to implement the EMS. The facility should also carry out periodic internal audits to ensure that compliance with regulatory requirements was being maintained and performance of the EMS based on objectives and targets is satisfactory. Internal auditing could be done with facility personnel or with the assistance of outside groups. Acting (Review and External Communication) Each year the facility should compare the status and results of the EMS to the objectives desired, take necessary steps, as necessary, to enhance its effectiveness, and communicate with external parties about the performance of the EMS and their ideas on possible improvements This review function should be lead by facility management and should make use of all available information from things like internal audits, critical management program and BMP implementation,...
Implementing. The Parties are authorized to meet, confer, discuss, and negotiate and enter into any implementing arrangements, writings, understandings, procedures, and documents that are within the scope of this Agreement and any of the foregoing that may be ordinary and necessary to fulfill the Purpose of this Agreement, including authorization to: Meet, individually or collectively, with users (including inland carriers, ocean common carriers, and/or cargo interests), government agencies and officials, and others to discuss and attempt to reach a consensus with respect to the development, implementation, and administration of the authorities contained in this Agreement; Agree upon and undertake the formation, management, financing, administration, and operation of any business or businesses incidental to or permissible under the authority of this Agreement; evaluate, grant, deny, cancel, and administer credit to customers of the Parties; receive from and/or distribute to any or all of the Parties confidential financial, credit, creditworthiness, and payment data or other information regarding carriers, shippers, consignees, or other persons obligated to pay any charge or fee owed or due to a Party or determining creditworthiness; reporting to the Parties regarding same; and/or otherwise implement the Parties’ decisions, including the authority to subcontract any responsibilities to third-party vendors. The Parties themselves may also directly exercise any of the above authority; Agree upon and establish procedures for implementing and administering any agreement reached hereunder with respect to the authorities contained in this Agreement, which procedures may be set forth in an appendix hereto and/or one or more marine terminal schedule(s); and Agree upon and establish procedures for monitoring compliance with agreements entered into hereunder pursuant to the authorities contained in this Agreement and remedies for breach of such agreements.
Implementing agencies
Implementing. 1} Gives clear explanations, assignments and directions
Implementing. 1. The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (hereinafter referred to asMLSC”), the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment (hereinafter referred to as “MOITI”) and the Political Regions of Medicon Valley shall be in charge of the implementation of this MOU, collectively referred to as “Implementing Entities.”

Related to Implementing

  • Implementation Legislation The Contracting Parties shall enact any legislation necessary to comply with, and give effect to, the terms of the Agreement.

  • Implementation i) Where the job/time sharing arrangement arises out of the filling of a vacant full-time position, the full-time position will be posted first and in the event that there are no successful applicants, then both job/time sharing positions will be posted and selection will be based on the criteria set out in the Collective Agreement.

  • Phasing The Services Provider shall not proceed beyond any previously authorized phase of the work for a project unless authorized by the Owner in writing, except at the Services Provider’s own financial risk. Applicable phases of the scope of work shall be identified in the Project Proposal.

  • General Regulations A. Excessively loud speakers and sound displays are not permitted, and BAC Productions shall have the right to reject any exhibit which does not, in its sole, and reasonable opinion, conform to the general tenor of the show.