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Fees / Payment. CLIENT is responsible for payment in full of all of our fees. The cost of the home inspection is based upon the age, total square feet (heated & unheated), and condition of the home to be inspected and is subject to correction. Homes in distress, cluttered, foreclosed, “short sales”, for sale by owner, investment, and rental properties may be charged an additional fee, must be paid in full before the report is released. Failure to notify US of such a property at the time of scheduling may result in the inspection being aborted and the CLIENT will be responsible for payment in full. Payment must be made at time of inspection. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be billed in full. If payment is not received within 30 days of the inspection, CLIENT authorizes King Construction, Inc. to charge the credit card listed below. Please be advised that when services are rendered payment to King Construction Inc. in full is due whether CLIENT decides to purchase the home or not. Failure to make payment within 30 days of the inspection or at closing, whichever comes first, may result in collection activity and the CLIENT understands that CLIENT will be liable for interest from the date of the inspection, collection costs, court costs, and or attorney fees. Does the CLIENT give US the authorization to release the original, and/or a copy of the inspection report to the CLIENT’s Realtor or real estate agency, solely for the purpose to aid the CLIENT who is to pay for this inspection? Yes / No (circle one) By signing below CLIENT understands and agrees to all terms and conditions including the limit of liability and arbitration clause. Location: Scheduled Date: Estimated Start Time: Approx Total Sq. Ft.: Fee: Client(s): Signature: _√ Email Address: _√ CLIENT’S Current Address: _√ Phone: _√ Credit Card (circle one): Visa, MasterCard Card Number _√ Expiration Mo/Yr _√ 3 digit security code _√ (last 3 digits on the back signature line of Visa or MasterCard) Closing Date, Attorney, & Phone: _√ King Construction, Inc. dba Inspector Xxxx Thermal Imaging Addendum to Inspection Authorization This is an addendum to the Agreement regarding the inspection at (address): . Thermal imaging is a technology exceeding any state or association standards of practice that allows the INSPECTOR to show you things about your home that no one can show you using other inspection methods. Thermal imaging produces images of invisible heat energy emitted from objects and systems in the ...

Examples of Fees / Payment in a sentence

  • Immigration and Naturalization (INS) Fees - Payment of INS fees is allowable if the fees are for paperwork required of the employer and not the employee.

  • Fees / Payment methods The services of UB selected under Item 2 and in the Order Form incur a fee after the Agreement is signed.

  • Program Fees & Payment InformationFees are paid on the first of each month in equal monthly payments.

  • Legal Fees - Payment of Harrow Council’s reasonable costs in the preparation of the legal agreement.

  • Fees & Payment SchedulePlease refer to the school website as well as information available in the school office for the tuition rates.

  • Fees - Payment of all fees must be in the form of a cashier’s check made payable to the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority.

  • Tuition, Fees & Payment PlansTuition for each year is decided by the Board of Trustees.

  • If a final settlement is executed then the additional accruals if any in the account will get reversed.

  • Start Date: Upon receipt of product requirements and agreed methods of transfer documentation [***] Activities: [***] Fees: [***] Payment: [***] ***CERTAIN INFORMATION HAS BEEN OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION.

  • Fees & Payment Policies:If you register in person (or over the phone) for multiple weeks of camp, month-by- month payment plans are available.

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  • Damages Payment Date With respect to the Series A Notes, each Interest Payment Date.

  • Securities Payment has the meaning specified in Section 16.2.]

  • Interim Payment means, with respect to each Loan, an amount equal to the initial Loan Amount multiplied by the percentage equal to the product of (i) the quotient derived from dividing the initial Loan Factor with respect to such Loan by 30, and (ii) the number of days from (and including) the Funding Date of such Loan to (but not including) the first Payment Date with respect to such Loan.

  • Reimbursement Payment means the payment made to a Participating Operator for the Total Reimbursement due in respect of all Included Services he provides;

  • Maturity Payment Amount shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2 of this Annex A.

  • Deferred Sales Charge Payment Date means December 10, 2016 and the tenth day of each month thereafter through April 10, 2017.

  • Down payment means all partial payments, whether made in cash or otherwise, received by or for the benefit of the seller before or substantially contemporaneous with either the execution of the installment sale contract or the delivery of the motor vehicle sold under that contract, whichever occurs later.

