For Personal Injury or Property Damage Sample Clauses

For Personal Injury or Property Damage. Our indemnity covers Claims alleging personal injury or property damage to the extent caused by the willful misconduct or gross negligence of our personnel while on your premises.
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  • Property Damage Lessee shall obtain and maintain insurance coverage on all of Lessee's personal property, Trade Fixtures, and Lessee Owned Alterations and Utility Installations. Such insurance shall be full replacement cost coverage with a deductible of not to exceed $1,000 per occurrence. The proceeds from any such insurance shall be used by Lessee for the replacement of personal property, Trade Fixtures and Lessee Owned Alterations and Utility Installations. Lessee shall provide Lessor with written evidence that such insurance is in force.

  • Personal Property Damage Upon submission of reasonable proof the Employer shall repair or indemnify with respect to damage to the chattels of an employee while on duty caused by the actions of a patient, resident or client provided such personal property is an article of use or wear of a type suitable for use while on duty.

  • Property Damages The User’s guests are required to respect all University property. • Guests may not remodel, alter, tamper with or move furniture, electrical or mechanical fixtures, or other University property. • The User agrees to refrain from the use of adhesives, nails, or items that may damage the premises. No decorations or temporary fixtures may be affixed to plants, trees, woodwork, buildings or any architectural feature with nails, tacks, staples, or any application that will cause irreversible damage to landscaping or structures. Duct tape and white masking tape are not permitted on any building, hardscape or lighting fixtures. Neither lights nor decorations may be placed on trees or plants. • Any outdoor signage must be reviewed and approved by University prior to installation. Stakes may not be placed deeper than 5 inches into the grass in order to protect sprinklers and other underground pipes. • Charges will be assessed on the Final Invoice for damages to buildings, furniture, lawns and/or equipment. The University will, to the best of its ability, try to document the names of guests when damages occur but cannot always obtain such information.

  • Personal Injury Owner and Owner's agents and employees shall not be liable whatsoever to any extent to Occupant or Occupant's invitees, family, employees, agents or servants for any personal injury or death arising from Occupant's use of the storage space or premises from any cause whatsoever including, but not limited to, the active or passive acts or omissions or negligence of the Owner, Owner's agents or employees.

  • Insurance, Subcontractor's Public Liability and Property Damage The Contractor shall require each of its subcontractors to secure and maintain during the life of the subcontract, insurance of the type specified in this Contract, or, the Contractor may insure the activities of its subcontractors in the Contractor’s policy, as specified in this Contract.

  • General Liability and Property Damage With respect to all operations performed under this Agreement, the Party shall carry general liability insurance having all major divisions of coverage including, but not limited to: Premises - Operations

  • Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance A. During the term of this Agreement, Contractor shall at all times maintain, at its expense, the following coverages and requirements. The comprehensive general liability insurance shall include broad form property damage insurance.

  • Injury or Damage to Person or Property If either party suffers injury or damage to person or property because of an act or omission of the other party, or of others for whose acts such party is legally responsible, written notice of such injury or damage, whether or not insured, shall be given to the other party within a reasonable time not exceeding twenty-one (21) calendar days after discovery. The notice shall provide sufficient detail to enable the other party to investigate the matter.

  • Bodily Injury Bodily injury means death, disease, illness, physical and mental injury of or to an individual.

  • REIMBURSEMENT FOR PROPERTY DAMAGE In the event that an employee, required or authorized by his/her Agency/Department Head to use a private automobile on County business, while so using the automobile, should incur property damage to the employee's automobile through no negligence of the employee, and the employee is unable to recover the cost of such property damage from either his/her own insurance company or from any other driver, or other source, such costs shall be paid to such employee of the County, in a sum not exceeding $500, provided that any claims the employee may have against his/her insurance company or any third party have been litigated or settled, and provided further, that the employee is not found guilty of a violation of the California Vehicle Code or Penal Code in connection with the accident causing such damage. Employees shall submit proof of loss, damage or theft (i.e., appropriate police report and/or estimated statement of loss) to the Agency/Department Head within 30 days of such loss, damage or theft. Property damage or loss incurred to the private automobile while located on the street or at the parking facility serving the employee’s normal place of work shall not be compensated under this section, but property damage or loss incurred to the private automobile while located on the street or at the parking facility serving the employee’s County business destination shall be compensated as provided above.

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