Hour Tours Sample Clauses

Hour Tours. Where four (4) hour shifts are required, Article D in its entirety applies except as amended by the following:
Hour Tours. (a) Except with the consent of the employee, the Employer will schedule at least one weekend off in three (3). An employee will receive premium pay as provided in Article 14.03 for all hours worked on a third (3rd) consecutive and subsequent weekend, save and except where:
Hour Tours. (a) The Hospital agrees that it will not require a nurse to work more than six (6) consecutive tours on afternoon or night shift or more than seven (7) tours on day shift without her or his consent.
Hour Tours. Full-time employees, who work seven (7) extended tours on a bi-weekly pay period basis, will bank three and three-quarters (3.75) hours of lieu time for each such period which may be taken at a mutually agreeable time following the accumulation of twenty-two and one half (22.5) hours of lieu time. However, all such lieu time must be completed prior to December 15th of each year. The Director of Nursing or designate will respond to all requests for lieu time within seven (7) days following receipt of such written request where at least fourteen (14) days advance notice has been provided. Effective November 3, 2008, the above article will not apply. At that time, the carry over master schedule will be implemented in accordance with the attached Letter of Understanding.
Hour Tours. 10. The scheduling provisions of the Collective Agreement will apply, except as modified by this letter. The scheduling and premium provisions relating to consecutive weekends off shall not apply.
Hour Tours i) The normal daily tour will be twelve (12) consecutive hours in any twenty-four (24) hour period, inclusive of a total of forty-five (45) minutes of paid meal time.
Hour Tours. Part-time Only The parties agree to the implementation of 4 hour tours as follows: Where a regular part-time employee is scheduled to work a four (4) hour tour, Article F applies except as amended by the following:
Hour Tours. The parties agree that all the terms of the Collective Agreement as outlined in the Central Document and Local Provisions shall apply, save and except those provisions modified by this article.
Hour Tours. (a) The weekend is defined as all hours from the completion of any day shift (s) on Friday to the commencement of any day shift (s) on Monday. A weekend for the permanent night nurses will commence no later than 0730 hours on Friday and will include a total of fifty six (56) consecutive hours off.