  • Co-payment means a relatively small amount of money paid by the insured person towards the cost of each day in a private hospital per episode of care, with Latrobe paying the rest of the cost.

  • Unpaid Transaction Expenses has the meaning specified in Section 2.4(c).

  • Deferred Sales Charge Payment Dates means the dates specified for deferred sales fee installments under "Investment Summary--Fees and Expenses" in the Prospectus for the Trust.

  • Bonus Payment means a cash payment in an amount equal to the sum of (i) all Excise Taxes payable by the Executive, plus (ii) all additional Excise Taxes and federal or state income taxes to the extent such taxes are imposed in respect of the Bonus Payment, such that the Executive shall be in the same after-tax position and shall have received the same benefits that he would have received if the Excise Taxes had not been imposed. For purposes of calculating any income taxes attributable to the Bonus Payment, the Executive shall be deemed for all purposes to be paying income taxes at the highest marginal federal income tax rate, taking into account any applicable surtaxes and other generally applicable taxes which have the effect of increasing the marginal federal income tax rate and, if applicable, at the highest marginal state income tax rate, to which the Bonus Payment and the Executive are subject. An example of the calculation of the Bonus Payment is set forth below. Assume that the Excise Tax rate is 20%, the highest federal marginal income tax rate is 40% and the Executive is not subject to state income taxes. Further assume that the Executive has received an excess parachute payment in the amount of $200,000, on which $40,000 ($200,000 x 20%) in Excise Taxes are payable. The amount of the required Bonus Payment is thus computed to be $100,000, i.e., the Bonus Payment of $100,000, less additional Excise Taxes on the Bonus Payment of $20,000 (i.e., 20% x $100,000) and income taxes of $40,000 (i.e., 40% x $100,000), yields $40,000, the amount of the Excise Taxes payable in respect of the original excess parachute payment.

  • Scheduled Receivables Payment means, with respect to any Collection Period for any Receivable, the amount set forth in such Receivable as required to be paid by the Obligor in such Collection Period. If after the Closing Date, the Obligor’s obligation under a Receivable with respect to a Collection Period has been modified so as to differ from the amount specified in such Receivable as a result of (i) the order of a court in an insolvency proceeding involving the Obligor, (ii) pursuant to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act or (iii) modifications or extensions of the Receivable permitted by Section 4.2(b), the Scheduled Receivables Payment with respect to such Collection Period shall refer to the Obligor’s payment obligation with respect to such Collection Period as so modified.

  • AHYDO Payment means any mandatory prepayment or redemption pursuant to the terms of any Indebtedness that is intended or designed to cause such Indebtedness not to be treated as an “applicable high yield discount obligation” within the meaning of Section 163(i) of the Code.

  • Accrued Expenses means as of any date accrued rents, insurance premiums, payroll and benefits (including, without limitation, vacation, sick pay, disability pay) and other accrued expenses as would appear on a balance sheet of the Business as of such date prepared in accordance with GAAP consistently applied, including those described in Schedule 1.3.

  • Guarantee Payment means any payment made by a Guarantor pursuant to a Guarantee Agreement in respect of a Trust Student Loan.

  • Closing Payment Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 2.5(a).

  • PAGA Payment means a total payment of $250,000 to settle all claims under

  • PRE-PAYMENT The Tenant shall: (check one) ☐ - Pre-Pay Rent in the amount of $ for the term starting on and ending on . The Pre-Payment of Rent shall be due upon the execution of this Agreement. ☐ - Not be required to Pre-Pay Rent.

  • Lump Sum Payment means, collectively, the lump-sum payments that may be payable to Executive pursuant to the first sentence of Subsection 6(b)(iii) and pursuant to Subsection 6(c)(ii)(B).

  • Progress Payment means a payment by a public agency to a contractor for work in place under the terms of a construction contract.

  • Advance Payment means a payment that a federal awarding agency or passthrough entity makes by any appropriate payment mechanism, including a predetermined payment schedule, before the non-federal entity disburses the funds for program purposes.

  • Upfront Payment has the meaning set forth in Section 8.1.

  • Transaction Expenses means any fees or expenses incurred or paid by the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries in connection with the Transactions, this Agreement and the other Credit Documents and the transactions contemplated hereby and thereby.

  • Estimated Transaction Expenses has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3(a).

  • Payment Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1.

  • Instalment Amount has the meaning given to it in Condition 1.07 (Bearer Covered Bonds);